Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson" books on order

fiction world - one of the most vivid and memorable.Fantasy better than other genres of developing creative thinking and inspires readers to meritorious deeds.One of the best works of this genre - "Percy Jackson."Order books devoted to the adventures of a boy, often collected in special illustrated edition.Details of the history of the author and are supplemented today.In the genre of military fiction best screen adaptations of recent years was the film "Percy Jackson."The order is the film "Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief" and "Percy Jackson and the Sea Monsters."

"Percy Jackson" - is an unforgettable story about a schoolboy whose life was no different from everyday life peers.However, at one point on the shoulders of a twelve-year boy and his friends befalls many difficulties.

"Percy Jackson": the order book - a description

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians" - a series of adventure books, telling about the brave boy and his friends.It is a fascinating story that goes with each new book of the

writer Rick Riordan, captures readers of all ages.The plot of the book resonated most famous myths of the ancient world.The ancient Greek gods, monsters, and incredible creatures simply fill the pages of the works of Percy Jackson.Variety heroes striking and multifaceted plots of novels does not allow to break away from reading.

readers of fiction are often faced with the challenge: how to find the product series ¬ęPercy Jackson" - all the books in order.List of series really great.It is replenished every year and more difficult to collect the books together.

Rick Riordan's "Percy Jackson."All the books in order:

  • "The Lightning Thief";
  • "sea monsters";
  • "Titan's Curse";
  • "Labyrinth of Death";
  • "X-Files about demigods";
  • "Last Prophecy";
  • "Cruel World Heroes and Monsters";
  • "Heroes of Olympus";
  • "Son of Neptune".

If you read the book "Percy Jackson" in order, the story captures and does not relax.Pages novels evoke the reader's imagination in a variety of images, many of which may excite and frighten at the same time.

"The Lightning Thief"

This is the story of schoolboy whose life is no different.However, at one point it falls a lot of problems.Percy like a very normal teenager: his difficulties in school, quarrels with her mother and a father brings his stepfather.

boy discovers a hidden strength and learns that his real father - the god of the sea Poseidon.Hero in danger, so he went to the camp, where they spent the summer of the same children.Daughter of Athena, the minotaur, nymphs and centaurs become his faithful friends with whom Percy overcomes difficulties.They learn to fight and be bold.Danger awaits kids at every step, but a step forward because they face the most important goal.Percy must return lightning supreme god of Olympus - Zeus his uncle.

"sea monsters"

second book about the adventures of Percy Jackson is full of battles and fights with creatures whose home lies deep on the ocean floor.Before children, a new goal: to find the fabled Golden Fleece.With it, they can stop the terrible Chronos - god who devours his children.Evil lain dormant for many years, but it is time to wake up and revenge.If Chronos gets its way, the whole family Percy, all Gods and Heroes (mongrels) will die, begin a new era where it will flourish with the face of evil Chronos.

destiny brought the heroes to many unexpected and dangerous places where previously visited, and other heroes of Greece.Percy and his team will come up from the mouth of the sea whirlpool - Charybdis, meet Hermes and terrible dog Cerberus.The fight for the lead, the test of friendship will make the characters wonder why they are fighting and how to relate to each other.This story can teach courage, honesty, responsibility for their words and deeds."Percy Jackson" (books in order) - this is the best story for all ages.

"Titan's Curse"

place of the novel - a modern New York, who is reincarnated in an instant.Now around Percy - Mount Olympus gods, Hades the underworld and other legendary places.In this book the hero to save his daughter Artemis - Annabeth.The story begins with the attack danger exists - Manticore who entered school.Mysterious mountain dragons with countless heads and contradictory prophecy - all this awaits the reader in this part of the Percy Jackson.During the adventure hero once will cause unhappiness, he was accused in the death of many.However, the young man will be strong and courageous.This will help him to overcome the test.

"Labyrinth of Death"

This book reveals all the familiar legend of the labyrinth built by Daedalus - the inventor of wax wings and many other things.Readers will plunge into the labyrinth of the Minotaur, where Percy and his friends will wander in search of Ariadne's thread and try to stop the son of Hermes.They planned to resurrect enemy with magic maze Chronos, which hides a lot of horrible and dangerous.

"X-Files about demigods"

new stories about the adventures of Percy forced readers to continue the fight for good with it.In this book, Man waiting for a much greater danger of death which - the most harmless.The fate of all of humanity is in the hands of the young demigod - the son of Poseidon.In addition to the main story, the book contains stories about other heroes - the gods of Olympus.This Artemis, Poseidon, Zeus, Ares, and many others - all who long remained "behind the scenes" adventurous young heroes.Readers will learn a lot about their favorite heroes and enemies of Persia.The hero will create a weapon of the god of the dead - Hades, and the final battle will be a confrontation bronze dragon.And who knows what will turn this battle.

"Last Prophecy"

This is one of the books in the series "Percy Jackson and the Olympians."The story works unpredictable, even more than in the previous novels.Reading the book "Percy Jackson" in order, you can see that everywhere there is the main villain - Kronos.And now it appears as quickly as in the past istoriyamh.Kronos was released and is now going to take over Olympus - home of the Greek gods.He gathered a huge army, which is deceiving the gods, and they lose strength.Only Percy the strength to save his father.He knows about the plans of Kronos and will do anything to stop him.

"cruel world of heroes and monsters"

In "Percy Jackson" books combined in order cycles that readers easily navigate the mysterious world of Rick Riordan.This book of the series "Olympians" hero Percy is at a crossroads: like any teenager, he was characterized by doubt.The young man did not know who he is: a man or a god - and which side he should speak.Soon all begin to spin around him: the soothsayer, monster temptress, bitter enemies.Percy will unravel the mystery of flight, and the feast of the god of wine - Dionysus and again to save friends and family from death.

For several years, the story of a boy-demigod Percy remains popular throughout the world.Cleverly combine ancient myths and the modern world - it's a great idea, which is embodied in his works the writer Rick Riordan ("Percy Jackson").All the books in the order of the series can be divided into two cycles: "Olympians" and "Heroes of Olympus."Bright contrast stone temples of Greece and the neon lights of New York - this is what makes the product memorable.