"Three Little Pigs": the author.

In this magical and fascinating world of good children's story intertwined with real weird, but here the good always triumphs over evil, all live happily ever after.It is through this magical world the easiest way to create a child correct notions of goodness, truth, fidelity and love.Without tales childhood was not so surprising.No fairy tales, it just loses its appeal and magic.

good tale never dies.It is spread by word of mouth, evolved a bit, but still carries a spark of goodness in the hearts of children open.

One of the most famous in the world of fairy tales is the British folk tale "The Three Little Pigs."Yes, it is an English fairy tale, although many mistakenly believe it Slavic folklore.Interestingly, some sources attribute the authorship of the works of a particular individual, and not just English.Who?It is now and learn.

Summary beloved tales

Three brothers-pig - Nif-Nif, Nuf Nuf and Naf-Naf-- had a fun summer, a lot of walking, lounging on the grass and enjoying the sunshine.But

smart Naf Naf, in late summer reminded the brothers that it is time to begin to think about the home for the winter.Nif-Nif and Nuf-Nuf were too lazy to start to build the house itself, they still enjoy a carefree life until a clever Naf Naf, he has worked on housing.With the first frosts, they set to work.Nif-Nif built himself puny house of straw, and home-Nuf Nufa was of thin rods.These huts were unable to protect not only from the winter cold, but the wolf that wanted to eat because of the pink and plump pigs.He did not blow the problem was (and thus destroy) a straw house NIF-NIF, which after trying to hide in the house of twigs Nuf-Nufa.But this house was destroyed.Just because Naf Naf, built the stone house, the pigs were able to protect themselves from the evil wolf, but he was trying to climb through the chimney, but still good to triumph over evil, and the pigs were still alive.

thorny question of authorship

wonder who the real author?"Three Little Pigs" and author of widely discussed today.Many people know this story from childhood, since it refers to one of the easiest to understand.It hits the spot even the youngest children, because it is often called the Russian folk.But for the Russian children did not so long ago began to parents to read "The Three Little Pigs."The author with a translation of the English fairy tale - is none other than the famous Sergei Mikhalkov.Interestingly, the variant is a little different from the original.After all, only the Russian version of the fairy tale tells us that pigs are smart just teach a lesson to the wolf.If we compare this tale with a source code that is a product of the "Three Little Pigs" (the author of fairy tales - people) Initially, there brazen wolf cunning pigs cooked in the pot, when he tried to sneak into the house through the chimney Naf-Nafa.

Such cruelty folklore version is not unique to this particular tale, the original set of products (not only English but also other people) were quite cruel, but after they changed and modernized to such a view in which they have come to us.And so, the three little pigs (author of the English fairy tale - the English people) have become not so bloodthirsty wolf and not cooked, but just released.

little more about the Russian version of the fairy tale

Mikhalkov - a great writer."Three Little Pigs" - a fairy tale, which he translated back in 1936.It was then under his name was published "The Tale of the three little pigs", which immediately became the favorite and well-known.Interestingly, not only a work of Mikhalkov was created based on another fictional story (stories, fairy tales), but he was able to add to them of colors, after which the characters come to life in a new way.

Tale Mikhalkov translated into English

An interesting historical fact is that this version of the product "Three Little Pigs" (the author of fairy tales - Mikhalkov) was published in 1968 in England.It is noteworthy that the primary source for the transfer was the German edition of the "Three Little Pigs" Mikhalkov, which was published in 1966.This fact confirms that Mikhalkov really created this tale, that is, he is the author."Three Little Pigs" - a work which many attributed to his pen.In an extreme case, it is the author of the most popular and interesting version of this story.

More options possible authors

Who wrote the fairy tale "The Three Little Pigs"?English author, or not?You can hear the answer, according to which the authors of this tale is still considered the Brothers Grimm.But this is absolutely the wrong answer.Confirmation of this can be found in the book "Children's poems and stories" (which here came the first printed version of this tale), which was published in London back in 1843.At this time the Brothers Grimm were already well known and is unlikely to be allowed to publish this work under his own name.On the other hand, it does not matter who is the author of "The Three Little Pigs" - just a great tale.

interpretation of fairy tales in cartoons

Nif-Nif, Nuf Nuf and Naf-Naf-liked children so that their story was dramatized even in cartoons.The best-known option for us - this is, of course, Disney, and from the studio "Soyuzmultfilm".And there has already ceased to be an important question of who wrote the fairy tale "The Three Little Pigs."The author of the film adaptation of each individual to make their adjustments, thus slightly changing the story, making it more interesting for the kids.The main thing is that, despite the fact that both versions of fairy tales have been filmed in the last century, they are still interesting for new generations.

Tale, which became the basis of provocative cartoon Tex Avery

The world famous cartoonist Tex Avery managed to give new meaning to the children's tale.His caricatured version of the cartoon, which was created during the Second World War, the most "evil and terrible gray wolf" was the image of Hitler."Countries", who agreed to sign a non-aggression pact - a stupid Nif-Nif and Nuf-Nuf.And only "Captain Pig" was preparing for a possible attack "wolf."So we can say that Tex Avery - is also the one who wrote "The Three Little Pigs."The author here has simply created a story for adults, not for children.After he wrote the story and the continuation of "pigs."

tale that is worth reading for children

In this tale we have good and bad characters.Good, of course, pigs, we sympathize with them.After all, bad wolf wants to eat them.But pigs while still stupid (Nif-Nif and Nuf-Nuf) because they hope that they will save hilenkie houses, and if not, Naf Naf smart, they would not have survived.Only by uniting the brothers were able to defeat the wolf, and even teach him a lesson that never tried to eat them.

Although many believe this tale of a primitive, yet this is exactly the product that is to tell children all over the world.After all, no matter who wrote "Three Little Pigs", the author wanted to convey the main point - should always be time to prepare for "winter", that is to be prepared for bad times and start preparing in advance, and the family - this is the main value only with familyYou can even "wolf" to overcome.Indeed, only in the shape of fairy tales can be transmitted to young children such serious life concept, and only in this form they perceive them.It is important to meet the kiddies to the questions that they can ask, after listening to or reading this work, so that they understand the essence.And better still kids apply the option in which wolves do not kill, because then pigs (heroes) has ceased to be good.Better to let them punish him only for his desire to eat them, that's the wrong thing to do.And young parents should not be lazy to re-tell this particular tale.If she is interested in the baby, so he really likes.

Tale - this is the simplest form of transmission of wisdom and experience from generation to generation, this is our legacy that we must preserve for future generations, who may have their own way will understand everything and also will wonder who wrote the fairy tale "Three piglets".The author of this question has already received a completely different answer, the essence of which is that the author of this tale is the people of the world, because generation after generation of its upgraded and improved.