Attitude to love Bazarov in Turgenev's novel "Fathers and Sons"

Those who enjoy visiting during literature lessons in school, be sure to remember the work of Turgenev "Fathers and Sons" and its protagonist, Eugene Bazarov.Surely most readers to question who he is, will tell you that this character - a nihilist.However, in order to remember what was the attitude to love Bazarov, most of us will need some time to recover from the memory of what has been read.Someone acquainted with this work five years ago, and someone - twenty-five.Well, try to remember together that Bazarov says about love.

Love and Nihilism

As a true nihilist Bazarov denies love, because it does not bring practical benefits.Marriage Arcadia takes him off balance.He stops to see him as his successor, calls "liberal gentleman."

Eugene appreciates this feeling only from the point of view of physiology, except that for a woman can be treated in a special way.

attitude to love Bazarov only consumer.He said that from the opposite sex must "make sense", and if not, then at a special light is large


Anna Sergeyevna Odintsov

All views about love Eugene change after he meets Anna Odintsov.The feeling for the woman breaks into his heart and takes precedence over reason.It is contrary to all the principles of his life.Bazarov's attitude to love runs counter to his views on how it should be.

Anna S. attracts the attention of Eugene at the ball, he admires the beauty and the story of a beautiful woman, but asks about her with feigned nonchalance.

Relationship Bazarov Odintsov

Anna S., too little interest in Eugene.She invites him to stay at Nikolskoye, his estate.Bazarov accepts this invitation, this woman is interested in him.In Nicholas they spend a lot of time walking around the neighborhood.They talk a lot with each other, argue.Yevgeny Bazarov Odintsov eyes - a very interesting conversationalist, she sees him as an intelligent man.

And what is our hero?I must say that after a trip to Nikolskoye love life Bazarov ceases to be a fact that does not rise above the level of physiology.He really loved Odintsov.

nihilist tragedy

So, in my heart there was a change of Bazarov, who denies all his theory.His sense to Anna Sergeyevna deep and strong.Initially he tries to brush it off.But Odintsov cause him to a frank conversation during a walk through the garden and receives a declaration of love.

Bazarov does not believe that the feeling of Anna Sergeyevna to it mutual.Nevertheless, the love of life Bazarov to dwell in his heart the hope of her affection for him.All his thoughts, all aspirations are now linked to a single woman.Bazarov wanted to be with her.Anna S. prefers not to give him hope for reciprocity, choosing peace of mind.

Rejected Bazarov hard going through.He goes home, trying to forget the work.It becomes clear that the former attitude to love Bazarov forever in the past.

last meeting

main character was destined to meet her beloved again.Being terminally ill, Eugene sends a messenger for Anna Sergeyevna.Odintsov came to him with the doctor, but she throws herself into his arms.She's just afraid of Bazarov.Eugene died in her arms.By the end of his life, he remains absolutely alone.Bazarov rejected by all, only the elderly parents continue to selflessly love his son.

So we can see how much has changed attitude to love Bazarov when he met his feminine ideal in the face of Anna Sergeyevna.The tragedy of this character was very similar to the love of frustration that had probably every.We meet a man who is considered ideal, but it is unreachable for some reason.We suffer from a lack of attention, not noticing that close people are willing to pay a lot for us.By the end of his life Bazarov is finally beginning to understand the power of parental love: "These people are as they are, in our view in the afternoon with fire not find."However, this important insight came to him too late.