Peasant poetry.

peasant poetry.So I called one of the directions of Russian literature.The greatest flowering during, tells about the hard life of the peasants, the beauty and modesty of Russian nature, received in the eighteenth-nineteenth century, the last century.Prominent representatives of peasant poetry are poets such as Sergei Yesenin, Nikolay Nekrasov, Spiridon Drozhzhin, Ivan Surikov and many other great authors.

creative legacy of Ivan Surikov Zakharovich

Poetry of Ivan Surikov estimated critics original.It has its own characteristics, due to which the creation of the author remain in the reader's memory for a long time, sometimes for life.The amazing simplicity of style, melody and extraordinary brightness of the image can fascinate anyone who has ever read the poems of the poet.The proof of this statement may be analysis Surikov poem "Winter" and many other of his creations.

Despite the fact that the list of products belonging to the pen of the poet and within the terms of the interests of modern rea

ders, not so great, the name of this great master of words known to many.

Ivan Zakharovich works included in literary reading program for primary and secondary schools.Surikov poem "Winter" and "Childhood", "The Night", "The Steppe", "Morning in the village", "Autumn", and many other easy to memorize.Artwork "Rowan" ("What do you stand, rocking ...") passed on to the music, and many, by the way, consider this folk song.She and today sounds performed by professional singers, actors and fans singing.This fact indicates the unconditional recognition of the talent of the poet.

landscape poetry

The list of products belonging to the pen of the poet, important are those that belong to the category of landscape lyrics.For example, such a poem Surikov "Winter".

Until the end of his days, Ivan Z. did not stop to admire the beauty and perfection of the world.The most ordinary and familiar natural phenomena eye he could see the magic.However, in his poems he could tell simply and easily, which means great talent of the writer, as well as the boundless love for his native Russian nature, the people of Russia.

Description snowfall.Ivan Surikov, "Winter"

verse belongs to the category of landscape lyrics.In the first two stanzas described the falling snow that covers the ground gently.White blanket makes the world not only extraordinarily elegant - it is able to protect all life from the upcoming severe frosts.This concluded the philosophical meaning of the poem.From the words of the lyrical works of the calmness, tranquility.At the same time, the reader anticipates the onset of the holiday, which is sure to come naturally with the arrival of winter.

Reading the description of a snowfall, a man unwittingly begins to feel in that situation, which is transmitted in verse.This is another feature of the works of Ivan Zakharovich Surikov.

winter meeting

Analyzing the Surikov poem "Winter", you need to pay attention to how the poet describes the arrival of a severe season.It does so masterfully - laconic, but very bright.

field, forest and all the surrounding nature adapt to the short winter days, long nights, dark night, cold attack.And again, the poet suggests that the changes in the life of the environment should be taken with calmness, enjoying even the most insignificant events that happen in this world.

peasant life

analysis Surikov poem "Winter" can not be done fully, without paying attention to the description of the life of the peasants.The way it is done therefore, it becomes clear that he is very familiar and close to the lives of ordinary people.From the biography of the poet I know that he comes from the peasants.

for rural residents is very important before the onset of winter to provide themselves with warm robust housing, make food supplies.Sufficient harvested for livestock feed also gives hope for a comfortable life of a peasant family in the time of fierce cold.

This is a period of relative calm in the life of the peasants.This is evidenced by the analysis of the verse "Winter".Surikov shows that workers have time for doing a poor household.The men are preparing for the upcoming planting season, the women - needlework.Children heartily indulge in winter fun.
analysis Surikov poem "Winter" makes it possible to assume that the villagers, like the poet himself, not without romance.They do not go by the beauty that can be seen in nature with the arrival zimy.Nastoyaschie Surikov connoisseurs and those who are acquainted with his works for the first time, happy to plunge into the world described by the author.Verses of the poet wants to re-read again and again, each time in the opening lines of something new for themselves.