Classes with dumbbells at home for beginners

Classes with dumbbells at home - it's a great way to get a beautiful relief of the body for both women and men.With the right approach and daily training muscles get stronger, improve overall health.

Dumbbells: what they do and they give

Many people think that exercises with dumbbells at home for women will contribute to weight loss.However, this is not true.Power load required by the body in the first place to improve it.Muscles become stronger, and it will not affect the weight loss.For those members of the fairer sex who want to lose weight, the best option would be to first get rid of the extra kilos, and then start training.

Sport dumbbell at home is very useful.They are for the whole body have invaluable.For example, if you focus on your back, it can be strengthened once the backbone of the whole, you will never be torturing pain in this area.And if you combine these exercises with a set of workouts for other body parts, it can form a muscular corset.It will contribute to the maintenance

of internal organs in the right position will strengthen the joints, making them less brittle and increase the amount of bone minerals.

Select strain on the muscles

Dumbbells - the only sports equipment, which is suitable to carry out a large number of exercises.They have a small weight, so the body will not be overloaded.Today, in specialized stores you can find a variety of dumbbells, which differ from one another their weight, size and even color.If you plan to start training at home, it is best to take a projectile heavier than one kilogram.For starters, it is the best option.These weights will be easy to handle.

Before choosing the weight of the projectile is important to take into account the factor of the purpose for which you plan to start training.If just a little bit to lose weight and to give a figure attractive shape, while the shell with minimal weight fits perfectly.

Classes with dumbbells at home is meant for men build muscle relief.In this case, the load can be increased to three kilograms.However, we should remember an important rule.You will not see results in a week brilliant training.Only regular, daily exercise can help in achieving this goal.

is not recommended to do the exercises at home for longer than 45 minutes.This is the optimal time, which does not overload the body and give him a chance to recover.We need to move with measured steps, slowly, then all must come out.

diet during training

One of the important rules to be followed during training at home - it is proper nutrition.Do not forget that the body loses a lot of energy, and be sure to feed the muscle.It does not matter - you are a man or a woman, it is recommended to use in measured amounts protein, fresh vegetables and vitamins.

Teach yourself how to eat less animal fat.They not only adversely affect the body, but also will create heaviness in the stomach, thus preventing you from exercising.

Classes with dumbbells at home for weight loss will only be effective if you eat right.

Why exercise

What do the exercise with dumbbells:

  • form a beautiful relief figures.
  • improves overall coordination.
  • tighten all muscle groups.

Classes with dumbbells at home for beginners should affect all muscle groups.Choose for yourself a few exercises, distributing them to 45 minutes and you can start training.

complex standard exercises

Exercise 1

For this exercise you need a low bench.If it is not the house, it is possible to connect several stools as an alternative.Hand and one knee must be based on a bench, in the other hand holding a dumbbell.Lock the back straight in a bent position so as not to feel discomfort.Start raising the dumbbell so that the elbow as much as possible to climb.It is important to focus not on the hands and on the back muscles.Perform a number of approaches, and then do the same thing, only this time relying on the other foot.

Exercise 2

This exercise is to be performed standing.Slightly bend your knees, grab a dumbbell and lower them at the seams.With flat back doing forward bend.Next, lift the dumbbells as high as you get.We fix a few seconds in this position, and go up to the starting position.When performing exercises do not need to hurry.And do not forget that training with dumbbells at home must be accompanied by proper breathing.

Exercise 3

This exercise strengthens the back muscles.Perform it must be lying.If not at home bench, pick up a smooth, low surface.She has to be tough.Lie on your back.Then as slowly as possible to pull the dumbbell outstretched arms behind his head, then back again.Several of these approaches daily significantly help strengthen the back.

Exercise 4

If you want to strengthen the muscles of the arms, we recommend sitting on a flat surface and keeping your back straight, just several times to carry out lifting dumbbell with one hand, then the other.

advantages of dumbbells over other shells

Classes with dumbbells at home is much better and more efficiently than other projectiles.There are the following advantages:

  • Large simulators occupy a lot of space and are expensive.It is for this reason that not everyone can afford such a luxury.As for the dumbbells - they are small and convenient.You can keep them under the bed, in the drawer.In any place where he wants.
  • dumbbell - that the shell from which you start optimally training the beginner.It affects all muscle groups, while the body is not overloaded.
  • It is worth noting the low risk of injury.If, for example, when practicing in a gym close to the pole must be the coach for training with weights is required.

Regular exercise dumbbells at home - this is your opportunity to bring your figure into shape, improve the condition of the body with minimal gyms and expensive shells.

Learning how to train

Despite the fact that the dumbbell - easy to use the shell, it is important to approach training.

basic rules:

  • Before the start of training is required to pay a little bit of time to do a little workout.Currently it plays an important role.Muscles need to be warmed up, otherwise then will hurt the entire body.
  • Any exercise, it does not matter what muscle groups it is directed, should be accompanied by smooth breaths.I never need to hurry.
  • intensity of their workouts sometimes need to improve.For example, a month can buy a dumbbell with more weight, or simply engage in 15 minutes longer.

effective workouts

Often the question arises whether a class with weights at home can lead to good results.In fact, it is.Gradually you will begin to feel how your muscles get stronger, it disappears back pain.On the other hand - just useful for any person to engage in sports.And training with dumbbells at home - an affordable option for their cost and time.


Dumbbells - a sports equipment.There are a number of diseases and other cases in which categorically prohibited this type of training:

  • Asthma.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Heart problems.
  • Hypertension.
  • Critical days (women at this time, we can provide the body burden).

also necessary to be very careful in the exercises with osteochondrosis and scoliosis.In such cases, the load should be moderate, it is desirable to pre-talk with the coach, so he picked up the optimal set of exercises.

Summing up

To summarize, we can say that the weights - is the most affordable and easy way to improve your health and a little to build muscle at home.Take some time to exercise for a month, you will notice improved sleep and overall health.Very effective exercises with dumbbells at home.Photos how to do some exercise, take a look before training, make it easier to get started with the shell.Start training today - and after a short time feel tangible results.