Subject of the lesson: "The moral of the fable" pig under the oak ", in his own words"

Grand Master Russian fables Ivan Krylov really found myself on this field.At some point they were so enthusiastic about it that he had until the end of his days he could not refuse them.He was the author of 236 fables, which are collected in nine collections.Many expressions of his works have become winged.Some of his subjects, he borrowed from the French fabulist La Fontaine, who, in turn, borrowed a lot of fascinating stories from ancient Greek fabulist and poets Aesop, Phaedrus and Babri.

Lesson Focus: "The moral of the fable" pig under the oak "(in his own words, Grade 4)»

One of the famous fables Krylov was this work.Let's try to understand the moral of the fable "The pig under an oak tree."In your own words telling the story, you can start with the fact that the pig, after eating their fill of acorns and slept under a tree, his snout began to undermine the roots of a mighty tree.Raven sitting on a branch of oak, she made her remark that it does not spoil the tree, because the bare roots can

dry out, but for him and the tree may die.But the pig was not sorry for the tree, if only she were acorns.Here and oak pig angry and said that it is a thankless, because it is the fruit of acorns.But the pig did not care.

Now, knowing about this work, you can proceed to the theme: "The moral of the fable" pig under the oak "(in his own words, Grade 4)."

main face

main parties fables become a pig, oak and ravens.The image of a pig, you can find someone who beyond his nose can not see.This feature has the nature and pigs.Therefore, it is ridiculed because of ignorance and lazy people who do not want to hear anything and know they are not even able to do this all on his own.

Raven - is a prudent way of someone who is trying to somehow enlighten foolish and insatiable creature.But it is naive, because with all the pigs like water off a duck, foolishly pig does not want to listen to anyone, much less make some useful conclusions.

So the moral of the fable "pig under the oak" (his own words) - this map is the wisdom and experience in the form of oak.He reminds the sage, who is trying to instruct a person on the path of truth and goodness.

Lesson Focus: "The moral of the fable" pig under the oak "(in his own words, Grade 5)»

If we refer it to real life, the meaning of this work is not easy and bears some information about the time when he lived wings.And so the moral of the fable "The pig under an oak," his Word says, lies in the fact that all created in science may perish immediately in the hands of uneducated ignorant as a pig.It is directly associated with those who do not want to learn anything, and wise tips and instructions that can keep its barbaric behavior and makes for its own good oak and crows, for her, in general, not a decree.She will continue to live by their own laws, and therefore there is a danger not only for her but also for the entire region.


Revealing the deeper theme of "moral fable" pig under the oak "(his own words)", it may be noted that just as simple-minded and short-sighted pig, undermining the oak, making himself even worse, because the oak brings herfood, her favorite acorn from which it gets fat and people are able to put yourself much damage because of their foolishness and stupidity.And how many such thoughtless people in the world ...

Such fables help students analyze the events of 4-5 classes.Even at this age, they need to understand the importance of wise counsel not to be then such works as the heroine - a pig.Children should try to analyze the behavior of pigs and all the other characters of the play and give it a proper moral and aesthetic appreciation.