Intonation in a fairy tale - a feature of Russian fairy tales

Tale - this is the main genre of folklore.With them, people learn from childhood.The main function of fairy tales - educational, because they teach what is good, selflessness, altruism.

history of Russian folklore has a large number of tales.Many of these exist in several embodiments.

Tale and its genre variety

tales may be different.The basic classification divides them as follows:

1. The Tale of the animals.The main characters and the characters are animals.In Russian literature, each animal is an allegory of any human quality.For example, the fox symbolizes cunning rabbit - cowardly, and so on. D.

2. Fairy tale.It has a rather complex composition.The beginning of a fairy tale, as a rule, is the intonation.The tale is a prerequisite, which expresses morals, and the fundamental idea of ​​the idea.

3. novelistic tale.The hero is a man who does amazing things.Only if fairy tales help the hero magical items or unusual animals, the novelistic character uses only his mind.

4.Bytovaya tale.She t

alks about life in the ordinary world without magic.

Each tale begins in his own way.Greater attention should be given introductions of Russian fairy tales, however, before they consider necessary to meet the structural elements of the traditional fairy tale.

structure tale

tale begins with introductions.After it starts the main event.The hero finds himself in an unusual situation.Then place in a fairy tale twists and turns - action.Heroes overlap.There comes the crucial moment - the culmination.After the climax comes the decline events, and later - the denouement.

Such is the structure of the conventional history.

little about

Intonation Intonation in a fairy tale - is the beginning of a fairy tale.It may be short (consist of a single sentence), and can be up to a whole paragraph.Intonation introduces the reader to a fairy-tale story.It provides initial information about the characters, for example, "there lived a farmer."

Intonation in a fairy tale - a small digression, which sets the tone of the narrative.The main objectives of intonation:

1. To attract the attention of listeners.Intonation of Russian folk tales can be a proverb or saying.Reader or listener becomes interesting how this tale is related to the proposal referred to in intonation.

2. Set the tone of the narrative.Intonation is often defines the genre of the work.In a similar technique used and the Russian classics, such as Saltykov-Shchedrin tale "Wise minnow" begins with the words: "There was a minnow."

Thus, intonation - a basic structural unit of a fairy tale, which configures the reader to read the work and determines the genre originality.

intonation in Russian fairy tales

's hard to find someone who could not recall a single intonation.In the fairy tale is the main part, so it is difficult to do without it.

Most fairy tales begin with "Once upon a time ...", "There once was ...".The features of such introductions is repeated multiple single-root words.

not less known and introductions of Russian folk tales, beginning with the words "in a certain kingdom, in a State ...".A similar intonation - "in the kingdom of Far Far Away, tridesyatom State ...".Such entry peculiar fairy tale.

Sometimes fairy tales open sayings with the word "intonation", such as "color intonation deal" or "every thing has a beginning, each tale - intonation."After such entry immediately begins the story itself.

Thus, we can conclude the following: intonation - the beginning of the tale is a special, peculiar works of Russian folklore.It can act either as an element of composition tales or carry a certain meaning.