Varvara ("Thunderstorm") characteristic image

One of the most famous works of Ostrovsky's play is "The Storm".It contains memorable female characters - the formidable Kabaniha, sincere Caterina, Barbara tricky.All these characters deserve special attention, because each of them is unique.But in this article we will talk about the little known of them - Varvara.

Barbara and Catherine

Varvara ("Storm"), a characteristic which will be presented below, does not occupy a leading position in the imagery of the play.However, this character also plays a significant role in the work.In "Storm" her image constantly emphasizes the sincerity and spiritual beauty of the other main character.After the Barbarian in this play is the easiest way to compare with Catherine.Both girls live in the same house and are probably the same age.They spend much time together, it is with Barbara Katherine shares her memories and emotional experiences.Both girls there is something genuine and alive.However, Barbara soberly looks at life."I'm worse than you" - frankly she say

s Catherine.She absolutely no mistake on your account, and it speaks of her sharp mind and self-esteem.But why is it worse than the main character?

Varvara love

Varvara ("Storm"), a characteristic which deserves special attention, as well as Katherine, love.However, even the subject of his feelings - Kudryash - she discovers some indifference.It does not have a fiery passion, and this is clearly manifested in the scene of her meeting with the beloved.Instead of deep emotional experiences peculiar to Catherina, Barbara shows coldness and indifference.However, her boyfriend and does not suffer from heart experiences.Ostrovsky has repeatedly refers to it in his remarks: "Barbara is adjacent to the shoulder Kudryashov, who are not paying attention, quietly playing."During conversations with his beloved Barbara constantly yawning.All relations with Kudryashov it seems familiar and commonplace.But maybe it's feigned indifference, and she just hides her true feelings?

Life philosophy heroine

fact that Varvara ("Storm"), a characteristic which is of great importance for the disclosure of the main ideas of the work, has a different type of consciousness than Katherine.She obediently accepts the conditions of his life and passively adapts to them.The girl does not like unnecessary conversations, and all her thoughts are focused on the level of everyday problems of everyday relations and adopted its environment rules.Image of Barbara ("Storm") - is the personification of a man who does not need a creative insight and love torments.The girl even ridiculous these irrational emotional outbursts."Wise some" - she says of Catherine and does not understand it.Her everyday consciousness is guided by common sense and dreaming of the heroine she believes some weakness.Even if Barbara had wings, it would be unlikely to let them in the course without good reason."Wool-gathering" it is absolutely not typical.Therefore, love for her - just everyday duty, painted seductive adventurism.

relationship with his mother Varvara

Kabanova in the play "Thunderstorm" is the sister and daughter of Tikhon Kabanihi.In principle, it can also be called a victim of "the dark kingdom", because education in the home domineering mother finally crippled her morally.Internally Barbara alien to patriarchal laws that were imposed since childhood, but life has taught her to hide true feelings.The girl has a strong character, and she would stand up for their beliefs, but does not want to do this.It is much easier to live by the principle: do as you want, but so that nobody will know.Perhaps education despotic Kabanihi and could lead to a different result.Clever and cunning Barbara knows how to adapt to the standard procedure: it is easy to deceive, pretending to be a virtuoso and, in the end, does everything in his own way.The hypocritical behavior of the mother taught her that you can not live otherwise.All around lie, so why should it be genuine?Only when the girl was put under house arrest, she decided to run away from home.It thus dealt a crushing blow to his mother.

uniqueness heroine

Varvara ("Storm"), a characteristic which can not be valued, is unique.She is not stupid, witty, has a strong character and causes the reader some sympathy.For example, in contrast to the trembling Katherine, it is absolutely not afraid of thunder.In addition, it is not considered mandatory to comply with patriarchal customs, adopted in its environment.Despite the training, it is perfectly able to distinguish good from bad, and sympathize with Catherine.But to share her tragic fate does not want.Varvara one hope - to find a suitable husband and escape from the "dark kingdom".She leaves home when she realizes that her plans may fail.This girl, no doubt, is a type of strong personality, able to think independently and make decisions.

Now you know that not only can cause Katerina interest in the play "Thunderstorm" (Ostrovsky).Barbara - not less striking character, which, however, is always in the shadow of the protagonist.But its image embodies the emergence of a new type of Russian woman - Free darkest prejudices of antiquity and able to defend its independence.