B. Ekimov, "Night of Healing": a summary of the story

war left a deep imprint in the soul of each person.Often, and after a number of years the memories of her do not give sleep and live.Proof of this is the story of B. Yekimova "Night of Healing", a summary of which is presented below.

enforced solitude

Children Dunya women have long settled in the city.She lived alone in the village, because the arrival of her grandson seemed elated.The old lady was bustling, preparing and even when Gregory ran into the street, I felt: the house has a living soul.So begins his work Ekimov Boris.

┬źNight of Healing" continues the story of the circumstances that led to while away a woman Dunya century alone.Of course, the economy, which will not throw.But there was more important reason: the old woman could not sleep.First, she often visited the children, but her every visit turned into a test for them.She cried at night: the difficult war years affected and hunger - and not allowed to sleep.Babu Dounia led by doctors, but nothing helped.And now she's been in the c

ity only during the day and in the evening is sure to come back home.Fortunately Grisha grown up staying with her in the winter and the spring.

restless night

grandson came back from the street in the evening and supper, I began to prepare for the morning fishing tackle.A woman sitting next to Dunia and kept asking him about this and so on.When we went to sleep, he warned that if noise at night will be awakened.Grisha just shrugged: he sleeps soundly, because nothing is heard.Soon, however, he was awakened by screaming women Dunya.She spoke about the lost card of the hungry children and asked for help - the author of the story "Night of healing."

Summary of what happened next, so you can pass.Grandson tried to calm her grandmother, and she went back to sleep.But after a while cries repeated.Now Granny Dunya spoke of acorns, which he learned to wake her Grisha, in lean years it grind and add to the flour.The old woman felt very guilty about her grandson, and probably until the morning had not slept.Anyway, tired Grisha slept soundly and did not hear anything more.

solutions for the

The next day the grandson went fishing, then a ski trip.Tire out, so that night slept like a log.A day Granny Dunya all apologized, what Gregory soothed her and asked not to worry.So time passed - said B. Ekimov in "The Night of Healing", a summary of which you are reading.

As a boy called to address in the city.Mom asked, whether he sleeps at night.Then he gave advice - if a woman Dunya will start screaming, you need to step up and shout: "Shut up!" It helps.On the way home Grisha all thought of her grandmother.It seemed to him small and weak.He tormented by the question of how to help her.For other troubles have ended long ago, and a woman Dunya's not released.Throughout the evening the boy something ached and burned in his chest.And he thought, but would not fall asleep.

Night healing: a summary of the episode

When the room came the murmur of women Dunya, Gregory walked over to her bed and really ready to shout and stamp his foot even.But when he heard agonizing groans and interrupts speech about bread cards, he suddenly felt pity and pain, then dropped to his knees.Grandson became affectionately convince: "Here is your blue handkerchief, grandmother.A card in it. "The old woman was silent at first, then began to thank and calmed down.And Grisha was shivering, his face and tears rolled down.They walked from the heart filled with compassion to a woman Dunya.When she spoke again, her grandson came and everything went on as gently to answer her and soothe.The old woman turned and quietly fell asleep, now until the morning.

Grisha went to bed and thought about all the morning to tell her grandmother.And suddenly it seemed burned: you can not talk about it.Now grandson knew that tomorrow and then he will be there with a woman Dunya.And then comes the night of healing.Analysis of the incident caused him to take a fresh look on the past and the present.