Immanent analysis of the poem "Youth" Tsvetaeva

At the time of this poem Marina Tsvetaeva was about 30 years old.She reinterprets their achievements, the available for the current period.It was time to take stock of the first results, building further plans.Youth always goes suddenly, and coming to an understanding that the best time of life passed, usually experienced by any individual is very painful and devastating, causing severe blow to self-esteem.

Many people in this difficult period begin feverishly count their victory, trying to prove to myself that did not live in vain.An analysis of the poem "Youth" Tsvetaeva emphasizes the depth of these experiences occurring in poetic restless soul.What feels heroine?Try to understand.

composition poem

analysis of the poem "Youth" Tsvetaeva plan can be divided into two major components.The structure lyrical work consists of two parts.Wherein at the time of writing are divided into two separate days.In the first part of the composition we see an expression of dissatisfaction with a part of his li

fe, which is hidden behind a ridiculous way.The heroine is well aware that the former can not be corrected, and some regret in its present lines.In the second part of the composite is suddenly way out of this difficult situation - it is to bless all that was.

There is already happening acceptance of past mistakes, the desire to live differently, to set achievable goals.Lyrical calls youthful dreams "shalymi" soft "dove", it gradually passes resentment and condemnation.Instead of them comes true acceptance.Analysis of the poem Tsvetaeva "Youth" underlines the need for such a rebirth of the heroine.

condition lyrical

she forgives herself, his youthful dreams and impulses.It's obvious that the heroine does not think his younger years successful and bright, they brought her a lot of suffering.Of course, they had both good and bad, but all the senses have experienced and released.Grieve about, but also to rejoice too.

analysis of the poem "Youth" Tsvetaeva contains revaluation ideals, through which every person of a certain age.The phrase "too soon out of the swallows - in witches' symbolizes the determination at a crossroads, a line where one ends and another begins.Lyrical heroine is ready to accept their own mistakes, she has no regrets about the past, but not yet ready to fully go forward.Her condition is partly due to internal contradictions: you do not want life to be passed so rapidly, comes the understanding of this growing need.

transformation of consciousness is gradual and accompanied by a vivid tenderness.It is very difficult to understand that some errors can not be corrected already, but you can not just make new ones.Analysis of the poem Tsvetaeva "Youth" shows the tough choices made in lyrical soul.

means of artistic expression

lyrical youth of Marina Tsvetaeva calls "alien", "gypsy boots", "leaf calendar", "a burden and a burden."It seems that the time of his youth had lived in vain, but it is not.In the second part of the lyrical works of the heroine begins to remember what a good time it was brought to her.Analysis of the poem by Marina Tsvetaeva "Youth" is replete with contradictory images, behind which lurk in intense experiences.

general sense

Despite the many mistakes that we somehow make in adolescence, still it should be appreciated.Youth is something that is never the same twice, and everyone should realize this truth neprekoslovnuyu.Some values ​​are replaced by others, the problem is also transformed during life, and this is normal, confirming the need to develop and move forward.An analysis of the poem "Youth" captures the essence of Tsvetaeva throwing and lyrical experience, which is at an important crossroads of the way.

phrase "Not for nothing touch your hand, like a lover, you say good-bye," he said that in the life of the poet came a difficult time selecting and releasing the past, but this sadness is already bright.There is no universal grief, though still present anguish, severe note.

Thus, the analysis of the poem "Youth" Tsvetaeva allows lovers of poetry to better understand the essence and meaning of the lyric work.