"Masha": An Analysis.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov - one of the most interesting writers of the twentieth century.Many disputes and controversial judgments caused and calls his work.Therefore it is enough fun to analyze Nabokov."Masha" is - not just a novel, first novel of the writer, which makes it even more important and valuable.


Vladimir Nabokov is an unsolved mystery and inexplicable riddle literature of the twentieth century.Some consider him a genius, others did not recognize in him a talented writer.He was born in the XIX century and died in St. Petersburg at the end of the last century in Switzerland.Most of his life has been lived abroad, but not forgotten Russian childhood.Nabokov wrote as a mother, as well as in English, translated his novels, lectured on philology.

Many of his texts forestalled the era of modernism, and the style of his works is so distinctive that has no analogues in Russian or foreign literature.The ambiguity and diversity of his creations make it impossible to complete the

analysis of Nabokov."Masha" takes us to study not only because it is the first novel of Vladimir, but also because it is the first work written by him in exile.


Let's start the analysis of Nabokov ("Masha" - the focus of our attention).The novel was written in 1926 in Berlin.He has a lot of biographical motifs, primarily related to homesickness, unbearable sadness of a lost emigrant house.

In the magazine "Niva" immediately after the novel was published a review of it: "His fate Nabokov embroider on an outline of his works ... reflected the fate of a human type - Russian emigre intellectuals."Living abroad was, as for many people who left their home country, is difficult.The only thing that Nabokov could find consolation - memories of the past, which were the joy, love, home.It is these bright ideas formed the basis of the novel.

Summary: Start

Before analysis, we turn to the retelling of the plot of the novel "Masha".Summary should begin to describe since spring 1934 in Berlin.The main character, Leo Glebovich Ganin, living in the guest house for Russian, which, apart from him, live:

  • Alferov Aleksey Ivanovich (mathematics);
  • Podtyagin Anton S. (old poet),
  • ┬źnice lady" Clara, in love with Ganin and worked as a typist;
  • couple in love - ballet dancer Colin Gornotsvetov.

Ganin arrived in Berlin a year ago, during which time he changed several jobs: medic, worker, waiter.He managed to save enough money to leave, but first he needs to part with Lyudmila, with which they are associated relationship for three months, but it's awfully tired hero.But to find an excuse to break Ganin can not.The windows of his room, as luck would have come to the railroad, and the desire to leave becomes irresistible.In a burst of sweeping his feelings Leo Glebovich landlady announces that on Saturday leaves.

First Love

lot of feelings and experiences of Nabokov's work is reflected in "Masha".Summary of the novel (especially the memories of the past Ganin) also proves it.

Glebovich Leo learns from Alferov that arrive on Saturday his wife - Masha.The pictures of his wife learns math Ganin girl, which fell for the first time.His capture the memories of the past, he did, in his senses, at least ten years younger.And the next day he says Lyudmila, I was in love with another.Ganin sense of freedom and entirely given memories.

He was sixteen years old, he is in the summer manor, which is recovering from typhus.Boredom young man posing in mind the image of the perfect lover, who meets exactly one month later.It was Masha - the girl with the "chestnut plait black bow" burning eyes, dark complexion and "mobile, lisping" voice.She was constantly cheerful, very fond of sweets.Somehow Ganin met her with her friends, and they agreed to go boating, but the next day Masha came without girlfriends.Since that time, the young people began to meet next to an empty manor.

When the eve of his departure to St. Petersburg, they saw each other for the last time, Ganin noted that one of the window shutters ajar and glass guessed face.It turned out that their son spying on the caretaker.Ganin so angry that he beat him severely.

The next morning, the main character has left.Masha also moved to St. Petersburg only in November.Now, to meet the young people became more difficult - it's freezing, long walk.The only consolation was the phone - in the evening they could spend hours talking to each other.And shortly before the New Year, the family moved to Moscow Masha.To his surprise, Ganin felt this relief.

summer they were able to meet again.The only problem - this year the father took Masha cottage fifty miles from the estate Ganin.The young man went to his beloved, but got already dark.She greeted him with the words: "I am yours, do with me whatever you want."But there were too many rustlings, Ganin felt like someone coming, so he quickly left.

