What is the tale of folklore and literature

There are literary works, reading them the impression that you listen to leisurely spoken language.Like a campfire at night someone is listening to an interesting way, unhurried narrative.such literary genres and techniques of true story.What is the tale?Ask for help in the interpretation of the term to the dictionary.


The dictionary is written that it is - folklore or the author's work - or rather, its form of presentation.It is specific in its tone and style.But the main: the tale as it reproduces speech spoken in general, and the national character in particular.And yet, the tale - a special kind of narrative in a single work of art.It is built as if on behalf of the narrator, the position and style rules which differ from the writing style of the author.This also creates the desired artistic effect.

Tale - a genre of literature

In Russian literature, according to the findings of researchers in literature, the tale takes its beginning from the works of Nikolai Gogol.But in a br

ight manner and very skillfully, he was introduced to the works of Nikolai Leskov.His tales of righteous people and heroes of "The Tale of Tula Lefty and steel flea", "Toupee Artist," "The Enchanted Wanderer" - a work which fully disclosed details of artistic techniques.

Russian literature

What tale in fiction?The essence of such a manner of presentation that story as it is conducted not on behalf of a detached and objective of the author, and on behalf of the subjective narrator (as a rule, to the relevant events).The text of the product as if it simulates a live storytelling.A narrator in the product, as a rule, does not refer to social and cultural stratum that the author and the reader.So Leskov it can be: a merchant, a monk, a soldier, a retired police captain.And each of the narrators says precisely the speech that it is peculiar to a greater extent.This is achieved and artistic effect in the product.This tale and makes an impression on the listener (and reader).This style gives the product of liveliness and originality in the presentation of subjects, deepens the social context of art, gives the text of individual creative features described events gives a more subtle and individual assessment.Take, for example, whole paragraphs of text from "A Tale of Lefty" Leskov, where individual characteristics describe what he saw Lefty in England sounds very original and bright.Another Russian writer - the master of this genre - Bazhov.Everyone will remember his "Malachite Box" in form and content as are literary tales.Paul Bazhov, folklorist, first made literary adaptations of folk tales of the Urals: "Blue Snake," "Silver hoof", "Rock Master", "Mistress of the Copper Mountain" and many other works of Russian folklore, giving them a definite shape and bright verified brevity.They all went into the book "Malachite Box", reprinted today millions of copies.

Russian tales

This term in the corresponding science of literature can not be called a variety of fabulous prose genres CNT: stories, epics, true stories, legends (mainly in folklore).What a tale, and how it differs, for example, from a fairy tale?In the fairy tale, basically, we are talking about magic, miracles and extraordinary adventures (exception - household tales).And the characters are often fictional character: Baba Yaga, Bag of Bones, The Dragon.In fairy tales, good triumphs over evil generally.

What tale?It relies primarily on the traditions and legends.The story is on behalf of the narrator, and the base, as a rule, based on real events that took place long ago.And the main distinguishing feature - the presence of the person from whom the narrator, based on the folklore basis.