Honore de Balzac: biography and work of brief

One of the greatest prose writers of the XIX century - O. de Balzac.The biography of this writer is not inferior to violent adventures of the hero, which he created.Until now, the world is interested in his personal life.

bitter childhood

founder of realism born May 20, 1799, in the city of Tours, which is located in the center of France.Writer came from a simple yet adventurous family.His father, a local lawyer, Francois Bernard Balssa bought and resold the land impoverished nobles.This business brought him a profit.This was the reason that he changed his name and boasted of his kinship with the popular writer Jean-Louis Gez de Balzac, which had nothing to do.

subsequently acquired aristocratic prefix "de".Bernard married a girl, Anne-Charlotte Laura Salammbo, who was 30 years his junior.Honore's mother hails from aristocratic families.The woman was freedom-loving and did not hide his novels.From the links on the side there was a brother of the writer, who was a favorite of Anna.A nurse gave the

future writer.When he lived in a boarding house.

In the house where the first place put all but the family, the boy was not easy.Little attention as a child received Honore de Balzac.Biography summarized in some of his works.The problems that he experienced when he was young, and later present in his works.

Failed lawyer

Apparently, the genius inherited basic features of the parents, because in the future they were pronounced in his character.At the request of the father and mother's son was sent to the Vendome college, where he studied law.Institution different harsh discipline that boy constantly thwarted.For this, and he earned a reputation as a slacker robber.There's a child discovered the world of books.The 12-year-old first tried his hand as a writer.Then over all his works classmates mocked.

Because of the constant stress and lack of attention the child was ill.The parents took him home.Ill man several years.Many doctors do not give a guarantee that the child will live.Nevertheless, he managed to climb out.

The young man went on to study business lawyer in Paris, where his parents had moved.In law school studies in 1816 - 1819 years.At the same time running a notary.But really it only attracted the world of literature.To him and dragged Balzac.Biography could have been different, but the parents have decided to support hobby son and give him a chance.

First Love

Father promised over two years to support Honore.During this time, the boy had to prove that it can work in a selected direction.During this time, the future talent was active, but not one of his works were not taken seriously.The first tragedy "Cromwell" was ruthlessly condemned.In general, until 1823, he wrote about 20 volumes.Later, he called his early literary works of a continuous mistake.

From time to time the young man traveled from Paris to the provinces, where the parents had moved.There he met Laura de Berny.Closely intertwined with the woman of his biography.Honore Balzac, who had received a minimum of maternal affection, found in the arms of Madame (older than 20 years), warmth and tenderness.Unhappy family life, with six children in her arms, she became his love and support.

When the time came to report relatives in the two years that they financed his passion, Balzac had nothing to give.All attempts to break into the world of words failed.Therefore, the family refused him cash.

Vein businessman

From childhood dream master of words indecent rich.While the literature did not develop, trying to earn a writer.First, he gives one-volume edition of the classics.Also organizes publishing.Then sent to Sardinia to be found in the silver mines of the ancient Romans.Another plan that has not justified itself - the cultivation of pineapples, near Paris.Complex and fantastic business schemes full biography of Balzac.Briefly describe all his plans can be one word - failure.

From failures and without much debt grew more.From prison for bills his mother had saved, which partially repaid loans.

for a long period of life of a genius pursued poverty.So, one night in his apartment climbed a simple thief.Touch he was looking for something that could be stolen.The owner, who at the time was in the room, kept his head and said, "In vain you are looking for in the dark, what I did not see the light."

road to success

Submission not one of the virtues that had Honore de Balzac.Biography of writer would not cause so much emotion, if not for his unshakable belief in their destiny.Master continued to work, no matter what.

In 1829, the novelist took up his pen again.He made for himself a tough schedule.Went to bed at 6 pm, I woke up at midnight.All the time he wrote.Dozens of pages out from under his arm.Force in themselves, he maintained many cups of strong coffee.

efforts were crowned with success.The fame brought him the historical novel "Chouans".The world did not yet know who Balzac.Biography of the author notes that he still used a variety of aliases.

action in this book takes place during the French Revolution.Here talented author skillfully described the struggle of republican troops from Shuang.

Then it creates a "Scenes of private life", "elixir of longevity" story "Gobsek."

Foundation chief labor

On the wings of success master decides in 1831 to create a series of stories.This was to be a description of the then ethics.Title - "The Human Comedy."Work began with scenes of the life of Paris XVIII-XIX century.

many doors open in front of the name of Honore de Balzac.Biography man after lightning popularity gained new colors.In the most fashionable salons he was accepted as an honored guest.There the author met many heroes of their future works that are included in the "human comedy."The aim was to work to connect all of their work written in one cycle.He took all the previously published novels and partially changed them.Heroes of different books got together families, friends and other contacts.The epic was composed of 143 novels.But to bring the idea to the end of the Frenchman failed.

highlight was the author of an unusual approach to the fate of his characters, because they were born, grew up, fell in love, got married and raised children in the pages of books.

theory comedy

Ā«Unbeatable novelist" - this is the name received from critics Balzac.Biography of writer forever associated with "human comedy."It consists of three parts.The first and most extensive, which included previous work - "Sketches of customs."Here the audience meets a miser Gobsek, disinterested father Goriot, a French officer scraper.The second section - "philosophical".It helps the reader to speculate about the meaning of life.This included the novel "shagreen".The third part - the "Analytical Studies."Books in this passage produce excessive reflections, and sometimes put the story on the back burner.

Full of funny situations biography of Balzac.Creativity profitable, but did not cover all the expenses and past debts.There is a story that the author of the weekly went to his editor to ask for an advance against future royalties.Head differed avarice, so rarely gave money.One writer, as always, came for payment, but the Secretary-General said that today, the owner does not accept.What Balzac replied that it was indifferent to him, the main thing that gave money to the head.

Women middle-aged

unattractive in appearance Honore still won many ladies.They struck the fuse and passion with which the writer said.Therefore, all the free time spent on writing a man with numerous mistresses.His attention achieved many noble ladies, but often in vain.Women "elegant" age loved Balzac.Biography of writer full of romantic adventures.Their heroines became ladies who are far 30 such individuals he described in his works.

became the most popular character in the novel "The Thirty Years 'woman.'The main figure - a girl, Julie.Through this way the author clearly conveys the psychology of women.It is because of this work was born the term "middle-aged woman," that is a lady of 30 to 40 years.

dream come true

Love plays an important role in human life.Polish countess Evelina Ghana became the great passion that ever felt like Honore de Balzac.Biography briefly describes their acquaintance.The woman, like hundreds of other fans, sent the writer recognition.The man replied.Correspondence began.For a long time, they met in secret.

Evelyn refused to give up the wife and marry the writer.The relationship lasted for 17 years.She became free when widowed.Then the couple was married.This happened in May 1850, in the Ukrainian town of Berdichev.But to enjoy the married life, Balzac was not.He was seriously ill for a long time and died the same year on August 18 in Paris.

Master carved out of each of his characters.He was not afraid to make their lives not only bright, but also realistic.That is why the characters in Balzac's still interesting to the reader.