Losing weight with the help of roller towels: reviews, descriptions

Due to the rapid growth of the foods with hidden sugar and salt, genetically modified ingredients, as well as those that have unnecessarily high calorie, weight loss problem is becoming more acute.To a diverse array of food products added to a sedentary lifestyle and regularly under stress.Together with a slender figure and health is gradually disappearing.

Among the many ways designed to fight obesity, according to statistics, lead those that give fast results with minimal effort.However, despite the strong desire for a slim figure in a short time, it should be remembered, and the consequences of such rapid processes and their impact on the human body.Many people engage in active contraindicated exercise.However, to do nothing at all - is not an option.With age, the situation is aggravated.

New Way

One of the effective development of a new-fangled method of losing weight with the help of a towel.To try its effect on yourself, you do not need anything special.It will take only a towel and tape or

rope, which you can fix it in a collapsed state.You should also release a horizontal floor or any flat surface for the procedure.It must be sufficiently strong or resilient.Soft bed or couch for this purpose are not suitable, because they will cave in under the weight of the body and the pressure roller, compensating for its impact.The duration of treatment required to obtain results is 5 minutes per day.

Use of the method

method is based on the principle of stretching, which also has a positive effect on the spine, as well as the intercostal ligaments.This improves posture, increases flexibility, which is considered the key to youth.As is known, stretching the muscles strengthens them and increases the capacity by 20 percent or more.This is the universal secret that hides the Japanese way to lose weight (method Fukutsudzi).

name system was in honor of its creator, who, thanks to years of experience has developed this very unique scheme.The principle of operation has been defined on the basis of research conducted by Dr. Fukutsudzi long time.

If a person tired to fight the fat deposits in the waist, then this technique will offer an effective and simple exercises to help deal with the problem.

How and where to put a roller?

Now a little more about how to quickly get rid of the stomach with a towel and roll.Rolled into a tight roll towel should be tightly tied with a rope.Its diameter should not be too large.The best option - the average size of a towel.If in the course of employment seem enough, you can always roll roller larger diameter.It remains to put the device on the floor or direct us to the couch.Next, you need to take a sitting position, then slowly lie down so that the roller was in the lumbar hollow.

correct placement of towels checked like this: you need to hold your finger on a horizontal line from the navel to the sides.There's hand and must rest against the folded cushion.

first exercise

Slimming Japanese with a roller, placed at the back, starting with the next exercise.In the supine position, when the towel is in lumbar support, leg necessary to fix shoulder-width apart with the information to each other toes.To start lifting, the feet will be quite difficult.In order to facilitate habituation to unusual items can be loosely tie them with a scrunchy.

Next, you need to have your hands up, that they form one body with a straight line.Put them behind your head, turning the palms to the floor or couch.Then you need to cross each other little fingers.This is an important exercise, which stimulates weight loss by means of roller towels.Reviews indicate that, in practice, 5 minutes lying on the instructions of a technique quite difficult to sustain.

therefore recommended to start with small sessions for the duration of, say, 1-2 minutes.Over time, it should be brought up to the time duration of the procedure, which involves a technique.Japanese weight loss with a roller, it is important to perform every day without gaps.Only in this case the performance can be guaranteed.

difficulties during the exercise at first may experience pain in different parts of the spine, as well as delayed onset muscle soreness of the muscles and ligaments.This is considered normal, as the clamped portion is exposed to stretching.Adhering to the recommended regularity and duration of the training, you gradually achieve that the body adapts to the load and the spine will begin to stretch naturally.

next step

When in the course of the exercise to keep hands and feet in the right position for 5 minutes is not difficult, you can proceed to the next stage.Roller is already possible to move the area under the hypochondria and the thoracic spine.In the first position immediately visually highlighted bend at the waist, thus prune belly removes towel once the muscles and ligaments acquire tone.In the case when the roller is at the back, just below the vanes extends thoracic that promotes natural posture correction.It is one of the important conditions of the lack of bulging belly.


Indications for use of this system are a violation of posture, stoop, sagging and lack of muscle tone of the anterior abdominal wall fat deposits around the waist and hips, stiffness in the back and all the symptoms caused by prolonged periods of sitting(eg, back pain, breast and cervical).


matter how wonderful and effective method was no Fukutsudzi even it has some contraindications.These include serious damage to the spine and herniated discs.However, even if a person has not found any of these diagnoses, before the training should be required to undergo medical examination.


soon will results appear - an issue of interest to all those who have decided to try losing weight with the help of roller towels.Reviews say that the measurement of the volume of the body can be done almost immediately.Some first results are visible after only a week.Of course, much depends on the initial parameters and individual features.It is also important the strict observance of all the recommendations, particularly the case of regular sessions.Many people do not attach importance to this factor, but even one missed day can be reduced to the previous level of all indicators.That's why there are people who are desperate and found a method no result.

Deciding to try out the system, give yourself a promise to strictly adhere to all instructions.Only then can we talk about the effectiveness of a technique.

AND OPINIONS lost weight with the help of roller towels

now discuss what is said about a similar method girl.There is a category of people who, refusing again, decided to try again with the weight loss of a roller towels.Reviews and impression was radically opposed to those that took place after the first attempt.People said then reacted to this whole undertaking serious and skeptical and did dispersed remnants of confidence in the result.However, having tried many other methods, they decided to return to employment and reach the finish.

very important before starting any business is the belief in their strength and success.This is a very disciplined, and leads directly to the goal.This is what say those who one day decided to go back to the procedure.

girls who tried out this method, consider it a godsend.Tummy actually lose volume, the waist becomes thinner.Pose a natural extension of the vertebral column is not given to all to work.Some women claim that they can lie in such a position greater than the specified time.

lot of positive feedback received from the young mothers.As is known, after childbirth are most severe restrictions on physical activity.However, the tension in the lower back, which appeared at the time of carrying a child, and left after the appearance of a baby born to the same often during pregnancy there is a shift not only the vertebrae and pelvic bones.But this method is great for strengthening and rehabilitation of the back.Moreover, that's so nice to lie down at least 5 minutes, even if not quite in a comfortable position, and feel the charm of traction.

Slimming so called women before us a way unique.Because the effort and expense it requires, and the result will not cease to amaze with their progress.And all this in just 5 minutes a day!At this time you can properly relax, recharge your batteries, bring the body in tone.Most of the ladies Encourages the morning, as this method improves the working capacity of man.After classes, many feel a surge of strength and desire to move mountains.

opinion of doctors

most simple and harmless weight loss is considered by roller of towels.Reviews of doctors, however, lead to the conclusion that the expert opinion on the effectiveness of techniques differ.Some consider it to be ineffective, while others argue that it is a great opportunity to help those who can not withstand the load in the gym.However, doctors say the safety classes.The exception is the group of patients with herniated disc, as well as those who are not lucky enough to get serious injuries or fractures.


Technique really is unique because it combines the simplicity and accessibility of performance with efficiency.Now, the rest will be truly healthful, because it requires an ordinary towel, as well as a place to lie down.Be of good cheer!