What are you reading today: ranking of the best books.

After years of neglect the book is once again becoming a fashionable attribute in the hands of a man who wants to be known as an intellectual.Of course, today's popular literature can not be compared with the reader boom of the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties, when the children sometimes had to tear off from adventures of favorite characters, but that is a completely logical explanation.There was then the tablets, laptops and other computer miracles, and on TV something exciting is rarely shown.The question of what to read in today's Russia and in the world requires a detailed answer.Different books and the target audience ... it can not be named, audio - this is when listening.In general, a reader from different genres are different, but all of them are good but boring, as the words of a classic.


It remained popular, in fact, the scope of its greatly enhanced.In her discharge were those writers who not so long ago (in the historical sense, of course) refers to fiction.Contemporar

ies of Jack London or Antosha Chekhonte who lived in the early twentieth century, the great master of the plot and the words seemed ordinary people, contemporaries, successfully applied his talent (or even just the ability) to win their daily bread.Chekhov himself believed that read and set in the theater of his works are at most a few years, and there will be forgotten.Fortunately, the classic mistake.His stories and novels are popular today, they are most popular works of contemporary authors, those that are reading today.Rating classical literature was he headed, and not only in Russia but in many other countries (Japan, for example), where, in addition to selling books, often give performances of his plays, treating them each time anew.The inhabitants of the planet are also partial to Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Dreiser, London, Dickens, Bulgakov.Even some of the most popular names among the top ten favorite writers, but in different countries, they occupy different positions.Classics often read from paper, so interesting.


Evaluate the most difficult to read books today.It uses different techniques, chief among which is considered to be copies.This method of analysis has the greatest practical importance, especially for publishers and printers who are interested in as large sales of its products.However, the true state of affairs, this approach has to approximate.Book in our time - a piece not cheap, and today it can be safely attributed to the truly "the best gift", which on a birthday or anniversary is not a shame to come.Therefore, the print edition often lend to friends and acquaintances who are not willing to spend money on such an expensive thing, moreover, often single.Home library today constitute the rare people, volume occupy valuable space in the home, and still have, where you can find almost everything, at least what they read today.Rating searched there, in order not to get lost in the huge flow of modern and classical literature.So many do, drive the texts to the plates and read everywhere, in buses, trams and subways.

frequency readings

Circulation establishes official, called publishers often he makes a decision based on your own ideas about how to be a successful project.

Another criterion by which the ratings are compiled literature and lists of the best books is a simple arithmetic addition of references to the author's page on the Internet, if any, of course.For the creators of this site installs the counters that mark each visitor.The disadvantage of this method is inferior information.It is not known whether the work is read completely, or it just glanced and then shut down.Besides to count all the readers can not be due to the fact that it is the same story can be presented on different sites, sometimes, alas, without the knowledge of the author, and not all of them provides the function of the cumulative count.The number of downloads is also not always taken into account, as compensation for the material in this case, it is very rare.

What woman reading

fair sex more often than men on friendly terms with the book.What excites women than they are addicted and they read today?Rating dozen works, the most popular among the ladies, closes Eduard Asadov, a real poet and writer, glorified true love.For half a century the number of fans of his talent has not diminished, but increased.In ninth place - a children's book with a kind called "A Little Princess, or a history of Sara Crewe" Burnett Francis.The story is naive only at first glance, and mothers who are familiar with them their daughters themselves fall under the spell of the immediacy of the heroine.Several detectives Ustinova more likely to buy, even higher levels of take Cecilia Ahern and bestselling author of "The Devil Wears Prada," Lauren Weisberger.Next on the ladder of popularity back Johanna Lindsey, Tatyana Polyakova (again ladies detectives) and Sophie Kinsella with his "secret world of a shopaholic".The top positions are occupied by Stephenie Meyer with the story about the love of a vampire ("Twilight") and the psychological novel "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.Maybe closing positions specific to Russian lovers of literature, but are the same top rated most widely read books in the world among women.

A man like that?

aside money obsessed entrepreneurs (who often become characters in novels than their users) and the representatives of the stronger sex, having a very low level of intelligence, the rest not so numerous men and brethren, too, is not averse to spend your free time, turning the pages.Which works best for them and the most popular books to read?Books written many masculine subjects.This George. London, and EM Remarque, and historical chronicles, literature and military-technical nature.Read all men, from Hemingway to Stephen King, but the specific women's novels, as a rule, can not stand.However, there are exceptions.Women sometimes too, in fairness, be happy to indulge in the enjoyment of a certain book, which is considered exclusively male.


kids, as already mentioned, read a little now, and the author need to work hard together with the talent to make something of their interest.And in this case, no matter how deep the thought of such a work is generally what they read.Today rated teen books and literature is headed by Alexander Anderson "Alex and coins" and "All the favorite fairy tale" Grigory Oster.In addition to these popular (much like science fiction in the past), novels and fantasy saga.Analyze the reasons why life in a fantasy world of the younger generation seems to be more interesting than the real, can be long, but such is the prose of life, and it should be considered that do publishers interested in the profitability of its operations.Some consolation - reducing the popularity of "Harry Potter."And it really pleases a nostalgic return to the eternal values, expressed in the "Archives Murzilki", published in two volumes (1966 and 1974).


Literature, is laughable - a complex genre.Squeeze out a tear reader is much easier than to make it at least a smile.Modern bibliophile Zhvanetskogo enjoy reading, especially early, it pays tribute to Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov, and are interested in modern authors.We were pleased with the book with the intriguing title "Plumber.Your my knee, "the author Se Glory (obviously a pseudonym).Earlier this material publish on popular blogs, and here went "live".At the moment, it is the most read books in the Russian humorous subjects, and their place on the steps of the prize - it's the people.


In our country, both home and abroad, has formed a large stratum of philosophical literature lovers.We are not talking about some serious scientific research (they, too, there is a demand).These are the most read books in Russian in its genre designed to induce a person to reflect on the eternal values, to escape from the madding crowd, and if possible gain wisdom honored.These include "The Prophet" Kahlil Gibran, paternal sermons holy elders, instructive debate Kuraeva literature and the like.Ratings sales do not give a real picture of the popularity of these publications.It is possible that someone gets them to put on the shelf in order to create the image of a man intelligent, in other cases they just read out to the holes.Presenting such a book as a gift, we should remember that really overjoyed it a thoughtful man with a taste for abstract thinking.

Fashion Literature

There is a capricious and windy woman, whose name in fashion.Most often it is acquired in the branded boutiques and showrooms, but sometimes also found in bookstores.A number of authors, creating a kind of work, seek notoriety, and achieve it in different ways.They saturate it generously profanity character, trying to identity images are selected stories about cannibals, crazy, drug addicts and other unsavory crowd, trying to impress rather than to please.At some rather short interval of time buyer sellers say that this is the most read book in Russian.Today it is one authors, tomorrow others, and a series of them does not dry out.It happens that the story does have a certain artistic merit, but masterpieces writers mods, keep your nose to the wind conjectures, create rare.

The reader is left to assess their spiritual needs and to choose among their boundless sea of ‚Äč‚Äčliterature.