Summary Nabokov "Masha".

Today Vladimir Nabokov decided to attribute to the category of Russian-speaking writers living abroad.But in Russia, he could not get adequate publicity, so the most outstanding works have been written abroad.So is "Masha" (1926) - the first novel by Nabokov.The work was published under the pseudonym Vladimir Sirin - he invented himself Vladimir Vladimirovich.Summary Nabokov "Masha" in chapters allow the reader to understand the writer's attitude towards Russia and emigration.

few words about the life and fate of the author

Vladimir Nabokov is a controversial figure in Russian literature.Compatriots who created within the country, could be considered a traitor and called shameful word "immigrant".Abroad, he does not hesitate to give English lessons and earn a living.The creative writer's growth takes place with extraordinary rapidity, he is experimenting with shape and volume of his works and the author of the story turns into a novelist: until 1937 he managed to write eight novels in Russian.Amon

g the heritage of Vladimir Nabokov's works stand out "Lolita," "The Luzhin Defence", "gift", "Invitation to a Beheading" - they will appreciate any reader, after reading the summary."Masha" Nabokov also belongs to the best books of the author.

composition works

«Vospomnya previous years novels vospomnya old love" - ​​this motto begins the novel "Masha".Pushkin quote Nabokov borrowed by chance, since its interpretation can be ambiguous.In the context of the novel, the love of a woman in common with the love for the motherland;Masha is the means through which the author expresses his longing for Russia.

book consists of twelve chapters, in which the girl's name is mentioned 43 times.Summary Nabokov "Masha" allows us to understand that she herself had glimpsed only in the memories of Ganin and does not appear in person.The image of the girl and her husband appeared in a later novel "The Luzhin Defence" where it is "darling" with special eyes.

«Masha" as a farewell to the Russian

While abroad, Nabokov could not stop thinking about the homeland in his works repeatedly mentioned about the fate of immigrants.Moving abroad for one was happy, but for others - on the contrary.Summary "Masha" Nabokov reflects this idea.Left Russia in 1919, the writer can never go back, as the protagonist of the work Glebovich Lev Ganin.The inhabitants of the guesthouse - immigrants from Russia - consider their historic homeland "cursed", "mess."Only one Lion Glebovich remembers it fondly, because it was there that he met his first love.

Vladimir Nabokov: "Masha".Summary analysis of conflict

action takes place in 1926 in Berlin hostel.Lev Ganin Glebovich reader seems a young man try himself in all sectors of activity: he was a worker, and even an extra waiter.Having saved enough money for a ticket, Ganin ready to leave Berlin, but it keeps Lyudmila - woman, an affair which lasts for three months and had to be fed him.Leo Glebovich after much thought she declares that I loved another woman.She is young love Ganin.Summary "Masha" Nabokov allows us to understand the evolution of the feelings of the protagonist, who, as it turned out, even many years after separation fondly remembers her first lover.

photograph of the girl Leo Glebovich shows a Alferov, who is her husband.However, he does not know what Ganin and Masha familiar nine years - it was the first experience for both young love.In the following days the protagonist lives memories, when he was very young and hot.From the guest house, he decided to leave on Saturday - at a time when her husband comes to Masha.Ganin purposely puts Alferov Service at a later time that he was late for the train station.Wanting to meet Masha, Leo Glebovich he goes to the train, but changes his mind at the last minute and take a ticket to the southwest of Germany.

love story of Masha and Ganin

seeing and hearing in the photo Alferov his first lover, Leo Glebovich "younger exactly nine years."He recalls a happy youth and explore the history of Masha.Ganin met her as a boy of sixteen, recovering from typhus.He created a perfect female image, being in the Resurrection Cathedral, and learned it will soon awake.Masha was a dark-skinned girl with the "burning Tartar eyes" with the sonorous voice and an unusual cheerfulness.Ganin first met her three friends surrounded him and appointed a meeting at which it was already one.And I brought two loving hearts Vladimir Nabokov.

Masha ... Summary of heads allows the reader to understand the nature of this girl.My teens were sweet and innocent at the same time.They both knew that soon they will be separated: Ganin was to leave for St. Petersburg, but "the era of love snow" in this city resumed in November, when the city came to Masha.Both weighed on the fact that their families were not familiar with, so instead of teens spent the evening meeting of the telephone conversation.Under the new year and ended their meeting resumed only in the summer - that's when Masha, though convinced of the infinity of these relations, Ganin said: "I am yours.Do with me whatever you want. "Nothing illegal in that day, a young lion with his lover did not, fearing that the park they can anybody notice.Their last meeting took place a year later in a train, then Ganin and Masha in the war exchanged affectionate letters.Soon they lost each other.It is not known whether Masha recalled about his first love, Ganin also experienced a pleasant shock only when he saw her in the photo Alferov.

image of Mother Russia in the novel

The heroes of works related to different historical homeland, some immigrants are happy that the left edge of the hated, while others, conversely, bored in Berlin.It is in Russia are native Ganin Nabokov and forest edges, margins, special Sunrises and sunsets."Without our Russian emigre Love - a cover of" - says Podtyagin, one of the inhabitants of the property.The same idea is shared in her book Vladimir Nabokov."Masha" (summary of the product allows the reader to understand the true feelings of the writer) - a novel that became a cry from the heart, and a way of farewell to Mother Russia.