Leo Tolstoy, "Sevastopol in December": an analysis of the product

«Sevastopol Stories" - a series of three stories.They were written by a great writer Leo Tolstoy.Every person who met with the works, not indifferent, since each of the three stories describes the defense of Sevastopol.They convey the emotions and experiences of warring soldiers.Find the author's attitude to the fighting, namely the senselessness of war, it is possible to work "Sevastopol in December".Analysis of the story will help you understand what the author wanted to convey to the reader.

«Sevastopol Stories»

In 1855 published "Sevastopol Stories" who wrote Tolstoy."Sevastopol in December" - is one of the works of the cycle of short stories, which introduces the reader to the events of the defense of Sevastopol

must say that the reliability and accuracy of the events taking place during the defense of Sevastopol, the author managed to convey to the reader not only because of his skills andtalent, but also the fact that the author of "Sevastopol Stories" was in the city from 1854 to 1855.Fo

r nearly two months, Tolstoy was on duty on the battery on the fourth bastion, which was then considered the most dangerous.Moreover, the author participated in the battle on the Black River, and in the battles that take place during the final assault on Sevastopol.

In 1855 in the journal "Contemporary" in an article published the story "Sevastopol in December".Analysis of the product will help each reader identify the main idea and the idea of ​​the work.

Overview of the city and the lives of its inhabitants

«Sevastopol in December" - is one of the works "Sevastopol Stories" written by Tolstoy.This story is the first in a series, and it was he who introduces the subject of the work.

Artwork "Sevastopol in December" begins with an overview of the city.Rather, it was based on the personal experiences of the author.Leo Tolstoy tells the reader that, in spite of that the city still is a war and all its residents for a long time do not pay attention to the fighting.They are all busy with their own affairs and problems, and their explosions are no longer afraid.

None of the readers do not leave indifferent to the events described in the work "Sevastopol in December".Analysis of the product to make a snap, as it is read in one breath.

Stories officers and soldiers of the Defence of Sevastopol

works in which there are the emotions of soldiers during combat, is "Sevastopol in December".The story conveys the emotions and experiences of the people who died under the bullets of their homeland.

author at the beginning of the story "Sevastopol in December" tells the reader that the wounded soldiers in the hospitals were divided among themselves the events taking place on the battlefield, and told each other about who and how lost their health in the defense of Sevastopol.It is worth noting that doctors removed a limb soldiers with indifference, without emotion.

Tolstoy says in the product, "Sevastopol in December", that on the way to the fourth bastion can be seen less and less non-military people: most often come across a stretcher with wounded soldiers and military.

artillery officer tells how during the assault on the battery remains only one active weapon.Later, he shared that bomb fell right in the sailor's dugout and killed 11 people.

emotions and feelings of the main characters

At the end of the story "Sevastopol in December" we are talking about the emotions of soldiers during the fighting.The author says that when the kernel is flying a soldier, he has a sense of fear and pleasure: in this game of death there is a certain charm.

All lovers of military literature just have to read the story "Sevastopol in December".An analysis of each product will help you understand what is at stake in the product.It reveals to its readers the real truth about how the defense of the city, and also shows the emotions and feelings of the protagonists.

«Sevastopol in December".Analysis of the product

story "Sevastopol in December" makes the reader a lot of different emotions.First, he may be surprised at how easily people start to treat the war.However, on the other hand, the reader realizes that deep inside every soldier and ordinary people fear for their lives, but still bravely fighting for their homeland.The author makes the reader experience the pride of the Russian people, who did not give up in any situation, boldly went forward and was confident in his own victory.

range of impressions and emotions cause readers read the story "Sevastopol in December".Analysis of this product shows the reader all the main events taking place during the defense of Sevastopol.

Leo Tolstoy pays much attention to the emotions and experiences of war: what they think, what fear, what is expected and how to perceive the world around them.The author shows the reader the life and habits of the soldiers.Tolstoy was able to convey to the reader the defense of Sevastopol in other colors, open it in a new way.After reading the story "Sevastopol in December", you can plunge into life, to feel the emotions of war and uncover the history of human lives.

idea and the basic idea of ​​the work

must say that Tolstoy's work is not so much the events dedicated to the defense of Sevastopol as the disclosure of emotions, spiritual experiences and fears of the characters of the story.The author went on to describe the usual warfare: heroic images of soldiers and enthusiastic feeling of victory.Tolstoy explained the whole truth about the war, as well as its participants.

course, will not leave anyone indifferent story "Sevastopol in December".Reviews of the work is confirmed.