Nutritionist Kovalkov: "What to eat to lose weight?"

just a few years of operation, a nutritionist Alex Kovalkov helped hundreds of people lose weight.What is the essence of his technique?What foods to eat to lose weight?This you will learn by reading the article.

brief biography

nutritionist Alex Kovalkov born April 19, 1962 in Moscow.In school, he was a good student, I have never been a bully.With his future profession, our hero decided as a teenager.Get your hands on a high school diploma, Alex went to them to enter a university.Pirogov.He successfully passed the exam and was enrolled in the medical faculty.In 1991 he was awarded the diploma of the university.Now Kovalkov could call himself a doctor.

In 2006, our today's hero was trained in the field of dietetics.Classes are held at the Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Studies.After a full course, Alex got a new specialty - "dietitian".Kovalkov helped get rid of the excess weight of hundreds of people and yourself.He tested his own method.The result exceeded all expectations.For 7 months die

titian dropped 80 kg.


How could lose a huge weight nutritionist Kovalkov?What to eat to lose weight?Answers to these questions today, many people are interested.And there is nothing surprising.After all, obesity along with AIDS is often called the plague of the XXI century.

In 2010, a nutritionist Kovalkov opened his own clinic at the medical holding "MEDEP."Statistics institution speaks for itself.During the existence of the clinic was able to lose weight more than 3,000 patients.

In March 2012 Kovalkov doctorate.The basis he took the author's methodology, aimed at weight reduction.

list of books

Many people helped Kovalkov nutritionist.What to eat to lose weight?The answer to this question can be found in his books.In 2010, the market appeared printed edition, authored by nutritionist Kovalkov.The book was called "Victory over weight."It describes a technique developed Kovalkova.The author tells about the causes of obesity, the effect of certain foods on the human body and the role of physical activity.

In 2012 appeared on the shelves of the second account book nutritionist - "Lose Weight with the mind!".Within a few days the whole edition was sold out by people wanting to lose weight.Many liking Kovalkova diet.Menu for a month, you can make yourself.The main thing - to observe the methodology and recommendations of the author.

Transfer lectures

Today Alexey Kovalkova as an expert is regularly invited to various TV shows, including "Test purchase", "Environment", "Taste of Life", and so on. N.

about what foods to eatto lose weight, our hero has repeatedly said in their programs, aired on the channel "Home".Recently dietitian collaborates with owners of Internet forums and representatives of the print media.

The technique

low-carb diet Kovalkova becoming more popular.But before you try it on myself efficiency, it is necessary to understand the methodology.

based diet is necessary the use of products with a low glycemic index (& gt; 50).According Kovalkova, namely "bad" carbohydrates (& lt; 50) provoke human obesity.So you need to minimize their intake of.As for the "good" carbohydrates, they can be used without restrictions.After all, they will not be delayed as a reserve.

technique developed by Alexey Kovalkova provides layed menu and moderate exercise.For the early appearance of visible results, exercise at least 40 minutes a day.This can be jogging, riding a bike, and home gym.

General Rules diet to ensure visible results, are as follows.

  1. correct mental attitude.If you take a diet like suffering, you can not sit on it for a long time.Therefore adjust themselves to the idea that it is necessary to improve the health and general well-being.
  2. Drinking 2 liters of water.Plus 2-3 cups of green tea.It is advisable to drink a glass of water for 5-10 minutes before a meal.
  3. Drafting menu.The diet must be present bran, fruits, berries in season and dairy products with low-fat.
  4. Supplementing with vitamin and mineral complexes.This will avoid problems with the well-being and to avoid hair loss and nail separation.
  5. Limiting salt intake.But it can not refuse it.
  6. Fractional power.Portions should be small - there should be 150-200 grams every 2-3 hours.
  7. Drinking vegetable fats and proteins.
  8. physical activity.Walk in the open air at least 1 hour per day.On the morning of Charge at the open window.

How much lasts Kovalkova diet?The steps described below it.Each of them has an important functional load.Prohibited from changing diets and stages specified set of products.

Training and the first step

Any diet - stress to the body.To avoid problems with the well-being need to prepare for the process of losing weight.Its duration - 3 weeks.During this period, allowed to eat the following foods:

  • legumes;
  • greens;
  • vegetables (except carrots, potatoes and beets);
  • crops without deep processing;
  • fruit (except bananas).

3 weeks you clean your body and get rid of 5-6 kg.Everything depends on the initial weight.

It's time to start the first stage of the diet.It lasts from 1 to 2 months.For most dieters is the 1st stage is the most difficult period.But if it is worthy to survive, then everything will be "like clockwork."

Under the ban are the following products.

