Description Gerasimos from the story "Mumu" IS

Despite the simplicity of Turgenev's character description Gerasimos of the story "Mumu" should be at least two-dimensional: characteristics of the external and internal characteristics.Gerasim - the mysterious figure and gives the key to understanding the entire Russian national character.


Unusual Russian peasant village taken from his home village and transported to Moscow (the peculiarity of it is that it is silent).There, in the house of a local lady, I trust him to be a janitor.Since Gerasim from nature to limit accurate and performer, he is good at work.

Problems with Gerasimos begin when he falls in love with a washerwoman (Tanya), working with Madame.All the servants and the hostess herself well see what happens to dumb as a janitor, but the lady decides on its own: it gives Tanya married Capito - shoemaker and drunkard.This marriage is winding down, but it is not about that.

Gerasimos on a wave of mental affliction is (saves) puppy.It's a girl (three weeks total).He cares for her

and cherishes.The dog grows near wordless janitor and does not bother anyone until then, until he snaps at her mistress.That tells the dog from the yard to remove.When it does not work (Mumu returns to its owner), you decide to eliminate the dog physically.After much emotional ordeal Gerasimos himself takes the role of executioner.

ends the story of Turgenev that Gerasim returned to the village and live there in seclusion without dogs and women.The plot is very important, because the description of Gerasimos story "Mumu" one way or another based on the chain of events that occurred with a mute janitor.

Appearance protagonist

Gerasim perfectly fine in terms of anthropometric data: it is high.It is under 2 meters tall.He is strong, powerful.Broad shoulders.

As a real Russian man, he is a hard worker.Despite the apparent paradox, power and performance - rather, it is the external characteristics of a person, not internal.Because they are visible to outsiders.Gerasim performers.And this is the quality of both external and internal.It can be interpreted (perceived) and so and so.Depending on whether a person receives internally what he is told to do or not.So Gerasimos (the protagonist of "Mumu") appears to the outside observer.Next, the question arises about what Gerasim inside.

inner world Gerasimos

Scary is not what is not said Gerasim, and that he was silent, and even internally.He does not have his attitude towards the world.All his life he was not like everyone else, so accustomed to obey.Moreover, the realities of the 19th century do not have to rebel cripples.Gerasimos paradox in the fact that he, with all his manly appearance, appearance of the winner - loser, because inside is completely empty.It has no content.

course, Turgenev gives the hero the traditional Russian virtues: compassion for people and animals, kindness, but, unfortunately, the beautiful side of human nature are fed from the source of bad - the lack of content.Gerasim kind and sensitive only because he had no strength to be angry.And it would be nice if it were not for the situation with the families and friends of being - Mumu.This (situation) clearly showed how Gerasim beskharakteren.This is the description of Gerasimos story "Mumu" (his inner qualities).

Riddle Gerasimos

Why Gerasim only after he lost everything, he decided nevertheless to act against the lady?In silent janitor away all that he loved so much.Moreover, it pulled itself out of the ability to love that much more important and sad.One can argue, but it seems that when Gerasim returned to the village, he was not afraid of the lady of rage, he even did not care.What prevented him to take a dog and run away?No one would look for him did not, and even if they find it, they would not return.How is it risky?People would find that he was an eccentric.Still would!Abandon place in the manor house for the dog.

Anyway, Gerasim did not.He had to lose the very basis of his life to give up servile consciousness and find himself.

ISTurgenev brilliantly written story "Mumu".Feature Gerasimos well may determine not only his, but every human being.A person must first lose something very important to understand about yourself something priceless.Thus, a short story by Turgenev can generally be seen as a parable of the Russian person or a person at all.As you wish.

So get a description of Gerasimos story "Mumu".Each time touching this short essay, the reader understands something important about himself.Especially valuable and classics and literature in general.