Bashkir writers and their contribution to the culture of the country

Earth Bashkortostan can affect anyone who would be the first time here.Probably because the Ural mountains and steppe create an amazing contrast.In addition, the Bashkir people have always been famous for their wisdom.Perhaps that is why there appeared so many writers and poets whose works are still amazes the children and they are not forgotten.Bashkir writers made a great contribution to the development of culture, not only his country, but also the adjacent, including Russia.Therefore, they are still considered to be an example of how their energy and talent to send to the benefit of the native land.The list of poets of Bashkortostan has many names.Today, we will focus only on some of them.


Bashkir writers and poets can be justifiably proud of the fact that this person is in their ranks, because the lessons of morality, which he was able to convey to their descendants, praised him as "the common heritage of man."Despite the fact that the poet lived in the XIX century, far, his work is rel

evant today.He is considered not only a poet, but also a classic, and educator.

reliable information about the life of this man almost none.All that is known to be more applicable to the category of legends and stories.It is believed that all his life the poet traveled to his native country, without getting tired while writing poetry.

main theme of his work - a social inequality that existed between the common people and bayami.One solution to this problem therefore saw to give the people education.Perhaps precisely because of this idea, he began to teach children.

Lifestyle writer, and that his poems were intended for oral performance, led to the fact that this musical legacy is almost lost.One of the few poems, which has survived to the present day, was written by the poet in prison, where he was allegedly for evading military service."My place - in zindan" capacity is particularly socially.

Mustai Karim

Another bright star, which boasts Bashkir literature - is Safich Mustafa Karimov, known among its admirers as the Mustai Karim.He was born at the beginning of the XX century, and these difficult times, of course, left their mark on his work.

What Mustai Karim will take pride of place among the writers of Bashkortostan, it was clear even then, when the boy was 16 years old.It was during this period he published his first publication, after which it became clear that the Bashkirian writers can replenish their ranks a new diamond as critics called it then.

Active citizenship made from a real example of the poet, who is trying to follow many people.One way to express their love for the motherland and the country became poetry.It featured an abundance of philosophical thoughts and ideas, the main one of which was that to appreciate their country and each other.Displayed a lot of support for such civic poet, considering it the only true.

Zainab Biisheva

Bashkir writers have in their ranks not only famous men, but also women.One of them was Zainab Biisheva.Perhaps the fact that the girl lost her mother early, and as a teenager - and his father was one of the reasons why Zainab decided to express their thoughts on paper.Undoubtedly, this contributed to her family, which at that time could be attributed to the intelligentsia.Her father was a mullah and taught the village children, brother knew many languages, and therefore very Zaynab could not stay away.

Talent writer most opened after World War II.Zainab had both prose and poetry, and just out of her pen came out more than 60 books.In addition, Zainab Biisheva actively involved in the translation from the native language to Russian Bashkir.They were intended for both adults and children, and were carried out in a professional manner.


In the last years of the XIX century Bashkir writers joined their ranks another young talent.They became Mazhit Gafuri.In his work, as is often influenced tragic circumstances.Mazhit lost his parents early, so to be able to live and learn, he had to work for the rich.

Pen writer was aimed at the overthrow of the tsarist.He will play a huge role as a creative pioneer of the Bashkir and Tatar literature.From his pen came out legend, poems, short stories, plays, drama, libretto for the opera, poetry for children.