Chingiz Aitmatov, "The First Teacher": summary and analysis

is difficult to present a brief work which necessarily should be read completely.In favor of this interpretation and its small volume.But duty calls packed in small size all are products of the Soviet classic.The focus - Aitmatov, "The First Teacher".Summary of the novel waiting for the reader in this article.

Two poplars

The story begins with the fact that the reader sees the inner vision of the artist, who can not write another picture, rather, choose for her subject.For inspiration, he remembers his childhood, which he spent in ail Kurkureu in the steppes of Kazakhstan.He fondly thinks of the two poplars on the hill away from the village.This mound in his native place (the artist remembers from his childhood) was called a "school Duishen."Once upon a time, 40 years ago, the place was really a school for children.She founded the ideological Komsomolets - Dyuysheyn.

artist thinks to visit their homes and see the poplar, but there is no reason.And then he sent a letter (telegram) with an invita

tion to participate in the opening of a new school in the ail.

artist, without thinking twice, flying in their hearth and home on the wings of nostalgia.He sees and two poplars on the hill, and their friends, and friends.Among the guests arrived, and an elderly woman, academician Altynay Sulaymanovna Sulaimanova.It sadly looks at the poplars, with the feeling that between humans and inanimate creatures have some secret link, known only to them.In general, I must say that the novel Aitmatov's "first teacher" is filled with subtle symbolism, visible only if you read the product completely.

At the celebration to mark the opening of the school everyone remembers with a laugh as an uneducated man to read by syllables, taught the children the basics of reading and writing.In the midst of the action comes from a telegram of congratulations former students.Their spreads already elderly, and even old Duishen.In itself it is a celebration does not come, because he has a lot of work.

Altynay somehow becomes terribly ashamed, she hurries to leave their homes in Moscow.The artist first asks her to stay, and then asks if her upset someone.She says that she at him, and in general on the local people resent not for that.If it is the offense, only for themselves.

She leaves, and then wrote a long letter to the artist, in which he confesses and tells his story.The story is from her face.A reader turning the last page of history, caught myself thinking that the poplar has their say in this story.The story of "The First Teacher" Aitmatov wrote wonderful from beginning to end, as evidenced by the introduction of the product.

The Man from Nowhere

In 1924, a man came to the village in a greatcoat of black cloth.It was very unusual, but even more strange it seemed that he proposed to make the local population: to arrange a school in an abandoned barn on the hill.This man was Dyuysheyn, he was a staunch communist.

If you think about it, is very common that people actually came out of nowhere.He had no parents.He was the son of the flesh of the Soviet regime, embodied the ideal man of the time.Yes, he did not have enough education, but this is more than compensated by spiritual fervor and self-righteous.

Ignorance people

And of course, the locals embraced the aspirations of the newly arrived young man in black with suspicion.They have lived for centuries in the desert, and no education they did not need.Tradition boulders stood for their right to live as they used to.

But Dyuysheyn ulterior motive was the personification of the whole reformed Soviet power.He was not afraid of tradition and decided to throw it open challenge.Residents, when they saw that the young man to persuade pointless attempts left.


Altynay - ideal heroine, "Cinderella" of the Soviet era.But the interesting thing is that in contrast to the fairy tale, the reader believes that in Soviet times, such a development is possible: orphan steppe ail the result of many efforts became an academician.Beginning with the workers' school, and eventually came to the temple of knowledge, to the Alpha and Omega of every scientist of the Soviet Union (Russia) - Academy of Sciences.That's how he sees the modern Cinderella Aitmatov."First Teacher" analysis suggests precisely this, with parallels from fairy tales.After all, this story - a fairy tale, too, but a sad and true.But it was after.Preceded by the ascent of "Cinderella" in the scientific Olympus dramatic story.

In 1924, the main character was 14 years old.Among all students, she was the eldest.In addition, she was an orphan.He lived with his aunt and uncle, that it not too fond of.Like the classic Cinderella, she worked hard and suffered humiliation from his guardian, and sometimes beaten.So describes the life of the protagonist in ail Aitmatov."First Teacher" (summary of the story as well) gives the feel oppressive atmosphere of despair a child's life in the village.

Once when Altynay with other children (there were only girls) collecting dung, she saw a young man who worked hard and ennobled the future premises for the school.The path from the assembly of fuel (dung was used that way in the winter) passed through the hill on which the former Bahia stable.Children are curious, so the girl was asked what will be here?Dyuysheyn told them that there will be built a school.He also said that when the time comes, and everything is ready, he will surely gather all the children in the district, and he will teach them to read and write.His eyes lit up really only Altynay.Girl invited other children pour all collected dung for a day at school, so they were in the winter than warm.The rest, of course, did not agree and were drawn to the house with their bags.A Altynay courage to leave all your daily "harvest" in the school, for which the teacher gave her a grateful smile.From this the soul of the child as if flashed a torch light and illuminated the entire inner world, gave hope.To thoroughly understand the reaction Altynay, it must be remembered that the girl was an orphan, not a pampered weasel.And it was her first independent act done contrary to what may be waiting for her at home.Of course, the full version of this point to read much more interesting, is not it a virtuoso pen Aitmatov."First Teacher", a summary of which we are now discussing, enables the reader to feel all the momentous event.

