"Reduxine" (15 mg): slimming reviews, price guide

today in the media here and there you can stumble upon information about the drug "Reduxine" (15 mg).Reviews slimming meet a variety: some lost badly, others did not lose a single kilogram.Here it is necessary to remember that first and foremost it is a drug that is used for the correction of obesity when weight exceeds 30 kg.Doctors do not get tired of repeating that it should be used only on prescription.But women still do not listen and experiment with your health.Any nutritionist will confirm that the use of drugs to weight loss - this is an extreme measure, despite the fact that the drug was all clinical studies and is considered safe enough.


As part of the preparation "Reduxine" (15 mg)?Reviews slimming say that when there is a reception state of mild euphoria, lack of hunger, and other high activity, a few strange sensations.However, many say very thirsty.Whereby such changes occur?And that contain these "magic" of the capsule?May become acquainted with the structure, you change y

our mind to accept them.The main active ingredient - is sibutramine.It aims to reduce appetite, reduce hunger, to a man accustomed to overeat, I began to consume fewer calories and as a result, gradually lost.The second component is microcrystalline cellulose, which allows for a feeling of satiety.A person prone to overeating, the stomach is strongly stretched, and therefore, it is necessary to absorb a large amount of food to have worked receptors and signals the satiety.Cellulose strongly swells by absorbing huge amounts of water and harmful substances and, therefore, takes place, which previously was filled with food.This provides high efficacy "Reduxine" (15 mg).Reviews slimming fully confirm lack of appetite and intense thirst.

What is sibutramine

If cellulose all clear, over sibutramine would like to say a little more.Under the law, it belongs to the strong or poisonous substances, which are forbidden to be used for the production of medicines.But there is a loophole for the manufacturer, since its content in Badakhshan nobody controls.You can easily buy a tool called "Lida", "Bilayt", "Lindaksa", "Reduxine" tea "Flying Swallow" and many other counterparts, which is present in the composition of the substance.Subutramin, acting on noadrenalin and serotonin reduces appetite and increases thermogenesis.This leads to the burning of the accumulated fat.The person feels a burst of energy and lack of hunger and lose weight without dieting by 5-7 kg per month.But it suffered from all organs and systems.CNS observed insomnia, depression, anxiety.Cardiovascular system meets high blood pressure, tachycardia.In addition, violations of the liver, aggravated nephritis, and it is only part of the consequences.It is necessary to keep in mind the person who decided on their own to take the drug "Reduxine" (15 mg).Reviews slimming fully confirm the presence of such reactions, but their degree of severity of each patient own.

Instructions for use

According to the instructions, the drug should be consumed once a day throughout the course.Its duration physician should determine, as well as pick up the dosage.The most potent drug is "Reduxine" (15 mg).Reviews slimming with 70 kg emphasize that such a dosage help budge the weight and speed up metabolism.By decreasing the body weight, the dosage should decrease so that at the end of drug was used only occasionally to maintain the result.

Since the state of health of all different, the dosage that one person carries the normal, others may cause discomfort.If there was discomfort, the dose should be reduced by half, and consult a doctor.

Duration of

It depends on the initial weight and health of the patient.Typically, the duration of therapy less than three months, especially if the drug is assigned "Reduxine" (15 mg).Reviews slimming with 90 kg suggests that in exceptional cases the course is extended to 6 months, but the drug is taken under strict medical supervision.Once again, please note that the use of such a potent pill - this is an extreme measure, which is used when it is not helping anything.The same applies to all drug analogues, which we'll talk later.

Side effects

Very often they occur when a person is appointed to a high dose of the drug, namely "Reduxine" (15 mg).Reviews from slimming 100 kg suggest that we have to endure some inconvenience to the weight finally started to decline.Indeed, the extra weight just beginning to melt before our eyes, because there would not be desirable.Herein lies the only plus: reconstructed human eating behavior.During treatment he wean consume harmful products in large quantities.Accordingly, at the end of therapy he continues to eat healthy food and treats indulge only occasionally.

Worst of all, if a person is on their own "appoint" themselves of this drug.Wrong dose selected faces serious violations on the part of all the organs and body systems.Most people notice a strong thirst and dry mouth, frequent dizziness, flashes unmotivated aggression or, on the contrary, panic attacks.Very often people in a review, complaining of a severe headache, along with insomnia.A few days of this nightmare - and the thought of losing weight begins to retreat out of fear for their health.Rounding out the sad list of high blood pressure, tachycardia, complete loss of appetite, poor coordination of movements.

Do not forget that 3-5 extra kilos - is an occasion to arrange a fasting days and work out and do not drink serious drugs.It is the result of such unjustified reception are mental disorders, anorexia, chronic constipation, and the whole range of problems with internal organs.


After the information about the harmful effects of the drug on the body became available, demand is somewhat subsided.In addition, pharmacists have become stricter ask when selling prescription drug.In response, the manufacturer has released a "Ruduksin-light", which has no relation to his predecessor.It consists of only linoleic acid and vitamin E. This combination ensures the processing of carbohydrates into energy and block them leaving a reserve.It is not necessary to start with heavy artillery and take "Reduxine" (15 mg).Reviews from slimming 75kg talk about high performance is absolutely safe Bad.The only condition - the need to reduce the amount of dietary calories, but at the same time ensure balanced proteins, vitamins and minerals diet.You also need to perform daily yoga exercises.

Analogs "Reduxine»

lot of them, and all of them contain in their composition sibutramine.It's well-known "Goldline", which can be purchased over the counter without a prescription, which is a big omission.Besides him, the sale is "Lindaksa", "Meridia", "Slim", "Reductil" and many others.Dosage of active substance in each of them is different, but the maximum allowable in the formulation contained "Reduxine" (15 mg).Reviews slimming with 90 kg (photo exhibit brochures stunning effect, but do not forget about the harm to health) fully confirms that it is sufficient even for the treatment of advanced cases of obesity.If you want to lose fewer kilograms, then reduce the dosage.Raise it is not recommended, so if you purchased your vehicle are different figures, it is better not to risk their health.


is primarily hypertension.It is forbidden to use the drug for people with diseases of the liver and kidneys.Sibutramine is metabolized in the liver and eliminated via the kidneys.Any cardiovascular diseases pose a ban on the use of the drug.During pregnancy and lactation reception completely banned.You can not use it, and children under 15 years.Do not forget that health - is the most valuable thing you have.

Distribution and cost

drug should be sold only in pharmacies.Do not risk the health and buy Chinese counterparts in the "Shop of health."These products no one checked on the percentage of sibutramine, so reception may end very badly.The sale is only by prescription, do not neglect to consult a specialist if you decide to take the drug "Reduxine" (15 mg).Reviews say that it can not only be a very effective weapon in the fight against excess weight, but also seriously damage your health.The cost of the drug is quite affordable: package containing 30 capsules of 15 mg each, will cost 1300 rubles.