"Bezhin Meadow": characteristic of boys.

"Bezhin Meadow" - the story of Ivan Turgenev, included in the collection "Notes of a Hunter".During the creation of this work Turgenev spent much time in the village.Its main interlocutors were the hunters, who were very different from the other villagers.It is these stories, as well as wonderful nature and served as the inspiration for the series "Sketches".The story "Bezhin Meadow" - small works teeming with descriptions of beautiful and serene Russian landscapes.

story begins with the fact that one warm July day a hunter lost in the woods.For a long time he wanders unknown paths, but to find a way back home and can not.It was quite desperate and almost falling into open, the hunter suddenly notices a fire.From nowhere, to meet him with two large barking dog ran out, and behind them - the village boys.The hunter knows that the guys came at night to graze horses, since the day the animals haunt insects and heat.

modestly sitting under a bush near the fire, the traveler is pretending to be asleep,

although in fact he nablyudet the boys.Hunter does not want to embarrass them, and therefore does not indicate that all he sees and hears.Guys, relax a little, resuming the interrupted conversation.Links and poured their voices Bezhin meadow.

Feature boys.Features appearance

five guys at the fire: Fyodor Pavlusha, Vanya, bones and Ilya.Bezhin Meadow - is the name of the place where they kicked the horses graze.Fyodor - the oldest in appearance, he is about 14 years.At first glance, the hunter knows that a boy from a rich family, and that he had come with the children not because of need, but for the sake of entertainment.This is evident in his manner of communication, in a neat new clothes and delicate features.

second boy - Pavlusha.During his unattractive exterior hides an amazing strength of character.The boy immediately raises a lot of sympathy from the hunter.Despite the fact that he was just twelve years, Paul is behaving as the most adult.It calms the boys when they were something frightening in his every word can be traced prudence and courage.The story "Bezhin Meadow" - a work in which a special love Turgenev describes the ordinary peasant children, each of which represents the country's future.Ilya

the same age as Pavlusha.He unremarkable face, which bears the imprint of painful solicitude about something.It says Ilya most stories, it is different ability to transfer good and captivating essence of what happened.From these stories, and it is the product of "Bezhin meadow."Characteristics of the boys in this story, the narrator emphasizes the individuality of each.

Coast - boy with sad eyes and attentive.Freckled face was decorated with huge black eyes, shining brilliantly unclear if he wants to say something important, but can not.He was about ten years old.

last boy, the youngest, Vanya.First, a hunter and did not notice it because the child is lying, covered his head with matting.This seven-year boy with curly hair.He does not tell any stories, but the author admires his childhood purity of thought.

Each of the children engaged in the business and at the same time carrying on a conversation.Silence echoed them Bezhin meadow.Stories boys are very interested in the hunter, so he scrambles to pretend to be asleep.


first begins his story Ilya.He says that he had heard of house, with the kids when they were sleeping after working on the 'roll.The spirit of a noise-a noise over the heads of the boys, coughed and disappeared.


following case, which Kostya heard from his father.Once Gabriel, a carpenter, went into the forest and met a beautiful mermaid.For a long time she called Gavrilo, but he did not yield.And when he felt the strength to resist no longer exists, he crossed himself.Mermaid cried and said that he, too, his whole life will shed tears with her.After this the carpenter's no fun to be seen again.Turgenev ("Bezhin Meadow") as it puts the boys stories into one big story of the hunter.


Ilya tells of Psara Ermilov, who, returning home late, he saw the little lamb on the grave have drowned.He took it myself, and it turned out that it is the soul of the dead man moved into the animal.

Suddenly the dog jump off their seats and rush into the darkness.Pavlusha not hesitate to run them to check what was happening.He fancies that the wolf crept too close to them.It turned out that it is not.The hunter could not help admiring the boy, so beautiful and brave he was at that moment.With special affection draws an image Pavlusha Turgenev."Bezhin Meadow" - a story which, though ending on a minor note, but still sings the victory of good over evil.

Restless master

Ilya continues the story of the rumors about the deceased master.Somehow Trofim met his grandfather and asked him what he was looking for.The dead man replied that he needed a break grass.So the master lived too little, he wanted to escape from the grave.

church porch

Next Ilya says that in his parents' Saturday can meet those who will die soon.Grandmother Juliana saw first Ivashka boy who drowned soon afterwards, and then herself.Strange and sometimes terrifying images is Bezhin meadow.Stories boys - present evidence of this.


Pavlusha picks up his story talking about the solar eclipse.They passed around the village giving, at that moment, when the sun is close to the sky, will Trishka.It will be unusual and wicked man who begins to seduce the sin of believing Christians.

Goblin and water

The next stage is the story of Ilya.He tells the story of how one man village devil drove through the forest, and he barely strayed from it.The story flows smoothly into the story of the water.Lived somehow Akulina one girl, she was very beautiful.After she was attacked by the water, she began to go mad.Now Akulina goes all black, in ragged clothes and laughing for no reason.

Water also destroys and local boy Vasya.His mother, sensing trouble from the water, with great excitement let him bathe.However, still can not keep him.The boy drowned.

Fate Pavlusha

At that time, Paul decides to go down to the river to get water.He returned excited.Asked the guys he says that Vasin heard a voice that he invited him to her.Boys cross, they say it is a bad omen.Not for nothing spoke to him Bezhin meadow.Feature boys reveals every single image, drawing veiled inner world of children.

morning and return home

Waking up early in the morning, the hunter decides it's time to go home.He quietly going and coming to the sleeping boy.All are asleep, only Pavlusha raises his head and looks at him.Hunter boy nods his head and walks away.Forgiving him Bezhin meadow.Feature boys require special attention.After the end of reading is once again review it.

ends the story by saying that Paul was later killed.The boy did not sink as it predicts the history boys, he falls from his horse to his death.