The difficulties of learning

Today's kids probably difficult to understand why their peers described Aitmatov, overcame these difficulties in order to go to school.But the perception of life changed, when the first stage of education is transformed from the daily routine, which stretches like gum, it is unknown what and why, in the real ticket to life.For children from ail study was a way to escape from the world of ignorance, hopelessness and wanton daily violence.This was particularly true of Altynay.

Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the teacher Dyuysheyn when winter came and piled huge drifts, took the little children into his arms and carried the to the former stables, now a school.Convinced Komsomolets overcame not only the vicissitudes of public opinion, but also the nature.

painting pathetic moment in the human overcome his novel Aitmatov."First Teacher", a summary of it, can not hide the fact that this work - a monument to the resistance of the human spirit and its protagonist - the ideal of a person who is sympathetic, and now, at a time when the Soviet Union and its ideology remains onlymemory.

attack on teachers

But the works would not be without conflict.Auntie Altynay infuriated that the girl learns to read and write, instead of working from home.So she decided at all costs to marry her to one of the wealthy Highlanders who certainly will take away Altynay to her, and she will forget about school and his teacher.The story brilliantly discharged image spiteful shrew - aunt.Still, master of his craft appears Chingiz Aitmatov."First Teacher", a summary of which is now in the focus of our attention, gives the feel of the master craftsmanship filigree writers' workshop.

Once when Altynay comes home from school, she saw that her aunt unusually affectionate.Uncle drinking vodka with some strange unpleasant fellows in expensive clothes.In other words, in the house celebrating something, but what - is unclear.After the triumph of her aunt came to the familiar, and the two women is something figured out loud.Then Tetkin tovarka went into the yard, where there was Altynay, and looked at her and at the same time the evil, and compassionately.And she realized: it wants to give (sell) to marry a rich man.

Altynay told all to his teacher, and he had already been informed.He told the story the woman who was with the girls aunt.He said that while Altynay should stay with this woman and her husband.The girl must go to school and do not be afraid, because it will help her to cope with everything.In a sign of the seriousness of their contract and Dyuysheyn Altynay planted on the hill, where the school, two poplars.Heroes do not take into account only one thing - treacherous villains.

Once, during school hours came aunt Altynay with thugs, and they forcibly took the girl.The teacher tried to stop them, but he was brutally beaten and a broken arm.The girl slung over the seat and drove away into the mountains.She awoke in the tent of her new husband-rapist.It turned out that she was the second wife of the villain.But that was not the end.Ahead of the most dramatic moment of the work, which is psychologically accurately and reliably transferred Chingiz Aitmatov."First Teacher" (summary robs the reader unforgettable emotions and leaves him only with a dry retelling) tells about cruelty and about inner strength and belief in yourself.

Altynay escapes from the clutches of the villains and went to the city to study

morning of the next day the teacher appears Dyuysheyn yurt and two policemen.They arrest the perpetrator.Two days passed, and Dyuysheyn Altynay accompanies the train.She goes to study in a big city - Tashkent, and live in a boarding school.Their farewell at the train station runs extremely emotionally, both cry.When she sits down on the train, Dyuysheyn runs after him and screams: "Altynay!" Experiences of the characters reaches its climax, and the reader of the author's intention in this place should occur catharsis.Soviet writers were strong, but even among them is their skill Chingiz Aitmatov."First Teacher" - excellent work of those times.

have Altynay everything went just fine: she graduated in Tashkent, then went to Moscow, encouraged to take rabfak, so much so that in the end became an academician, doctor of philosophical sciences.She wrote a lot of his first teacher, wrote that she loved him and waiting for him to come to her.Dyuysheyn also remained true to his creed, and would not interfere with Altynay learn, therefore interrupted conversation with her about what she bitterly regretted.This is evidenced by one case.

episode of the train

Soviet scientists have traveled a lot.And when he was venerable Altynay PhD, she traveled to Siberia with lectures, and one railroad crossing, she thought she saw him - Dyuysheyna.Altynay tears stop valve trains running to the man, but oboznalsya.Since recently there was a war, the people around think that scapegoats or putejtsy she recognized her brother or her husband did not return from the war.Its all regret.

reasons Altynay shame that gripped her in the beginning, it becomes clear, but they still are not specified: for what she felt ashamed?For the fact that she has found a way to come to the village and to insist on his feelings for Dyuysheynu or she still painful to remember the story that happened many years ago.One way or another, but it is anyone's guess.

can, of course, approve or condemn the act Dyuysheyna (refusal to continue correspondence and rupture of relations), but you can not deny that everything ended well Altynay.Her husband and children.Yes, there is no love.Living people without passionate feelings for each other, but if Komsomolets went on about his feelings, he could break the girl lives.And, frankly, the story as a work of art with a happy ending would be so-so.So he was right, as an artist Chingiz Aitmatov."First Teacher" came out of his pen is almost perfect.

Altynay The narrative ends with the artist she promises to complete all the work in Moscow and, as you can immediately come to the native village and make the building of a new school was named in honor of its first teacher.

Portrait first teacher

the end product of the artist, shocked read, no longer suffers from the creative search topics.He knows what to write about.The only problem is, what kind of an event from the story to choose.If the casual reader might advise an artist, he would, of course, asked him to paint a portrait of the first teacher.It is not often in the world there are such people.Not really finishes his work Chingiz Aitmatov."First Teacher" (summary have to mention it) has an open ending.Let it be.