As home to make ballistic gel

And you know how you can find any ballistic coefficient bullet?Typically, in the field, this figure is determined by how a projectile penetrates completely unprotected flesh.Naturally, it was in the last century.Experts have long come up with material that is as close as possible on the density of the flesh of the animal and human - ballistic gel.

It allows to test without using the dead carcasses, such as pigs.And it can be made at home.The following recipe is to create a ballistic gel with your hands.However, the resulting material will be different from that made for the military and law enforcement agencies.

What you need to prepare

So, how to make a ballistic gel?First of all, it is necessary to prepare the dishes and all components.The first ingredient - gelatin.This product should be diluted in a ratio of one to eight.In other words, 800 grams of pure water you need to take only 100 grams of gelatin.

this component you need a lot, because it is the basis for ballistic gel.To make a block,

which amounts to two liters need 250 grams gelatin.It should be noted that the ballistic gel can prepare any size and shape.It depends on the kind and capacity of the mold are available.

Preparation of gelatin

first step is to take the dishes of a suitable size and pour into it the required amount of liquid.Only after this water can add gelatin.The composition should be thoroughly mixed.

If you do the opposite, then eventually form large clumps that have to rub.Who worked with gelatin, he knows how difficult it is.Even with careful grinding remain small lumps, which can spoil the ballistic gel.

Mix gelatin better hands.Fingers can find even the smallest lumps and grind them.

Cooling necessarily

After the composition is ready to place the container in a cool place.Best of all the dishes to the future to put gel in the freezer or in the refrigerator.This will provide the necessary hydration.

Warming composition

When the gelatin is completely dissolved and cooled in the refrigerator, it is necessary to warm up.To do this, the resulting composition should be poured into the pot and put on fire.Do not leave unattended gelatin.At this stage, the composition must be regularly stirred.As a result, the air bubbles that are mixed will emerge.

Filling the mold

Ballistic gel is almost ready.It remains to pour the composition into a mold and wait a bit.So, what utensils to use?For the mold will fit almost any capacity.Of course, there are certain requirements.Thus, dishware should primarily correspond to the quantity by volume of cooked food gelatine.

should also use non-stick agent.In this case, the ideal spray.That's all.Now you need to pour the dissolved gelatin into the mold and then cooled.To this end a container of the composition should be placed in the refrigerator for about 36 hours.After a specified time in the mold formed by the necessary ballistic gel.


During testing ballistic gel is deformed.But that does not matter, because he can be returned to the original appearance.This differs material domestic production.To put in order the ballistic gel, it must be cut into small pieces and put everything right in terms of the pan.Pre material suitable for recycling, should rinse thoroughly under running water, preferably cold.After that, the capacity should be put on a little fire and bring the contents to a temperature of 120 ° C.

a result of heating composition should be homogeneous.When boiling again, as in cooking, the gelatin must be regularly stirred.Otherwise, in the finished ballistic gel are air bubbles.What is not very good.Ready composition after heating is again poured into the mold and place for 24 hours in the cold.

How and how much to store

Ready ballistic gel made from food-grade gelatin is not stored for a long time.Therefore, the material should be used within half an hour if the temperature in the room or on the street is greater than 20 ° C.In addition, the ballistic gel homemade afraid of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as well as in areas with high air temperatures.

In conclusion

So you can prepare a ballistic gel at home.As you can see, in the manufacturing process there is nothing difficult.The main thing - to observe the rules of breeding edible gelatin.The main purpose of ballistic gel - to catch a bullet.