Analysis of the poem Feta "Spring rain" and a poet

Afanasy Fet - this is another Russian poet with a difficult fate.The great composer Tchaikovsky called him a musician because of the lightness, brightness and lyricism of his lines.

AA Fet loved nature, was able to see its beauty.This beauty he tried to convey to the readers of his poems.

Life AAFet

As noted above, AA Fet - a poet with a difficult fate.Fet was the son of the landlord AN Shenshin.But due to the fact that the poet was born a few months before the wedding the parents - and Charlotte A. Shenshin Fet - the spiritual power of thought that a little Athanasius not be heir Shenshin.He was given the name of the mother and deprived of rights to inheritance.

Stripped noble position, AA Fet his whole life trying to regain himself.At first he tried to earn the rank of nobility by military career, but soon resigned poet.Then he decided to rural activities.Fet married and bought a small estate in Mtsensk.There he lived for about 17 years, and there he found the order to return the title of


Creativity Fet

literary career Fet was also not easy.We can say that his poetry had to "the wrong era."Literature crowned writers who have had the means to publish their works.Fet published poems in the press, but they simply did not notice.

Nevertheless, in 1840 created the first collection of poems by A. Fet - "Lyrical Pantheon".Later - a series of "Snow" and "Evenings and nights."

poem dedicated to the beauty of nature, combined in 4 significant cycle.Each cycle - a certain time of the year.Thus, a poem on the nature of A. Fet are cycles of "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn", "Snow".

Analysis poem Feta "Spring rain"

poem "Spring rain" refers to the cycle of "Spring".If we talk about the genre, the product can be attributed to a kind of landscape sketches, against which - lyrical reflections.

One feature Fet as a poet considered his photographic quality: almost every poem is a picture that can be implemented on the canvas.This is the poem "Spring rain" (Fet).Analysis of the poem shows that confront us with the following picture: sunny twilight, light fog, nearby - the forest.A special role is played by the smells - smells like linden and honey.Optionally, do the analysis of the poem Feta "Spring rain", to feel like a witness to this miracle of nature.The poet himself looking at nature, peering into each of its elements, makes its analysis.Poems Fet - "Spring rain" and many others - are a spectacular beauty as seen in the familiar, banal at first glance phenomena.

very important motif of light penetrating all rows.The light is visible at the beginning of the poem ("The light at the window ..."), and in the end - the forest in the "gold dust".

Such semantic analysis of the poem Feta "Spring rain".Referring to the characteristics of syllables and rhymes.

size and means of expression in the poem "Spring rain" (Fet)

analysis of poems with the literary side of the tracks.First, note the verse size (it is defined by the placement of accents in words).In the poem, the accent alternates, beginning with unstressed syllable, as in the beginning of the third line is missing.The poem is written in iambic chetyrehstopnym a pyrrhic (skip the accent).

Secondly, we note the presence of adverbs "still" and "too."This is important if you do an analysis of the poem Feta "Spring rain".Class 5 includes this poem in the curriculum.Adverbs indicate the imminent approach of rain.

Third, should focus on painting.We continue to analyze the poem Feta "Spring rain": adjectives - an integral part of any poem.In our forest is a "gold dust", t. E. Illuminated by the sun, "sweet honey", "fresh leaves."

author does not fail to take advantage and personification.This is an image of a sparrow, which is bathed in the sand.

Fourth, pay attention to rhyme.This cross (the first line rhymes with the third, and the second - the fourth).By the nature of the incident accent on the last syllable rhymes and used men (2 and 4 lines of each stanza) and women's (1 and 3 lines of each stanza).

Fet was a brilliant romantic, despite the hardships of life that he had to endure.He managed to keep a careful, considerate approach to the world.