"Two for the Seesaw": summary and analysis of the works of William Gibson

now hugely popular William Gibson - the founder of the literary movement as cyberpunk.He has a namesake - William Gibson, the playwright-survivor (when he died, it was the 95th year).So, this article is not the first Gibson and second.In focus - "Two for the Seesaw" (summary of the play).

Jerry and Gitel

Jerry - a young man tall and handsome.He was 33-34 years.In New York, he recently.He came from Omaha, in Nebraska.He divorced his wife there, threw a prestigious law practice and moved to another city to forget the bitterness of loss.His wife (Tess) has a new fianc├ę.This fact causes Jerry to suffer even more.Yesterday, he was at his only friend in New York - Oscar.My friend Jerry partying.She saw our hero Gitel Mosca.

Gitel - a young woman, dark and not very pretty.Rather, it has a distinctive appearance, at an amateur.But her body like a dancer.She, she, in fact, is.Even her ulcer.

is noteworthy that at the beginning of the play, none of the characters have no money.Gerry recently arrived a

nd have not found work yet.In addition to practice in another state, you need to pass the exam.A Gitel, in principle, not too successful in search of high-paying jobs, t. E. It is busy, but the money it sorely lacking.This is important for understanding the play "Two for the Seesaw."Summary of the outer and inner world of heroes is as follows.

Love for three

story begins in September and lasts for about 8 months.Everything starts with the fact that Jerry dials Gitel and under various pretexts, begs to visit her.As you might guess, it is very lonely.And he believes that being alone can save it only sorority.

Heroes are sometimes boring and sometimes witty conversations, but the goal they have - showmanship, ieto appear before the other person in the most favorable light.This Gitel behaves independently and freely, and Jerry if begging her intimacy.She tells him that she would not sleep with him on the first night, even if he was Jesus Christ.

It takes some more time talking characters.Jerry leaves her and goes to wander the city at night.Anyway, the hero returns to his home.It is very late (or very early), and, despite this, he calls Gitel.She did not pick up the phone, but still responds to it.During the exchange of barbs and pleasantries heroes call occurs between the contact and sympathy.Such a complication from the play by William Gibson's "Two for the Seesaw."Summary without stopping, rushes forward to the climax of the narrative.

The next step is a little different picture of what is happening: Jerry and Gitel formed a couple, live with it.Both characters have found a job, of course, is not the ultimate dream, but still.Gitel preparing dinner and literally begs Jerry to talk to his ex-wife (although they are not yet legally divorced) who nazvanivaet him from Nebraska.Telephone periodically make sounds, but it deliberately ignores Jerry, then do not stand up and picks up the phone.This is his wife of Omaha.He set ajar for a long time with her, then she screams in despair: "Stop the hand to keep my heart!" Gitel like the current hit, and she asks, "I do not keep your heart hand ?!" This is an extremely emotional moment of the play, "Two for the Seesaw".Summary also gives some insight into the explosion of feelings that occurred between the characters.Jerry and Gitel quarrel, then reconciled, but their union is already cracked and began to diverge at the seams.

Events are moving on.Jerry doubted whether he should settle in New York.So he is in no hurry to take the exam on the right, which gives the license to practice in the state.Gitel gets nervous.And there are reasons for this: in the long-distance calls every month spent a lot of money.She makes her lover legitimate claims.He frankly said he did not know what to do: whether to stay here (in New York), or to go back to Omaha where the established labor relation, where everything is simple and clear.It gitel it is clear that he still loves his wife.In the midst of an argument she opened the plague.This allows her to win some more time and postpone the separation from loved ones.

course, sometimes exalted heroes of dialogue may slightly irritate the reader his emotion, but we can not accept that masterfully shows the gradual collapse of relations William Gibson."Two for the Seesaw" in this regard - a wonderful play.

Time is running, forgetting about the brakes.Next picture: Jerry caring and patient Gitel.He still remained.Moreover, he is soon acquire the right to practice law in the state.Thus he shows the girl that lives, they have all long haul.But Gitel still doubts, she thinks Jerry with her only because she was sick, and she needed it.Jerry some still persisting complexes or he's just a very conscientious person.

In the next picture the characters are going to have to move from home to Jerry's apartment Gitel.The heroine tells her lover that it is time to make the final choice, and maybe marry her, to remove common apartment.Jerry does not react to it.Then Gitel finds a letter that Jerry, according to date, received a few months ago, and it appears that he and his ex-wife divorced legally.Gitel arranges another (last) scandal.

play "Two for the Seesaw," the author (William Gibson) finishes a telephone conversation between the characters in which they peacefully, even a piercing tenderness, say goodbye to each other.Jerry returns to his wife.

ideological content of the play "Two for the Seesaw┬╗

Created by William Gibson's "Two for the Seesaw."Discussion of the heroes of their relationship takes center stage in the work.But their conversations with one another can not hide the fact that William Gibson's play, first of all, about the loneliness.Heroes were lonely and unhappy when met, such as they remain in the final play.Nothing changes, and there is no hope of salvation.Even Jerry, who returns to his wife is likely to take place all in the same circle of misery and once again be in New York and other US cities.His back to lead the search for consolation.

meaning of the name of the play

All because the characters talk like a swing - up and down.There are their relationship, as if from the air, from nothing.This is particularly noticeable in the first dialogue.Characters do not know what to tell them, so talk about everything, just to continue this rocking - up and down.In the play, there are only two.