Female figure in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".

Mikhail Sholokhov wrote a truly brilliant work of this class of society in Russia, as the Cossacks.It is the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".The heroes of the book - ordinary people with their difficulties and problems.Female images in this work are disclosed based on traditional ideas about what is the purpose of Cossacks, which should be good mothers and homemakers.Female figure in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" helps to reveal the identity of the main character, Gregory Melehova.Before turning to the analysis of women's images of the famous novel, say a few words about how it was created.

History "Quiet Flows the Don»

idea of ​​writing a novel about the revolution and the ordinary people appeared Sholokhov in the mid 20-ies of the last century.

Since autumn 1925 the author began work on the novel "Donschina."Initially, the writer had no idea that his work will be developed as well.

Sholokhov puzzled by the need to write a novel way to explain the historical circumstances that led to the re

volution.The author writes about the life of people, their way of life, the complexities of trying to show growth of revolutionary sentiment.Change of plan led to the fact that the novel has received a new name - "The Quiet Don".

life actors product represents, according to the author's intention, life of different segments of the population during the war and the revolution.

addition, Sholokhov aims to tell the tragic fate of people who are caught in the whirlpool of events of the period from 1914 to 1921.

idea of ​​the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don", which is now visible, from the original idea of ​​the author, matured in the last days of 1926.Began collecting material for the work.

For this purpose, the writer moved to Veshenskaya village, making a trip to the nearby hamlets and conversing with the participants of war and revolution.To become familiar with the folklore of the Cossacks, the author visited the archives in Moscow and Rostov.

As part of the writing Sholokhov published his novel.Reviews of this product are not descended from the pages of the press.Work on the fourth book was not very fast, which encouraged readers to worry about the fate of the characters, writing numerous letters Sholokhov.

known that among the writers spread the rumor that the novel is not written by Sholokhov, and some killed an officer of the bag which was confiscated the manuscript.The author was forced to go to Rostov and collect a commission to refute the slander.

However, a novel written by Sholokhov, withstood the test of time.He read on many generations of people, admiring the distinctive character of the main characters and experiencing with them the difficulties of life.

So now we know the history of "Quiet Flows the Don".Let us consider the main female characters of the novel.

Love Triangle

for classic novel characteristic of a love triangle.The main characters of the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" is also doomed to it.In this work, two women, Natalya and Aksinya, like a Cossack - Gregory Melehova.Natalie - his legal wife Aksinya - Melehova neighbor's wife, Stepan Astakhov.In the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" Aksinya Gregory dearly loves forbidden sensual love.Not surprisingly, her sincere attitude deeply touched the heart of the Cossack.


image of women is central to the novel.She is independent, strong, beautiful.Aksinia capable of deep feelings.It represents the ability to be independent Cossack and ardently love, sacrificing oneself.

nature and fate of the heroine

Life Axinya was not easy.Contact Gregory, which chatted the whole village became known to her husband, Stepan Astakhov.To his question about whether this is true, Aksinya confessed to him without hesitation.Her willingness to take responsibility for their actions gives it a strong personality.What happened between her and Melehova for Axinya not a simple affair, and a deep sense.

She and Gregory did not lie, does not pretend.Both were adamant that the relationship between them - not a casual affair.Such behavior of the inhabitants of the farm seen as immoral.

life at the behest of the heart

In the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" Aksinya represents the sensual nature that wants to live on his own, subject only to the dictates of the heart.It is even more ambitious than her lover, Grigori Melekhov.It offers Aksinya Gregory to go with native farms, breaking with convention.

This woman has always been a favorite of his, without asking where they are going, so it was a selfless feeling.

weaknesses and vices

heroes of the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don", as any people have their drawbacks.Aksinya - a woman who is capable of strong feelings, her life is governed by passion, that brings a lot of grief to others and herself.Her love for Melekhov largely caused discord with his wife Natalia.Aksinya does not retreat even when Gregory and Natalia have children.The temperament of this woman also was the cause of her infidelity with Melekhov Listnitsky.Nevertheless, we should admit that infidelity Axinya more shows her strong feelings for Gregory.

Hopelessness love Axinya and Gregory

Aksinya Gregory loves passionately, her feeling sweeps away everything in its path.She follows him everywhere.People are capable of so much to feel, as a rule, are rarely happy, they want to be with loved ones everywhere to hold their lives completely.The author emphasizes the hopelessness of these relationships that children and Aksinya Gregory could not survive.Their union is not harmonious, because such a passion violates the natural balance.


Unlike Axinya, has a very different character Natalia."And Quiet Flows the Don" in the images of the two women show different types of Cossack.If Aksinia freedom-loving, sensual, strong, then Natalia is quite different.She - a faithful wife, a good housewife, mother, homemakers.This woman is beautiful, good, hard-working, but deeply unhappy.She - the dream of every Cossack, but something in her character does not get her husband, who in his own way, of course, loves her.

Love Natalia Grigory

Natalia before the wedding was greatly in love with Gregory.Having learned that it must woo Melekhovs, she declares that any more for whom marriage is not willing to go.

