Statements about the teachers with a sense of great men

In Russian, there are a variety of statements about teachers.And the popularity of such expressions is very clear, because the teachers - people who spend our lives, giving the most necessary for the continued existence of the knowledge.Their work is invaluable, which is why many great people dedicated to teachers poems, short stories and the whole poem.

statements from the past

John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, said a good phrase: "The property of the teacher - not to hesitate is that he says."This statement is very simple and clear to each of us.After the teacher - a person from which tens (if not hundreds) of pupils adopt its knowledge and experience in applying it later in life.Because the teacher must be sure that it was he said.

Cato the Elder, who was a Roman politician and writer, claimed that the teacher is good, whose words do not disagree with the case.It is necessary to admit that this passage is significant today.After all, how many cases knows our life, when a person

says one thing and does something else entirely.And besides, how to learn from the experience of one who did not follow their words?And how can he demand that his students something, if he does not?In fact, it is an occasion to reflect.It is interesting that Marcus Porcius lived in the II century BC, but his statement is still relevant to this day.We can assume that in our time such statements about the teachers are even more important than it was then.

life - the best teacher

were also great leaders, who thought that the best teacher, anyway, is the life and personal experience.In fact, many people today think so too.For some, it is an excuse of their laziness and lack of desire to learn, while others, having lived a certain time on this earth really think that the way it is.Jean-Jacques Rousseau was one of those.He argued that our true teacher - it's an experience and feeling.In fact, in his words there is truth.After all, the knowledge acquired in theory, but not applied in practice, are worth little.And often at odds with the reality of representation.Only accumulated some experience, you can understand it is or not.

And Benjamin Disraeli, British statesman, said that there is no better teacher than unhappiness.And it is exactly the same as Rousseau rights.The analogy here is simple: scalded milk, when the wind blows on the water.


Many statements about the teaching profession make us think.Joseph Joubert, a French writer, said that the train - it means doubly learn.Vasily Klyuchevskii argued that a good teacher - is the man who loves what he teaches, and those whom he teaches.Learn new things, be patient and supportive - that's what the qualities of a true teacher.This show these statements about teachers.

What makes you think

Well, finally, it is worth saying a few words about those expressions that make think and even change their attitude.Statements great about teachers not only show their attitude to the profession, they also offer a look at teachers differently.Ashley Diamond, humorist and cartoonist, said that you need to be nice to the teachers.And if they do not deserve at least respect, they deserve pity.Quite an interesting phrase, but its meaning is clear to everyone.After all, we know how hard the teaching profession.It is necessary not only to teach children something new.They need to be nurtured, to explain to them all, to keep under control.No wonder they say that the teacher - is the second parent.And if at times difficult to raise a child, you can imagine how difficult it is to cope with a few dozen.

statements about teachers are varied, but the meaning of each of them familiar to us all.And it's safe to say that many aphorisms, belonging to great people, will live in history.