Biography of Thomas Mann, the interesting facts of life

Name "Mann" is widely known in literary circles.This family includes Henry - novelist, playwright;Eric Klaus and Golo - writers,Finally, the winner of such awards as the Nobel and Antonio Feltrinelli - Thomas.

Thomas Mann, a brief biography is striking in its richness and contradictions, and will be subject to review.

Master epic novel

German writer refers to the renowned literary family.However, it is believed that the brightest and most famous is his representative is Thomas Mann.

his biography indicates that before the age of 16 he was quite carefree life.He was born into a wealthy family of Lübeck.However, after the death in the 1891st head of the family - Johann Heinrich Mann, city senator - his wife and many children had to live on the interest from the sale of family businesses and homes.

can assume that the biography of Thomas Mann has changed dramatically after the tragic events.

sell a house in Lübeck, the family moved to permanent residence in Munich, where Thomas began working fo

r an insurance company and see their future in the journalism field.Choosing a creative way addiction is due to his brother Henry, who had at that time was a writer.

Thomas Mann: the way from birth to the military service

However, we have run too far.It is necessary to show through life, what kind of man was Thomas Mann.Key dates of his biography will help us in this idea.

June 6th, 1875 in a wealthy family of Johann Mann, grain merchant and head of the shipping company, and Julia Mann, nee da Silva-Bruhns, a son.Mother of Thomas Mann was musically gifted representative of Creole, Brazilian Portuguese family.It was she who took care of the future playwright and all his brothers and sisters.

In 1891, his father died.According to his will, it was sold to the firm and the house.The whole family moved to Munich, where Thomas graduated from the Higher Technical School.

first experience of pilgrimage was held in 1896.Thomas and his brother Henry went together to Italy.After the tour Thomas Mann became editor of the magazine "Simplicissimus".

Three years later, in 1899, Thomas Mann biography enriched by military service.The period of service has formed and strengthened the outlook of the writer.He has created memorable for his work novel "Buddenbrooks".

Thomas Mann: The Way of the marriage before the First World

the age of 30 was a significant event that left its mark on the life of the writer.Biography of Thomas Mann has now become history not one person, but the union of two.

In 1905 he clinched the knot with Katia Pringsheim.The daughter of the Munich professor became faithful companion of the writer until the end of his days.From their union were born six children, three of them went to his father's footsteps by becoming writers, literati.

Soon after marrying playwright First World War, which was first writer to take a hot, but soon realized the error of political theories.Mann opposed social reforms and pacifism.Political differences have led to differences in the family circle: Thomas Mann became an ideological adversary's own elder brother.However, changing the point of view, Thomas realized the need for democratic change, and then reconciled with Henry.

search for their country and nationality.Thomas Mann: a biography

In German landfill fascist acts he has not found his refuge.And so the move took place in 1933 in Küsnacht - Swiss town - with his family.This step is planned himself Thomas Mann.

biography interesting facts about his nationality to certain States keeps still.It turns out that after 1936 the writer was deprived of his German citizenship, became a citizen of Czechoslovakia.But soon, in 1938, Thomas Mann moved to the US, where in 1944 already became a citizen of this state.It is known that, left Germany at the beginning of the action of the fascist regime (in 1933), he "Hitler" the country is no longer returned.

from abroad thought writer introduces in the former German compatriots aversion to fascism, becoming the voice of the anti-fascist radio.

anti-fascist Thomas Mann advocated after the war.The novel "Doctor Faustus", which was released in 1947, was a reflection of the author's personal opinion about the Nazi era.Nazism - a phenomenon which has arisen not spontaneously and not by chance, it is a logical and expected step to which German history was most of the time.

Thomas Mann (short biography has been described by us above) found his solace in the quiet Swiss town Kilhberhe.Here in 1952 he moved for permanent residence.It was written his last novel - "The Adventures of Felix Krull adventurer."

is noteworthy that the first to the last note of the creative Thomas Mann was true to his "I".The "Adventure" describes the life of a man who worked his way to the top of the career ladder, using the unstable order of the bourgeois world.

Paul Thomas Mann, the second son of Johann and Julia Mann, died August 12, 1955 in the northeast of the city of Zurich, Switzerland.

beginning of his career: a novel "Buddenbrooks»

first publishing experience dates back to the years of study in high school: thanks to Thomas saw the light of literary and child-philosophical journal "Spring storm."

journey to Italy in 1896, said it well with the work of the writer.The stories, written during the trip, he sent to publishers home.S. Fischer proposed the creation of a collection of them.He came out in 1898 under the name "Little Mr. Friderman."Some of his stories were written during the time of editorial work in the satirical weekly "Simplicissimus".