After the wedding, for her, for a model wife, the only happiness of becoming a husband and children.Her love for Gregory obedient and benevolent.

Such is the image of Natalia."And Quiet Flows the Don" in that the heroine embodies the highest ideal of feminine virtue.


So epic novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" tells us about the love of two women who vied with each other.

difference in their characters is very evident during their meetings with each other.

At the first meeting Natalia begs leave Aksinya Gregory.Beloved Gregory evinces contempt for the legitimate wife.Natalya defeated.

second meeting between women occurs after five years.Natalya gets stronger, she protects her son and daughter.Both rivals have matured: they have more self-esteem, they do not go down to battle and abuse, giving Gregory a choice.

death of Natalia and Axinya

novel "And Quiet Flows the Don", so the heroes who formed the typical products of this type of love triangle, describes the death of many heroes.During the civil war actually killed people in countless.

very hard was the fate of Gregory Melehova who lost loved women: Aksinya, whom he loved passionately, and Natalia.It is he, too, in his love, though not recognized in this.

As for Natalia, this female character in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" helps our imagination to imagine the beautiful, God-fearing, but nervous Cossack girl.Infidelity husband drove her to attempt suicide, and then on her neck scar forever.

Long before the death of Natalia thought Melehova get away from the family home to give her husband the opportunity to live with Aksinya, but Gregory's mother dissuaded her from doing so.

later killed Natalia child Gregory, who was pregnant.This was the cause of death of women.After the death of Natalia Aksinia takes care of her children, they even called her mother.

Gregory hard going through his wife's death.When a telegram is known him about it, he feels pain in his heart.Even more painful it was when he learned that such a terrible step Natalia pushed conversation with Aksinya, female character in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don" which symbolizes selfless passionate love.However, it is subordinated to a sense of reason, Axinya have enough strength to fight for Gregory.His wife, Natalia, a heart loved him, she was too pure, her ideas about the relationship of people were too lofty.Aksinya Gregory told his wife about her relationship with him, after which Natalia decided on a fateful step.It is not known whether the supposed lover Melehova, what it portends for her rival.

After learning the truth, Gregory at some time dislikes Aksinya.He recalls Natalia, long strokes and caresses the child, imagining how she kissed them, and was baptized before his death.It becomes even harder when he learns from Ilinichny that Natalia forgave him for everything, loving until the last minute his unhappy life.

Death Axinya also brings to mind Gregory deep suffering.My favorite is killed right in Melehova on hand.Blood flows from her mouth, bubbling in my throat.This strong Cossack realizes that in his life experienced its worst.

Solitude Gregory Melehova

Axinya led to the death of that life Gregory almost lost its meaning.He buries it, thinking that their separation would be brief.

Death robbed Gregory Melehova very near and dear to his heart people.By the end product it remains only son Mishatkoy.Death

women dear to his heart, according to the author, deepens the loneliness of the protagonist.

female image in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don", whether Natalia, Aksinia or other heroine of the novel, it is something that gives strength.Deprived of this support, the protagonist is no longer understand the meaning of their existence.

other female characters in the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don»

central female characters in the novel - is, of course, Aksinya and Natalia.However, in this article we can not ignore the other female characters.

Mother Gregory Ilinichna, deserves special attention.This elderly Cossack woman who dedicated her life to the welfare of children, families.The author portrays with warmth.This is the real keeper of the hearth.In his youth, beauty and Ilinichna different story, but quickly grown old from hard work.A lot of grief, she sipped from her husband, Pantelei, which is characterized by a very sharp temper, went in anger to unconsciousness.

whole life of this wise woman is filled with chores and take care of the family, it tries to isolate them from the misery and trouble.Such is its characteristic."And Quiet Flows the Don" depicts Ilinichnu good housekeeper, prudent and economical.

to relations with Aksinya Gregory it is negative.However, during the war Ilinichna moving closer to her background experiences of his son.

This elderly woman loves daughter-Natalia, worried about her, trying to shift some work to Darya.She feels the pain of what Gregory was cheating on her.Death Natalya shook Ilinichnu.

No less interesting is the wife of the elder brother Gregory, Daria."Quiet Flows the Don" in the way it presents to our attention dissolute, lazy, sly character.She is beautiful, lives for sensual pleasures.Daria loves to attract the attention of men and knows how to do it.She likes gatherings and holidays.After the death of her husband, trying to catch up Daria years, the twisted love affairs that led to her illness and death.

With Dunyasha Melekhova reader meets back in the days when she was a long-armed teenager with big eyes.She later becomes slim Cossack with the obstinate character.Grown DUNYASHA presented in the novel as a self-contained smart girl who achieves his goal, marrying Michael Kosh.She loved him despite the fact that its chosen makes a lot of bloody crimes.

We reviewed the main female characters of the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don".They help to comprehend the author of a new milestone in the life of the Don Cossacks.Woman in Sholokhov's work occupies a central place.With it, the author links the question of the meaning of life, of happiness and love.