Lisa Characteristics of the story " Poor Liza " .A psychological analysis of the characters of the main characters in the book NMKaramzin

NMKaramzin wrote very touching and dramatic story of a simple, yet age-old situation: she loves, and he - no.But before we answer the question of what are the characteristics of Lisa's story "Poor Liza" is necessary, at least, even a little brush up on the subject of the work.


Lisa - an orphan.Left without a father, she is forced to go to work: to sell flowers in the city.The girl is very young and naive.In one of his "working days" Lisa saw a young man in the city (Erastus), who bought her flowers, paying 20 times more than they are worth.Erast said here that these hands have to collect the flowers just for him.However, the next day he did not show up.Lisa was upset (like all young girls, she was very greedy for compliments).But the next day he visited Erast Lisa at her home, and even talked to her mother.Old woman-mother of a young man seemed very pleasant and polite.

And so it went on for some time.Erast reveled in virginity and chastity Lisa, and she (the 19th century peasant girl) was

just stunned by courting a beautiful young nobleman.

turning point in the relationship came when Lisa said about his possible imminent marriage.She was upset and depressed, but Erast reassured her and painted her future and said that the sky above them will be in diamonds.

Lisa a little cheered - Erast believed the wave of relief and gave him his innocence.As expected, the nature of the meetings has changed.Now Erast again and again got a hold of the girl, has no qualms about using it for their needs.Then Lisa, and her relationship with Erast bored and he decided to run away from all this tyagomotiny in the army, where he served not the Fatherland, and his condition rapidly anticipating.

returning from the army, Erast, of course, not a syllable did not tell Lisa about it, she once saw him on the street in a carriage.I rushed to him, but was not very pleasant conversation, what happened between the two, the former lover Lisa put the door, thrusting money.

Lisa from such grief went and drowned herself in a pond.Old mother followed her to the other world, as soon as she learned of the death of his daughter, it immediately had a stroke, and she died.

Now we are ready to answer the question of what is the response from Lisa's story "Poor Liza".

Character Lisa

Lisa was actually a child, despite the fact that she had to go to work early, as her father died.But life did not have time to learn it properly.Inexperience girl and attracted young nobleman surface, seeing the goal of his life in pleasures.In this series, and poor Lisa is her delight.Erast very flattered attitude so young and so fresh girl, and she was naive in the extreme.She has the attitude of a young rake at face value, and it was all a game of boredom really.Who knows, maybe even Lisa secretly hoped the position of the lady with the times.Among other qualities of character it is worth noting the kindness and spontaneity.

We may not describe all the facets of the personality of the protagonist, but as it seems, there is enough information to Lisa characteristic of the story "Poor Liza" was clear and encompassing the essence of her being.

Erast and its content

second protagonist of the story - Erast - a typical esthete and hedonist.He lives only in order to enjoy.He has a mind.It could be brilliantly educated, but instead a young gentleman just burns your life, and Lisa for it - fun.While she was pure and without blemish, a girl interested Erastus as drags ornithologist recently opened their species of birds, and when Lisa gave Erast, you become the same as all, which means that he was bored, and he, driven by a thirst for pleasure, moved onnot particularly thinking about the consequences of his vile behavior.

Although unethical behavior of a young man becomes only through the prism of certain moral values.If unscrupulous people (how was Erast), he can not even feel the share of infamy, which is contained in his actions.

man seeking only pleasure in life, the surface is by definition.He is not capable of deep feelings.And, of course, it is a trimmer, which proves Erastus marriage for money with a middle-aged widow.

Confrontation Lisa and Erastus as the struggle between light and shadow, good and evil

At first glance it seems that Liza and Erast - it's like night and day, or good and evil.Accordingly, the characteristics of Lisa's story "Poor Liza" and characterization Erastus deliberately contrasted author of the novel, but it is not so.

If the image of Lisa - it's good, it is good it is not necessary nor the world, nor the people.It is simply unsustainable.However, in general, well written (though a bit sentimental) story "Poor Liza".Lisa features that can define it exhaustively - is naive, reaching to stupidity.But it's not her fault, because it is a country girl of the 19th century.

Erast also is not evil in its purest form.For evil need strength of character, and it is not endowed with a young nobleman, to his regret.Erast - just infantile boy running from responsibility.It is completely empty and vacuous.His behavior is disgusting, but it is difficult to call it evil, and even more evil.That's all that we discovered the story "Poor Liza".Feature Erastus shows more than exhaustive.