Mikhail Sholokhov, "Aleshkino heart."

events of the Revolution, World War I and the Civil War, Sholokhov dedicated cycle small works titled "The Don Stories"."Aleshkino heart" - summary is given below - shows the brutal reality when human life against the backdrop of famine gripped the country loses all value.A murder is no longer perceived as something sinful and criminal.

consequences of hunger

protagonist of the story - fourteen teenager Alyosha.In his second year in the village ruled by hunger.The boy imagined him a huge black man, destroy people.Alyosha all swollen and his face is covered in dry skin, and her eyes seem empty cavities.Here it is the fifth month of the family has nothing to eat.So begins Sholokhov "Aleshkino heart."

Summary continues describing the first tragedy in the family of the boy.One morning Alyosha, rocking, got to the fence, where he saw the corpse of a foal.I bring it to the house does not have the strength, and the hero went for the knife.When he returned, he broke up, and carried the remains of dogs, e

very single piece in the house.And in the evening, gorged itself meat, younger sister died.Bury it had no strength because Alyosha with his mother carried the girl into the garden and laying in a ditch covered with earth.

A week later, the eldest, Polka, climbed into the house of a rich neighbor, that is not at home, and ate soup.When he returned, Makarchiha to death hammered iron drowsy guests and threw her body in an abandoned well.So the author shows human cruelty in the story "Aleshkino heart."

Summary of what happened to the hero himself: he got into the neighbor's cellar and drank milk.Makarchiha noticed the boy, attacked him with the king-pin, pull out of the wagon.Deciding that he, too, was dead, he carried to the river and threw mud.And he dressed in the morning - was the Trinity - and went to a neighbor with the intention to buy her house.Woman lying dead.Makarchiha rushed to the door.And then the boy covered in blood and mud begs for mercy - Sholokhov completes this part of the work "Aleshkino heart."

Summary meeting with Sinitsin

evening headed hero to procuring office - he saw out of the barn into the slit yellow stream spilling grain.Along the way he met a priest carrying a pie and corned beef.I asked to file, but the priest walked on.

Reaching the barn, Alyosha began greedily chew the grain.Suddenly I heard a voice.The boy stood up and closed his hands over his face, waiting for the strike.However, the good-natured voice said: "Come on.I steamed wheat there. "The room politkoma Sinitsyn hero greedily ate while bespectacled did not take the pot "Oblopaeshesya - izdohnesh."It describes fatal for a boy acquaintance Sholokhov.

Aleshkino heart - a summary of the story it shows - a good and clean, the people were opened.Hero immediately trusted Sinitsyn.And he is treated and othazhivali boy attached to him.


Alyosha began to graze horses procurement agency.One day he was approached by the local rich and called for the grub to go to his employees.The boy began to do all the work on the farm of Ivan Alexeev.So tired that at night could not sleep.A master of all was dissatisfied.Especially bad was after a neighbor shamed Alekseeva that toiling in his little boy.The hero of the evening began to go to "The Club Komsomol", where a lot and read about different.That's only on the host Sinitsyn afraid to complain, the author of the story "Aleshkino heart."

Summary of the episode plot

One bespectacled boy said that in the area there was a gang.The next day the owner made a questioning which is Alyosha at night to walk?Out of all the beatings.But nezloblivym was Aleshkino heart.Summary of the mother's words, which recalled the hero, shows that it is all in his father went: the same uncomplaining.Because the boy, though the evening barely waited all endured.And at the dawn of the owner overheard to have guests.Alekseev reported to them that the red in the village is not much.Then his interlocutors promised to come the next night, and all the cut.

After breakfast Alyosha rushed into the office, and all told Sinitsyn.By evening, the boy was able to shoot a rifle, and armed with a company in full readiness expected guests.During the firefight, two thugs climbed into the house.Sinitsyn gave the boy a hand grenade - Alyosha was less growth - so he made his way to the window.But at that moment when the hero pulled the ring on the porch there was a bandit.He was holding a little girl, followed her mother jumped.Alyosha immediately assessed the situation and lay down on the explosives.Anyone who has seen this Sinitsyn managed to push the boy and throw a grenade.

hero woke up in the hospital - a fragment hit him in the chest at half an inch from the heart.A Sinitsyn handed him a ticket to a member of Komsomol.

This is a summary of the story "Aleshkino heart" by Mikhail Sholokhov.