The image of the officials in the comedy "The Inspector General".

«Inspector" - a comedy with which each student is familiar, and adult.According to Gogol, he wanted to collect in this work in a bunch of "all evil", which took place in Russia at the time.The author wanted to show what injustice prevails in places where justice is needed most.It will fully understand the characteristics of the subject of comedy characters."Inspector" - a comedy that showed the true face of the bureaucracy in the early 19th century.

main idea of ​​"Inspector".What the author wanted to show?

main thought and idea of ​​the work it will help to understand characteristics of the hero."The Inspector General" reflects the officials of the time, and every hero product helps the reader to understand what is meant by this comedy.

must say that every action that takes place in a comedy reflects the administrative-bureaucratic system of imperial Russia.The image of the officials in the comedy "The Inspector General" clearly shows readers the true face of the 21st century bureaucracy that tim

e.Gogol wanted to show something that is always carefully concealed from the public.

History "Inspector»

known that on the play Gogol began work in 1835.There are several theories about what was the reason for writing the "Inspector".However, it is worth noting, is considered a traditional version of that story next comedy was prompted by Alexander Pushkin.This is the confirmation that was found in the memoirs of Vladimir Sologub.He wrote that he met Pushkin and Gogol, and then told him about the case, which occurred in the city of Ustyuzhna: any traveler, unknown gentleman robbed of all residents, impersonating officials of the Ministry.

Participation Pushkin in creating comedy

There is another version, also based on the words of Sologub, in which it is assumed that Pushkin himself once took over the official when he was in Nizhny Novgorod to collect materialsPugachёvskom of rebellion.

While writing the play Gogol spoke with Pushkin and informed him about how the work on the "Inspector".It is worth noting, the author tried several times to quit work on a comedy, and that Alexander insisted that Gogol finished product.

by officials in the comedy "The Inspector General" reflects the officials of the time.It is said that the history underlying the work, reveals the essence of the administrative-bureaucratic system of Russia in the early 19th century.

image of the main characters in the comedy "The Inspector General".Table officials

In order to understand the main idea and theme of the work, it is necessary to deal with images of the main characters in the comedy.All of them represent the bureaucracy of the time, and show the reader what injustice reigned, where justice should have been first.

main characters of the comedy "The Inspector General".Table officials.A brief description of.

official name Brief description of official

mayor Anton Antonovich Skvoznik-Dmuhanovsky

chief of the county town.This man always takes a bribe and did not believe that it is wrong.The mayor believes that "all take bribes, and the higher the rank, the greater the payoff."Anton Antonovich Auditor is not afraid, but it is alarming that he does not know who will check in his city.It should be noted, the mayor - confident, arrogant and dishonest man.For him there is no such thing as "justice" and "fairness."He is confident, bribery - is not a crime.

Ammos F. Lyapkin-Tyapkin

judge.He considers himself a pretty smart man, because in my life read about five or six books.It is worth noting, all criminal cases, which he led, are not in the best condition, sometimes he can not figure out and understand where is the truth and what is not.

ARTEMY Strawberry

Artemije is a trustee of the charitable institutions.I must say that in hospitals reigns only mud, and a terrible mess.Patients go in dirty clothes, which is why it seems that they have just been at work in the forge, and the chefs cook in dirty caps.In addition to all the negative sides, you must add that patients constantly smoking.Strawberries are convinced that we should not burden themselves with clarifying the diagnosis of diseases of their patients, because "man is simple: if you die, you die, and so, if you get better, then so be healed."From his words, we can conclude that ARTEMY do not care for the health of patients.

Ivan Kuzmich Shpekin

postmaster, who loves to open and read other people's letters, and sometimes even takes himself liked.

LUKA Khlopov

LUKA is the Superintendent of Schools.It is worth noting that he is very cowardly people.

by officials in the comedy "The Inspector General" shows how injustice prevailed at the time.In the courts, hospitals and other institutions, it would seem to be justice and fairness, but the images of officials in the work of Gogol clearly show that in the early 19th century in the whole of Russia, things were completely different.

main idea of ​​the comedy "The Inspector General".The theme works

Gogol said that in his work he wanted to collect all the "stupidity", which was observed at the time.The theme of the play is ridiculing human vices: hypocrisy, fraud, greed, and so on. D. The image of the officials in the comedy "Inspector" is a reflection of the true nature of the officials.Author works wanted to convey that they were unjust, dishonest and stupid.The bureaucracy had absolutely nothing to do with ordinary people.

humor of "The Inspector General»

humor of the work lies in the fact that instead of the auditor, which is feared by all in the city, came to a normal person, all the officials cheated.

«Inspector" - a comedy that shows the true face of Russian officials in the early 19th century.The author wanted to show they were so unfair, stupid and miserable, that they could not distinguish the common man from the present Auditor.