Feature Zilina from the story "Prisoner of the Caucasus" Tolstoy

Among his best works of Tolstoy attributed written in 1872 for the "ABC" story "Prisoner of the Caucasus."Its content was inspired by memories of the actual event in the life of the writer.While serving in the Caucasus, he was almost captured.Tolstoy and who was riding next to him Chechen miraculously managed to escape from the pursuing Highlanders.

special attraction of the product gives the image of Zilina - a bold and resolute Russian officer, who managed in captivity withstand the vicissitudes of fate.

place of action and the protagonists

¬ęPrisoner of the Caucasus" - the story of the times of war in the Caucasus.Zhilin gets a letter from his mother in which she asks her son to come home for a while.He is given a leave of absence, and an officer with baggage - to ride alone was dangerous - hit the road.Time passes slowly, because, along with other military, Kostylin, he decides to get on their own.However, when prudent Zhilin rises to twist to look over the area, he noticed the Highlanders.Kos

tylin with a gun throws his companion, and the protagonist is alone.In the first minute he decides to fight to the last, as befits a Russian officer.Sam rushes to the Tartar, but the forces are not equal.Wounded Zhilin is captured.Soon the Kostylin bring.

village in Tartar, who went to the Russian officers, decided to get ransom for them.But Zhilin knew that the mother nowhere to find money, because written on the envelope the wrong address, and began to think how to get the most out of captivity.Acquainted with the host's daughter, the prisoner began to make for her clay dolls.In gratitude Dean secretly brought cakes and milk.Like all able Zhilin and Tatars: one watch repaired, others - rifle.Characteristics of Zilina in the story "Prisoner of the Caucasus" makes it clear that this was a hard-working man, accustomed to rely only on themselves.

Unlike Kostylin simply waited when for him to pay the ransom, the main character is active.He is constantly mulling a plan to escape.During the life of a prisoner finds a common language with the mountaineers, conquering love of the girl.During walks exploring the countryside and are assessing where there is a Russian fortress.It makes barn - where prisoners were kept - tunnel.Even the dog a host of complementary foods.It contains all the surprises Zhilin waited for the right moment.

first escape

Kostylin Despite the betrayal, he decides to take it with you.Well chosen from the village officers in the darkness trying to find his way.Here Zhilin behave courageously.He was short but perfectly formed, with rugged feet long drags on himself prostrate Kostylin overweight.And though so not a lot of night could pass Zhilin did not give up his friend.

went in pursuit of the Highlanders took the two, but now they have thrown into the pit.The hero here is trying to make a tunnel, but the Tatars immediately noticed: the ground was nowhere to go.So characteristic of Zilina in the story "Prisoner of the Caucasus" shows his life firmness and readiness in any situation to fight.


Run prisoner still managed.Dean helped.When the village is almost no men left, she went down into the pit of a long pole on which Zhilin got to the ground.Kostylin this time, the risk did not - its a month later, exhausted and sick, bought the Tatar family.

with Pads on his feet, his pain and fatigue, the officer was able to get to the night of his.Even before the castle was noticed Highlanders, but the Cossacks arrived in time to the aid - by the way, so managed to escape from captivity and Tolstoy himself.Thus, the best human qualities, such kakstoykost, courage, fortitude, readiness to fight in any situation, natural goodness, skill, helped the protagonist to not only survive, but also to find the way to liberation.This is characteristic of Zilina in the story "Prisoner of the Caucasus."

The protagonist: assessment of the author and readers

Tolstoy like Russian officer.This is evidenced by the name of a hero: Zhilin - having a strong "core", iehardy, strong.And the title of the work: it is eating the singular instead of the plural.Consequently, Kostylin, apathetic, and only rely on the family, not taken into account.And the style of the story: the narrative of the Russian officer, like, everything is simple, but behind this simplicity hides the true heroism and resistance characteristic of the Russian people.

Zilina features the story "Prisoner of the Caucasus" may be supplemented by saying Shklovsky.He noted that the main character - a good man.And the reader to understand it enough to know about it is that there are in the product.

Recognizing the high value of the story of Leo Tolstoy, S. Marshak, I put it on par with the best works, which has a world literature."Prisoner of the Caucasus", in his opinion - the "perfect example of a little story for children."A great educational value of the story, of course, due to the way the main character.