The legend about Pugachev.

course, folk legends of this kind do not give more or less accurate historical information about the no hero, nor the events that took place then, in the years 1773-1775.Much water has flowed since then, all of it - the case of bygone days.But the Russian people have always remembered their "national" of the king, and the rebel leader of the Peasant War.There was also a legend about Pugachev.Summary of the product has virtually no plot, the events are sketchy and fragmentary.In addition, in the legend and superstition reflected (in terms of characters, for example, introduced werewolves).But the importance is the very image of the main character - a simple man be planning a riot, and the events are presented as the storytellers actually happening: "It was like it was."

legend about Pugachev.Summary

legend itself is made up of small fragments that represent a case of life Yemelyan.In total, there are several "Pugachev and gun", "Pugachev and Sheludyakov", "Pugachev on Yaik", "Pugachev - Peter III," "

The Marriage of Pugachev".All these traditions are short and represent only a few stories and character traits of the protagonist.

Pugachev and gun

People's king was a witch, a spell of the poison, bullets, knives - according to the legend about Pugachev.Summary of small works says that Pugachev and wounded never something he was not.Once at the entrance to one of the towns did not want vzezzhat gun on the bridge.Then Pugachev ordered whip lashes gun, cut off the "ears" and drop it into the Yaik.This cannon roared in a human, as many a groan went, and still sometimes heard in the water.

Pugachev entered the city.They brought him bread and salt, and icons.He ordered to bring him Ataman Lazarevic (who did not want to go).Ataman commanded to bow.But Lazarevic defied Pugacheva various bad words.And Pugachev Lazarevic told to hang on Calvary in front of everybody.

What tells the legend about Pugachev "Peter IIIĀ»

The people he was known under the name of Peter III, just called Pugach.A married either to the princess, whether on the young lady, but that it took off and took the throne.And she gave the order to catch Pugacheva.He catches a platoon Colonels, cops and werewolves.Colonels arrange a feast, and they asked Pugachev goblet.But they say it, they say, and the water is a lot.Only one Cossack gives his share to the king.And when Pugachev brought to Catherine, she asks Yemelyan: whether it is running about?He says that running about.Then Catherine got up and gave Pugachev the throne, the colonel ordered his head cut off and made a simple Cossack colonel.Here is a popular legend about Pugachev.Summary of other works of folklore is no less expressive.But seen Yemelyan people.