Franz Kafka, "Process".

surprising German-language writer Franz Kafka is precisely."Process" - a book that has become quite popular and a huge number of interested readers.

history writing "Process»

Kafka's novel "The Trial" was written in 1915, but it is worth noting that only saw the light 10 years later, when the author was no longer alive.Before his death, Kafka asked Brod to burn writer Mark novel, however, the executor did not listen to Franz.He collected the scattered head "Process" and published the novel is in the form in which it now enjoys, the reader knows and remembers.

unusual and deeply thoughtful writer Franz Kafka was it."Process" is remembered by anyone ever read this work.

Franz Kafka was a modernist writer, but "process" ahead of his time, as the novel is considered one of the finest examples of post-modern absurdism.

unusual plot of "Process»

Kafka's novel "The Trial" is quite unusual and fantastic.One can say that the analogy of this novel does not exist.The product contains a deeper meaning, a

lthough at first glance the plot seems incomprehensible to the reader.

writer, writing style that is different from other works, is Franz Kafka."Process" is proof of this.This work makes the reader a huge amount of emotions and experiences of the main character.

product that has made the name of its author to the global culture of postmodern theater and cinema - "Process".Readers appreciate and love the creativity of the author, because the romance really gives an opportunity to reflect on things that have never bothered before.This work is not indifferent to any person who is acquainted with his story.

for centuries on the lips of fans of science fiction holds: "Franz Kafka."Process".Fantasy novel.The writer, whose readers will never forget. "

Kafka "The Trial".Summary.The arrest and preliminary investigation

Joseph awoke in his thirtieth birthday, Joseph K. discovered that he had been arrested.

Instead maid with breakfast in the room of Mr. K. entered an unfamiliar man in a black robe and told of the arrest of Joseph.The man is sure that this is just a joke and a bad joke.He was sure that he had not done anything illegal, and very surprised that in a strange state of law allowed for him arbitrary and unjustified actions of men in black against him.

Joseph discovered that among his men have detained colleagues.Soon they informed Mr K. that he could go to work and live in his usual life rhythm, as yet conducted a preliminary investigation.

Mr. K. continues to live and is struggling to forget the absurd case, however, he was informed by telephone that on Sunday appointed a preliminary investigation of his case.It should be noted that Joseph was not informed of any appointed time, any place.On the phone, only the address indicated outskirts of the city.

On Sunday, Mr. K. went in search of the appointed place and, surprisingly to myself, tapping accidentally hit in the apartment was the right place.

judge told Joseph that he was late for an hour and five minutes, what Karl said to him: "But still came."After that, Mr. K. began to speak before the court.His words were full of logic, and persuasiveness.The crowd clearly enjoyed the performance of Joseph.After the monologue, the man took his hat and left.

Over time, Joseph begins to notice that everything around him is not like before.Mr. K. did not understand why all the people around him, aware of the "process".Even those with whom he does not know, heard about the case of Joseph.

K. completely lost his peace.He became distracted, inattentive and gloomy.Joseph constantly feeling tired, and soon he was overcome by cold.Men think that all of his actions, he gives the reason for dissatisfaction, because of what he is dissatisfied with everything he does.

Thirty-first birthday

eve of the thirty-first birthday to Joseph came two men in black robes, who took it with him.Stopping at an abandoned quarry, strangers removed from Mr. K. jacket and shirt, and then laid it on the stone.Joseph did not resist, but in his mind there was a huge amount of thought.He thought that perhaps there were some arguments that would help him stay alive.

hands of a stranger appeared at Joseph in the neck, while the other man plunged a knife into the heart of Mr. K.

Kafka "The Trial".Reviews and the main idea of ​​the work

Readers love to share experiences with each other about the work, because, of course, "Process" gives them a huge amount of emotion.

One of the most famous modernists and their works of the 20th century, recognized every connoisseur of literature, are Ernest Hemingway, "The Little Prince" Kafka "The Trial".Summary of these works are familiar to every schoolchild.These masterpieces of fantastic literature cause the reader a huge range of emotions and make him find himself in a world created by talented writers.

main idea of ​​the work lies in the fact that the main character has gained freedom from the dualism which originated in the separation of his own "I" of the imposed society role.

Kafka's novel "The Trial" is a fascinating and fantastic story, which did not seem to make sense, but in reality, the product carries a deeper meaning.