Last time they met a year later in a train, and since then has not seen.Only a few letters exchanged during the war.

Completion novel

As you can see, a very realistic and life story draws in his novel Nabokov.

Summary coming to an end.On the eve of the return Masha Alferov Ganin watered at the festival, hosted by Colin and Gornotsvetovym.He plans to meet the woman he and hoot with it.

morning Ganin goodbye to boarders and sent to the station.Until the arrival of the train left an hour.Gradually Ganin head start to climb the thought that their love affair with Masha ended a long time ago.Without waiting for the arrival of the woman, it is sent to another station and leaves.

theme and the idea

with certain themes and ideas to start an analysis of the novel "Masha" Nabokov.It seems that the theme of love in the work comes first and is the leading, but it is not.In fact, the novel is devoted exclusively to the lost homeland - Russia.All other sub-themes and motifs are grouped around this image.

The product Nabokov, and with it, the main character, trying to regain his lost happiness, to regain paradise.But the outcome is disappointing - not lost back, it was over, we can only wander, no turning back.

conflict in the novel

very interesting and specific conflict that has created a novel Nabokov."Masha" (product analysis) allows us to conclude that the main contradiction is built on contrasts: genuine - fake, daily - unusual.Dreams of Russia become more real than life in exile, and the ordinariness of Berlin is replaced by the exceptional and unusual spaces of his native country.

story and plot

If you conduct a careful analysis of the novel "Masha" Nabokov, it turns out that as such the plot in it and not.The content of the product is more like a stream of consciousness: constant inner monologues Ganin, dialogues characters, descriptions of places where there is a particular event.

course, it can not be called a novel only built on it.There is a view from the outside - the story is a third-person description of the space has a certain objectivity, the reader not only to hear the voice of the hero, but the question of other characters.However, the whole plot of the novel can be reduced to a few events: Ganin going to leave, find out about the arrival of an old lover, remembers the feelings experienced in his youth, is going to revive them, but at the last moment abandons it and goes.It is in this scarcity of action reflected the originality and creativity of Nabokov's unusual, what makes it different from any Russian or foreign writers.

image Ganin

image of the main character in many ways deducted from Vladimir Nabokov himself."Masha" (analysis of feelings and experiences as an emigrant Ganin) once again confirms this.In Berlin it is no use to anyone, and he, too, no matter to whom.Leo Glebovich lonely and unhappy, depressed, his soul captured hopeless longing.He has no desire to fight something or change something.

Animate character only memories of Masha.Thoughts of the past revived his body and soul, the ghostly happiness warms, pushing for action, giving hope for the future.But this euphoria lasts for long.Sitting at the station, waiting for Masha, he suddenly realizes that it is impossible to return to the former, of a lost paradise (Motherland) can only dream of, but regained never happens.

image Masha

is impossible, making the analysis of the short story "Masha" (Nabokov), do not pay attention to the image of the main character, even if it only appears in dreams Ganin.With Masha in the product associated only the bright and happy memories.The image of the girl becomes the personification of happiness forever lost, before the Russian war and revolution.

What Masha, merged with the image of the motherland, and does not appear in the novel, says unreachable paradise (Russia).It appears only in the memories and dreams, more expat available.

peculiarity of the end of the novel

Very often in this work is played on deception expectations reader Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov: Masha (an analysis of its image presented above) and does not appear, the alleged love triangle, which encourages the alignment of the main characters, turns zilch, and the finalIt does not correspond to the traditional literary techniques.

End of the Affair is more philosophical than psychological.Nabokov does not allow to meet the heroes not because of deep spiritual experiences, but because in the past no return.


Thus, originality and a certain mystique product analysis confirms Nabokov."Masha" in this context - is not only the author's first novel, but also a statement about his unusual talent, which only developed later works.