Tale - a work of folklore or literature

In some works - and folk art - the story is on behalf of the narrator, who uses the account of events in the individual it different from ordinary speech of the author.These creations of folklore or the author called the tale.And if we try to define the tale, it is, first of all, the presence of speech in the context of the description of events narrator distinct from the author's personality.But first, perhaps, is to ask for help from dictionaries.

meaning of the tale

How to determine the sources of the word?We read that the tale - this work (and author, and folk), or the very form of narrative.As it is specific intonation.But one thing is important: This form produces a spoken language, different from the speech of the author.A narrative is a storyteller, reproduces the speech.The position of the narrator does not match the style of presentation of the writer.And to create certain artistic expression, a sort of presence and participation.Tale - this particular method in a particular literary work,

an adequate literary genre.In Russian literature, according to the researchers, the founder of the literary tale as a genre made Gogol.


In fiction tale author - is one way to achieve the original presentation.Especially tales vividly manifested in the works of Leskov.His works such as "The Tale of Lefty and fleas," and many others, tell of legends and heroes born by the Russian people.The story is being subjective narrator (almost always - one of the participants or witnesses of the events), separate from the personality of the author.It sounds live folk speech and the narrator in the tale - a representative of another level, social class than to listen.This merchant, and the monk and the soldier.All of them have peculiar turns of phrase that makes the story more animated and individuality.

The science of folklore

In this tale of science - is the generalized name of the combined different genres of folklore are not fairy.These include the epics and legends, legends.Transmitted by word of mouth, the tale is the embodiment of the wisdom of the Russian people, its splendor speech represented a particular narrative of real events that occurred long ago.By the way, this tale is largely different from the fairy tale where the main events in the fictional and fantastic, and the characters and objects have magical properties.