"Senka" Nekrasov.

moral choice of the person in war - the story of this issue devoted to "Senka" Nekrasov.Summary works introduces its key episodes that are important for understanding the feelings and actions of the protagonist in the critical moments of his life.

Fear reality

the morning Senka sat in the slot and watched the enemy bombers.By the end of the day, he Skurov whole tobacco.His body shook with shiver, and my stomach sank something.Just yesterday they were brought to the front line, and immediately the incessant shelling and bombs.There was a feeling that he could no longer.So begins the story "Senka" Nekrasov - a summary of it you are reading.

crawled past the tanker with hanging whip hand.The hero is presented as it is now sent to the hospital.Then someone jumped on the heavy Senka.It turned out, that fighter was killed.Because of the dust I could not see anything.Senka reached for the rifle.Holding it between his legs, he puts his hand on the barrel and fired.Then he saw the blood dripping from th

e fingers and heard the voice of the platoon commander.But Senka did not understand.He thought only of what is now gone away from the explosions and death.It was only on the way to the field hospital to Senka came meaning of the commander "would have shot, but the cartridges sorry."


many wounded, said Senka.Nekrasov (summary does not include a description of the road) writes like a man in a lab coat told the young man to come into the tent.On the table lay moaning soldier without a leg, making the hero experienced the horror.The doctor, knowing that before him levoruchnik, shamed Senka for cowardice, did stab wound and washed.Sister bandaged arm, and the boy was taken to the fourth tent, which stood sentry.It slept only one wounded - both learned later Senka, the same as he crossbow.

boy remembered his native Yenisei, yesterday's visit to the front line.He was preparing to beat a German bayonet or a grenade, and then planes - writes Nekrasov.Senka - a summary of his thinking shows its moral unpreparedness for what they see - saw that soldier woke up.Ahrameev said that now they have to tell, but one can escape.

evening Lieutenant asked questions, after which the wounded left on the street.Ahrameev all argued that it is not a war but a massacre, because Senka did everything right.A young man looking at the wounded and from whence came the explosions.On the third day he met a sergeant who did not want to talk to him.How long after that was lying, burying his head in his hands, Senka.Nekrasov (the analysis actions of the hero proves it) notes how the ratio of Senka to what he has done.

Relationship with Nikolai

explosions approaching.Near Senka put skinny sergeant with shrapnel in the legs and collarbone.For several days he had a high temperature, and the young man took care of him.He learned that it was the third wound Nicholas and that he had a red star.The sergeant did not like talking about his exploits, and all worried about fellow Scouts.Once he asked whether the hospital deserters.Senka said nothing and left.

When the field hospital moved to a new location, the young man insisted that Nicholas put next to him.He wanted to perform the feat, to receive the award and to appear before the sergeant.

all ended in a moment.The lieutenant entered the tent and read out a list of samostrelschikov - they called the investigator.After questioning Ahrameev offered to run, but Senka felt his face filled with blood, and refused.He spent the whole day under the oak, only at night deciding to enter into the tent.Nicholas was asleep and in the morning the sergeant did not talk to boys.Senka again spent the day on the street, and in the evening the sergeant evacuated.It changed the attitude of the wounded to the hero of the story.They shunned him, though nothing had been reproached.


When the front approached the infirmary, all easily wounded summoned to duty.Among them was and Senka.Nekrasov - a summary of the ideas and issues it confirms the hero - conveys the feeling of the young men prepared to die.They were sent to the front, where the distributed rifles and hand grenades.At dawn on the other side of the river came the rumble of tanks.Senka heard two commanders decided what to do.Krutikova well throw grenades killed.His fighters there are few, and there is no hope of wounded.Senka grenades stuffed into his pockets, pulled the belt and went to the commanders.

Soon, he watched as the first tank drove onto the bridge.Behind him moved two more.Senka looked at the sky, and one after another, as taught, threw three grenades ligament.When the flames shot up, a soldier threw the fourth and rushed back to the house.Heard a deafening explosion, he looked back.Tank and bridge was gone, and the sky is spreading huge clouds of smoke.