One year military service writer even more strengthened its opinion on the problems troubled him for a long time.After serving, he in 1901 published a novel "Buddenbrooks.The history of the death of one of the family. "It is believed that the work reflects the history of the parental family from the point of view from which he could see her, Thomas Mann.Biography and work fused together, marked the beginning of a beautiful romance, reviewing the narrow family issues through the prism of the social system.

family novel about social order

novel "Buddenbrooks.The history of the death of one of the family "affected public and universal issues affecting ordinary families: material and spiritual life, decay and degeneration of the possibility of the bourgeois world.They also raised the problem of the place of the Creator in society and life doomed to a lonely existence, coupled with the incredible responsibility to throw his society.

In the novel, the writer showed denial of norms of the bourgeois world.Unpleasant for him culture prevailing in the twentieth century, he contrasted burgher.The collapse of the once warm, settled burgher Mann meant the world to collapse of the entire culture.

Thomas Mann shows that four generations of the family every year are losing not only material wealth, but also moral values.

is believed that Buddenbrooks as a public Description opposed artist.It is true, however, mistakenly assume that Thomas Mann prefers the latter.No burghers nor artist Mann is not held in high esteem.

Public Recognition: The Nobel Prize

recognition came to Thomas Mann immediately.It is known that in the year output was purchased only 100 copies of the family novel "Buddenbrooks".But 30 years later, in 1929, thanks to him the writer forever inscribed his name in the list of Nobel laureates.

Already during his lifetime works of Thomas Mann came to be called classical.

After the Prize novel "Buddenbrooks" was released a million copies.

Since 1933, the biography of Thomas Mann was the biography of a man, who equaled young writers.Mann traveling the country lecturing, including excerpts from their own works.

Thomas Mann: biography, creativity - all merged together

second successful creation was the work of Thomas Mann, "Tonio Kröger", published in the book "Tristan" (1903).In it he again demonstrated his troubling contradictions between the world of art and the world of the bourgeois.

can say that the life and work of Mann were inextricably linked.The novel "Buddenbrooks" was not the only product, which reflected the personal life and the opinion of the writer.

so is the play "Florence", published in 1907.Her characters speak through the mouth of the writer, voicing his opinion on the current Thomas bourgeois world.

similar view of society is inherent in most of his works, but the closest to the play is the novel "Royal Highness."Thomas Mann wrote that in it he "preaches humanity."

However, turning, according to the author, was the novel "The Magic Mountain".It disclosed the ideological contradictions of the world in which he lived and worked Mann.

Trustworthy family man and father, a fan of homosexual love

Thomas Mann, whose biography is full of contradictions in the ideological predilections, is interesting not only for its artistic heritage, but also sexual preferences.

main contradiction manifest on the love front, - an external family idyll and addiction to homosexual love.

announced after his death the diaries and correspondence provided by Thomas Mann in a frightening light.

of them indicated that the famous writer and Nobel Prize winner and father of six children, Paul Thomas Mann had a deep interest in the males.And this interest is not limited to the intellectual knowledge that during the life of Thomas Mann characterized.

brief biography of the writer does not provide the necessary information, and this prompted the researchers to a detailed study of his life.

he loved Thomas Mann?

first signs of a strange love for the boys evident even at a young age.Fourteen Thomas harbored unrequited feeling in his classmate - Arnim Maarten.

second unrequited feeling was born two years later.While studying in England, Paul fell in love with the son of a teacher of physical education.

only novel that, according to the researchers, was far from platonic - this connection to the painter Paul Ehrenberg.The relationship continued for five years (from 1899 to 1904.) And stopped after the writer became a legal marriage with Katia Pringsheim.

Despite his addiction, Thomas Mann longed to have a family and children.However, even the strongest love for his wife did not prevent him eyeing the men.From the diaries of the writer knows that the thoughts of the beauty of the male body is not leaving it up to the end of his days.

latest craze was Franz Westermayer.75-year-old Thomas Mann sleep and wake up with thoughts of Bavarian waiter.But it was limited to just a dream.

an adaptation of Thomas Mann

works from the pen of the writer, began to film during his lifetime.Number of adaptations from 1923 to 2008, more than 30. This is in view of the fact that the biography of Thomas Mann by date and creative heritage contains only one single product, adapted for the stage or making a movie - play "Florence."By the way, it was not filmed.But "Buddenbrooks" has become one of the most popular in terms of adaptation of works that Thomas Mann wrote.