Chronological table Gogol.

last years of life of the great Russian writer and playwright Gogol passed in agonizing struggle of the artist with the orthodox thinker.This internal discord served for him the fatal instrument which killed him.However, the value of many of his famous works of Russian literature has become extremely important and profound.Brief chronological table Gogol contains only the bare facts.In fact, Gogol is the mass of incredible events, which will force us to consider him a great mystic, although in fact he was a Christian.

Chronological Table Gogol

20.03. (01.04) 1809

In Mhar (Mirgorod district, Poltava province) was born NVGogol.

1818-1819 biennium.

He was with his brother Ivan are studying in the city of Poltava district school


died brother Ivan.

1820-1821 biennium.

writer lives at Poltava teacher G. Sorochinskiy and diligently engaged with him.

1821-1828 biennium.

Study in Nezhinskaya school.


father died Gogol (V.A.Gogol-Yanovsky).


after graduation moved to St. Petersburg, Gogol.The writer is experiencing a serious shortage of funds.It works under the pseudonym Aliyev and publishes work "Hans Kyuhelgarten."


He travels to Germany and creates a work of "Italy".


wrote the novel "Bisavryuk or evening on the eve of Ivan Kupala".

1830 - 1931.

Near-VAZhukovsky and ASPushkin, which will certainly affect his further literary fate.

1831-1832 biennium.

Gogol creates "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka."

1831-1835 biennium.

is a teacher at the Patriotic Institute.

1834-1835 biennium.

Gets an adjunct at St. Petersburg University.


consists of membership of the Society of Russian literature, which was organized by the University of Moscow.


Gogol publishes two collections of essays, "Arabesque" and "Mirgorod", which includes works of "Taras Bulba", "Old World Landowners," "Wii", etc.

1835-1842 biennium.

started on the first volume of "Dead Souls".


finished comedy "The Inspector General".Begins his first performances in St. Petersburg and Moscow theaters.After Gogol go abroad (Germany, France, Switzerland, and Rome).


Return to Moscow.Publication of the work "Dead Souls" and the story "The Overcoat."


Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Jerusalem).


Gogol settles in Moscow, in the house of his old friend Alexei Tolstoy.


Burning second book "Dead Souls".

21.02. (4.03.) In 1852

death of Gogol in Moscow.In 1931, writer reburied in the Novodevichy cemetery.

This chronological table Gogol ends.In fact, should carefully examine the biography of this great man, it really is a very unusual and interesting.

Gogol Biography: A Brief

Gogol was born into an impoverished family of landowners Gogol-Yanovsky.Chronological table Gogol encompassed only the most important dates of the writer's biography.And so you want a little more detail to describe her experiences.

So, it is in Nizhyn gymnasium at the future of the Russian writer begin to show the literary, artistic and acting talent.

dream of becoming a lawyer

However, with all that Gogol dreamed of becoming a lawyer, so he went to St. Petersburg.Having known closer all the bureaucratic life of the capital, in the justice he did not want to work.Then he tried his hand at other arenas.He even worked as a teacher of history, but literature is taken up, it was promoted and his acquaintance and cooperation with Pushkin, which has had a huge impact on him.Celebrity to Gogol came with the product "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka."And then in drama Gogol begins to shine thanks to its "Inspector".

Deadly yearning

But because of his caustic satire on literary critics up in arms.Therefore, falling into a deep depression, he was forced to leave Russia and abroad, hold for 12 years.He dropped in to his homeland very rarely.In Italy, he wrote his famous work "Dead Souls," which would cause such a large public outcry that can not even be compared with the comedy "The Inspector General".

Gogol died from nervous and physical exhaustion and loss of power in Moscow at the age of 43.