Drinking Chatsky to the service to the ranks and wealth.The nature of the main character of the play "Woe from Wit " A.Griboyedov

famous comedy "Woe from Wit" A.Griboyedov was created after the war of 1812, when Russia entered a period of spiritual uplift.Therefore, this work discusses the most pressing social issues and issues of public service, serfdom, education and training, role models around overseas, and contempt for its national.

Character Chatsky

nature of one of the protagonists of this work - Chatsky - pretty simple, but the emotional portrait of his very diverse, but in general it represents Chatsky both positive person who takes perfectionism in all their actions and feelings.It has extraordinary intelligence, seeking knowledge and excellence, and has a very ambitious temper.Drinking Chatsky the service should be viewed through the prism of the fact that he was a man of enlightened and able to soberly assess policy issues.He did not remain indifferent when oppressed Russian culture and addressed the issue of human pride and honor.However Chatsky not versed in matters of love, constantly eager to fight, and soon,

as usual, was disappointed.

biography Chatsky

To uncover more a topic such as Chatsky relation to the service, you first need to figure out who he is.So, Alexander A. - a young nobleman, whose late father was a friend Famusov.He returned from abroad to Moscow to see his beloved Sophia Famusov, with whom he had not seen for three years.As children, they were friends, and loved each other, but Sophie could not forgive his abrupt departure Chatsky abroad, who left without even notifying her about it.And so their meeting was held in cold and indifferent atmosphere of Sofia.

prototype Chatsky Griboyedov served Petr Chaadaev, who sharply criticized the Russian state system and because of his works was declared insane.His writings in the Russian Empire were banned and never published.

ratio Chatsky the service

With what broke the whole conflict Chatsky with society?It all started with a conversation with Molchalin.Chatsky can not understand how Sophia would love such a man.When the house Famusov attracts guests Chatsky unable to communicate with each and every such talk will increase confrontation.

Chatsky openly opposed serfdom and against those people who are considered "pillars" of noble society, such as the FAMUSOV.He also hated the orders of Catherine the century.

Chatsky considers himself a free and independent person, which is alien to slave identity.But FAMUSOV and all its society - a grandee of Catherine century special "popodlichat hunters."

Chatsky ratio of negative to the service, so he leaves the service.Chatsky a great desire to serve the motherland could, but he did not want to serve the authorities, while the so-Famusov in society there is a perception that the service of individuals and not the cause is a source of personal gain.

attitude to wealth, ranks, etc.

ratio Chatsky to different reasons and wealth that he wants the person evaluated by his personal qualities and merits.It recognizes freedom of thought every man in his statements and beliefs.In turn, a secular society does not see these hero's progressive views, it assesses the people of noble origin and the number of serfs.A view of high society is holy and infallible.Chatsky in favor of education in the country's art and literature by scientific work for the unity of secular intellectuals and the common people against the imitation of foreigners.

But famusovskogo comfortable society without books and teachings, is slavishly imitated all over overseas, especially the French.

in love Chatsky looking for sincere feelings, and in high places, and everywhere there is a sham marriage favorable settlement.