Summary: "nonlethal GOLOVAN" Nikolai Leskov.

about artists, writers, scientists, when they want to show their detachment from ordinary citizens, they say: "It is terrible, they are far from the people."This phrase is not suitable for the characteristics of creativity Nikolai Leskov.Russian classics, in contrast, is very close to ordinary people of his time - the peasants (ordinary peasants and the women).

It is very accurate and detailed reproduces the inner world of his characters, which speaks not only about the exceptional talent of the writer, but also a fantastic psychological flair and intellectual intuition.In what can be seen, even by reading of a work is only a summary."Nonlethal GOLOVAN" - brilliantly written story.

Appearance protagonist

Duration described in the story - the middle of the 19th century, the place of action - Orel.

Warehouse GOLOVAN was heroic: it was growth of 2 meters.Big hands, big head (hence, probably a nickname).There was not a trace of fat, he was muscular and yet broad.Most of all in his face stood out b

lue eyes, framed by their large features and a large nose.GOLOVAN was brunette.His beard and his hair always neatly trimmed.

Occupation and environment GOLOVAN

GOLOVAN There was one bull and several cows.He lived that sold milk, cheese and cream masters.He himself was a farmer, but a serf and free.

His business was so good that after he became a free, GOLOVAN freed from the yoke of slavery his three sisters and mother and lodged in her house to Paul - a girl who did not come to his relatives, though she livedwith the closest character to women under the same roof.Evil tongues say that Paul - a "sin GOLOVAN."

GOLOVAN How to become a "non-lethal"?

The town stormed epidemic was frightening: livestock perished, and then infected by cattle, people died.And nothing could be done, only one yard and one animal did not touch a terrible illness: yard GOLOVAN and his bull and cows.In addition, the protagonist of the tale has earned the respect of local people that went home dying and watered them with milk.Milk is not helped by the disease, but at least people did not die alone, abandoned by all.And the brave man is not sick.It looks like the exploits of the hero in short, if the reader interested only in their summary."Nonlethal GOLOVAN" - the story of an unusual man.

on the creation of the myth of the "non-lethal" Golovanov influenced by the fact that he saw one morning a pupil shepherd Panko.He drove the cattle the post closer to the river Orlik, and the time was early, Panko asleep.Then, suddenly I woke up and saw that the man from the other side is on the water as on land.I marveled shepherd, and this man was GOLOVAN.But it turned out that he was not kicked on the water, and went to the wicket, leaning on a long pole.

When GOLOVAN crossed to the other side, Panko he wanted to ride a wicket before the shore and look at the famous home of a local resident.Shepherd only reached the desired point as GOLOVAN shouted to the one who stole his wicket, they returned.Panko was a coward and of fear found a shelter and lay down there.

GOLOVAN thought and thought, nothing to do, stripped, tied all his clothes in the unit, put on his head and swam to the house.The river was not very deep, but the water in it is not warmed up yet.When GOLOVAN climbed ashore, he had wanted to dress, when he noticed something under the knee to the calf.Meanwhile, on the left bank of the river young mower.GOLOVAN shouted to him, asked for a scythe, and the boy himself he sent to pick him mugs.When the mower tearing mugs, GOLOVAN themselves cut off in one fell swoop eggs on the leg and threw a piece of his body in the river.Believe it or not as well, but after that the epidemic ceased.And of course, there was a rumor that GOLOVAN not just injured himself, and with high-end: ailment brought the victim.

course, with great brilliance wrote his story N. Leskov."GOLOVAN non-lethal", but then, a work that is better to read the primary source, not in the summary.

GOLOVAN - agnostic

Then GOLOVAN become quacks and wise.To him we went to consult, if there were any difficulties in the economy or in family affairs.GOLOVAN never refused, and all gave soothing answers.It is not known whether or not they helped, but people went away with the hope of a speedy resolution of their problems.At the same time, no one could say for sure whether GOLOVAN believe in the Christian God, he observes canon.

When asked to which he belongs to the church, GOLOVAN replied: "I am of the arrival of the Creator-Almighty."Of course, this church was not in town.But this tale hero behaved as a true Christian: no one refused to help, and even drove a friendship with a lover of stars, which in the city all thought a fool.These are the virtues GOLOVAN, their summary."Nonlethal GOLOVAN" - the story of the lofty ideals of the righteous, not burdened with no specific affiliation to a religious denomination.

solving the mystery GOLOVAN

Author narrative (NS Leskov) after retelling folk legends, in order not to weary the reader and figure out their own truth, seek the truthful information to the person who personally knew nonfatal GOLOVAN,- to his grandmother.And she tells him all the questions that he outlined in his work "non-lethal GOLOVAN."The story ends with a conversation between grandmother and grandson.

  1. Paul was not mistress GOLOVAN, they lived with him in spirit, "angelic" marriage.
  2. And chop off his leg himself, because he noticed the first signs of disease on the calf, and knowing that it is no salvation, solved the problem radically.

Of course, if you read this brilliant story, as "non-lethal GOLOVAN" summary, it is possible to miss a lot of things, for example, details of history or the magic and charm of a unique language Leskov.So to all readers of this article should be familiar with the product in full, to feel the rhythm, "taste" and "color" Leskov's prose.That happened summary."Nonlethal GOLOVAN" - the story by Nikolai Leskov, stimulating interest in other works by the author.