Chronological Table AS Griboyedov

nobleman by birth.Recognized as a diplomat.The playwright, who laid the foundations of realism in Russian literature.Extremely smart and intelligent person.

Biography of Alexander Sergeyevich Griboyedov struck by how versatile developed and he was an outstanding personality.He composed music and wrote the drama.He speaks several languages.He could skillfully conduct international negotiations and sign a very lucrative for Russia Treaty.

Griboyedov's biography a lot of mysteries and secrets.A textbook version of it to determine the most important periods in the life of the writer and diplomat.

childhood and adolescence

Most experts are inclined to think that Alexander was born in Moscow in 1795.His mother gave him an excellent education and primary education at home.This was followed by guest house and the university, where he showed brilliant results.

Chronological Table Griboyedov: the period of study





Noble board

graduated with honors


Moscow University

For 6 years received a degree in three faculties: literature, law, physics and mathematics;mastered several ancient languages ​​

During his studies began to try himself in the literary work, composed music.Plans for further education violated the Patriotic War against Napoleon.

main periods of life

From 1812 to 1815 was a hussar regiment of Moscow.And although the battle did not have to participate, Alexander seriously thought about the social and political situation in Russia and its future.This is partly determined his fate.

chronological table of the life of Griboyedov in the postwar period is presented below.




College of Foreign Affairs

maintains an active social life, for the most part useless.


Participates in the "quad" duel as a second

As punishment sent to the East.

August 1818

Goes to Persia as the secretary of the Russian mission

On the way finished a duel, was wounded in the hand.In Persia, he served 3 years.


transferred to the Caucasus at the beginning of the APYermolov

Works Secretary for Foreign Affairs.In the years 1823-24 goes on vacation in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where he worked on the comedy "Woe from Wit".

January 1826

arrest for his involvement in the uprising of the Decembrists

had been in prison for several months.Released due to lack of evidence.He returned to the Caucasus.


service in the Caucasus

engaged in the affairs of Russia and Turkey.Participates in the conclusion of a peace convention with Persia.Successfully conducting negotiations Turkmanchay

Spring 1828

lucky to Petersburg Turkmenchay contract option

Receives Order, the rank of state councilor, as a reward - money.

circumstances of the death of the diplomat

task - to convince Persia comply with the terms of the contract and release Turkmanchay home natives of Russia.This trip was for Alexander Sergeyevich fatal.

Griboyedov Chronological table: last months of life



Summer 1828

as plenipotentiary envoy sent to Persia.On the way stop in Tbilisi.

August 22

Marries N. Chavchavadze, who follows her husband to Persia.

December 1828

young wife remains in Tabriz, and Griboyedov sent on a diplomatic mission in Tehran.

January 1829

Russian Embassy gives shelter to Armenian women of the harem of the Persian Shah relative than displeases the local population

January 30

Group tegerantsev attack on the embassy.37 members of the mission, including Griboyedov killed.Alexander Sergeyevich mutilated body was identified by a bullet through the hand.

July 17, 1829

remains of the writer, transported to Russia, interred in the monastery of St. Davyd in Tiflis.

literary activity

A. Griboyedov has always shown an interest in writing.He began writing while studying at the guest house and did not leave this activity to the end of life.However, in Russian literature Alexander entered as the author of a comedy - "Woe from Wit".

Chronological Table Griboyedov: the most famous literary works




«About cavalry reserves" (essay)


«young couple" (translated comedy, was successfully held on the stage of St. Petersburg)


«Student" (co-authored with Katenin)

«sham bride" (with A. Gendre)


«I'm sorry, Fatherland" (poem)


work on the comedy "Woe from Wit»


"David" (poem)


Free translation of a fragment of "Faust»


"Predators on Chegem" (poem)

Such chronological table AS Griboyedov