  1. Canned.
  2. Spices.
  3. Fried fish.
  4. Fat meat.
  5. smoking.
  6. Baking.

Soups, cereals and pulses (protein sources) - all this provides Kovalkova diet.Menu for a month you can put on your taste and desire.Here is an example of the first stage of the diet.

  • Breakfast : a cup of yogurt with bran, a cup of green tea without sugar.
  • Brunch : eat two green apple.
  • Lunch : make a salad of tomato, cucumber, cabbage and a few olives.Refill small amount of vegetable oil.
  • Snack : Drink a glass of vegetable-fruit juice, eat a green apple.
  • Dinner : boil hard boiled 2 eggs, drinks can be weak tea without sweeteners.

Do not forget to drink a day at least 2 liters of clean water.This is an important condition for weight loss.

second stage

During this period, bowel cleansing.You should drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water, and no more than three cups of green tea.This norm established Kovalkov nutritionist.What to eat to lose weight?Now you all know.

Sample menu of the second stage of the diet.

  • Breakfast eat yogurt with bran plus a slice of wholemeal bread.
  • Brunch : Drink a glass of vegetable juice.
  • Lunch will consist of low-fat cottage cheese (200 g) and stewed vegetables with chicken or fish.
  • Snack : eat fruits, but not more than 300 g
  • Dinner : protein two hard-boiled eggs, fruit or vegetable salad, dressed with a few drops of vegetable oil.

duration of the second stage - 30 days.You must be prepared for the fact that the weight will not fall as intense as at the last stage.

third stage

Our task - to consolidate the results obtained in the two previous stages.At this stage in the diet can add sweet, flour, peeled rice.And it in reasonable quantities.You can not mix carbohydrates and fats in one meal.Make sure that the daily amount of fat does not exceed '60

third stage did not have any time limits.It lasts a lifetime.If you want to keep your figure in the order, you have to get used to separate and split meals.

In the third step, you can have:

  • chicken (without the skin);
  • vegetables (including carrots and potatoes);
  • fruits;
  • fish;
  • dairy products with a low percentage of fat.

menu at this stage is not much different from the second stage of the diet.The only thing that you want to remove this lunch.Lunch may consist of cottage cheese (300 grams) of fish steamed or boiled chicken.Admitted vegetables do not contain starch.For dinner, it is to prepare a salad.For example, cucumber, tomato and cabbage.As filling suitable vegetable oil.2-3 hours before bedtime can eat 2 egg whites.

results and benefits methodology

Diet Alexey Kovalkova based on proper nutrition and gradual weight loss.This approach helps to minimize the harmful effects of weight loss on the body.If all the doctor's recommendations A. Kovalkova can reduce the weight of 3-4 kg is already in the preparatory phase.Results of the 2nd and 3rd phases will depend on the weight of the original.According to the study, obese people shed 10, 15 and even 20 kg of weight.But the main thing - to fix the result and hold it for a long time.


Diet developed Kovalkova doctor, not a panacea.This means that it is not for everyone.People suffering from chronic diseases, do not risk your health.They need to consult with experts.

recommendations from Kovalkova

Every other person who wants to lose weight, start a diet that puts on Monday, the first day of the following month.And it can take a long time.

As you know, he Kovalkov Alexei suffered from obesity.But he was able to curb your appetite and bring the weight into the normal range.The main enemy slim figure he thinks fast carbs.It is above all fast food and pastries.Not all have the strength to give up a delicious but dangerous to the health of food.A few years ago Dr. Kovalkov eat in a day 1-2 pizza, drank sodas.But now, in his diet only healthy food - vegetables, fruits, lean fish and chicken.

Some Russians lose weight only to go on vacation and look decent on the beach.And overseas resort they forget about the rules of a healthy diet and lean on the "buffet".After a week of such gluttony all the results obtained during a diet, go down the drain.You have to understand that a proper diet - this is not a temporary phenomenon.It must adhere to a lifetime.

to physical activity should also be approached with intelligence.For example, you go to the gym just to lose a few kilos, but getting the results you need, abandoned the case.A month later, the weight can come back, even if the power all the time was right.

Reviews slimming

Most Russians, tried to imagine a technique Kovalkova, grateful to its author.The main advantages of the diet are called hunger and lack of dietary diversity.Some people boast of their results.One managed to lose 15 kg in 4 months, another 10 kg for 20 days.

Negative comments about technique also come, but they are few.They are citizens complain about the lack of expected results and long duration of the diet.

In conclusion

We talked about who is a nutritionist Kovalkov.What to eat to lose weight?The answer to this question to you, too, are now known.Separate and split meals - that form the basis of a methodology Kovalkova.Subject to the recommendations of the excellent result is guaranteed.