"Taras on Parnassus": summary.

"Taras on Parnassus" - satirical classic of Belarusian literature of the 19th century.On the authorship of the poem is still being debated, but most scholars are inclined to believe that it was written by Konstantin Verenitsyna.This article presents the poem "Taras on Parnassus" (summary).

work was enthusiastically adopted by many writers of the time.Especially well he described him Bogdanović MA, Belarusian poet.He said that a poem written by a living language and aptly emphasizes the truth about Russian literature and the place therein mentioned many writers.

"Taras on Parnassus" in reducing

Summary begins with the protagonist.He is a forester Taras.He was a responsible and honest, no one cursed and did not abuse alcohol.Taras loved his work, and even at night when he could not sleep, he was going to protect the forest.

Somehow it happened with the forester history.Early in the morning he went to hunt grouse shoot.Hearing a noise and thought it was a bird, he ran and came across a bear.Somehow

, miraculously escaped the attack, Taras found myself in that light.Surprised forester could not believe my eyes, in front of him opened a wonderful world: birds singing around, colors pleasing to the eye.Suddenly, out of nowhere appeared Kinky chubby boy with bow and arrow on the shoulder.On the question of Taras on where it is located, the child said that there is a road from the light right on the sacred mountain.What happened next, you know, after reading a summary."Taras on Parnassus" - a work of glorifying the Belarusian literature of the period, and convicting some critics.

Sacred Mountain

Forester, but without achieving the boy help in finding the way, I went aimlessly.Long was Taras and finally saw a Parnas.Around the mountain crowded a lot of people, all hands were full of books and magazines.Everyone wanted to get up and was ready for that break other to shreds.The author makes a special hint at the presence of Bulgarin (editor of "Northern Bee"), his colleague Grech and Russian writer Sologub.The work is "Taras on Parnassus," a summary of which is presented in this article is accusatory in nature.Fast forward again to the world of the poem.

Suddenly all was quiet for a moment.There was a four writers (Pushkin, Gogol, Lermontov, Zhukovsky), they effortlessly, freely and with dignity passed on the sacred mountain.

Abode of the Gods

With great difficulty Taras also rose to the top.The first thing he saw - a huge house.Around him was a large courtyard, where cattle grazed.Going into the house, Taras was surprised to see that the house is full of gods, did not even have anywhere to availability.Each of them took their case: Neptune repairing the network and allowing the children Saturn weaving sandals, washed clothes goddess, Mars and Hercules fought and Zeus warmed on the stove.Beauty Venus dressing in front of a mirror, and Cupid was flirting with girls.This is how all event summary.Taras on Parnassus decided to stay and watch what happens next.


Suddenly mountain staggered.It turned out that Zeus turned on the stove.He told everyone that it was time to eat.Maid Hebe then quickly laid the table, fully licensed.All the gods have thrown his affairs, gathered at a large table and a long and began trapeznichat.Hebe meanwhile make all new dishes: porridge, pudding, oatmeal pancakes, bacon and other treats mostly Belarusian cuisine.Taras saw so many dishes, too, wanted to have.By this time all the gods became intoxicated and began to sing, and even Bach started vulgar ditties.

Dancing Goddess, hear the sounds of horns, began to dance.Round-slim Venus, Neptune, with a nymph and West Jupiter - no one is left behind.Dancing gods, forgetting age and decency.Even Mars is so broke that he began to play with nymphs and jumping.All having fun, and those who were not able to dance, was transferred to sleep under benches.

Taras so amused that popped up in the center and also began to dance.Forester danced so well that all the gods have opened their mouths in astonishment.A Jupiter could not resist, I went to Taras and asked where he was and who.The forester said he was an ordinary man, and how he got here, did not know.And the gods told Taras on Parnassus summary of what had happened to him.The gods learned that while hunting, he met a bear and was so frightened that he did not understand how he found himself among them.Taras complained that all this time he was very hungry.Zeus, hearing these words, signaled Gebe, forester and she brought a bowl of soup and bread.Taras satisfy his hunger, but it was thought to go home, when suddenly two marshmallow grabbed him and dragged him into the same forest from which he came.That's what adventure experienced Taras on Parnassus.Summary it sure you have fun.

return to his former life

After this incident, Taras has changed a lot.Since then, he is not so diligently protected its forest as before.If anyone tried to steal something, do not let the forester.He gave up the habit of walking and protect the forest at night.

Taras told all that had happened to him, only one person - the narrator, who are all carefully recorded.

poem "Taras on Parnassus", the content, the occurrence of which we have described above, is a shining example of classic of Belarusian literature.This work has necessarily to the reading in the schools of this country.

Despite the controversy about the authorship, the scientists agreed that only a man intimately familiar with their own culture, could have written the poem "Taras on Parnassus."In Russian it was first published in 1890, exactly one year after the first publication in "Minsk sheet."