"Woe from Wit": a conflict determines Chatsky clash with society?

Russian diplomat, state councilor and Russian classic Griboyedov served in the East and has been nicknamed the Persians Wazir-Mukhtar.He was killed in the winter 1826 in Tehran Muslim conspirators.However, his assassination was prepared in Russia, which was frightened Decembrist uprising.Griboyedov was not among them, but he feared no less than those of the nobility.His great work, "Woe from Wit" was banned and was passed secretly from hand to hand.The death sentence podpisli when opposition diplomat was sent on a mission to Persia.So the society got rid of a brilliant personality.However, his play stayed.

Which defines the conflict Chatsky clash with society

is based on the play "Woe from Wit" entered the conflict of a young and progressive nobleman Chatsky with high society.The story describes the events of one day in the house of the old aristocrat Famusov.Despite such a narrow time frame, the author painted a detailed picture of the events.He showed all the new and young, that was conceived in

the depths of a noble society.

Chatsky became the representative of modern youth "of this century" with the freedom-loving glances.His opponent in the determination as "last century" was a man of the old school FAMUSOV and his invited guests.

Now try to speculate a little about what determines a collision Chatsky conflict with society.

home atmosphere Famusov

may just seem that Chatsky biased in their judgments about times past and present, he said, that the light is not the same, and like its too old.All this is due to his young and somewhat naive.Of course, Chatsky three years he lived abroad, and now it is difficult to understand the atmosphere in the house Famusov.He was waiting for some changes.However, when he returned, he realized that secular morals, alas, remain the same, and people are also honored for grades, the number of serfs and money, not because of their personal qualities, intelligence and generosity.Now, in some aspect, it becomes clear what determines the collision Chatsky conflict with society.

dispute generations

From the very first pages of the work is already becoming clear that this house is constantly lying.That's just a lie maid Lisa is a noble character, as it thus saves his mistress, daughter Famusov - Sophia in love with Molchalin - Secretary-father.But, according to her father, she did not couple as very poor.

Lies Sophia is also justified because of the love for Molchalin.But after a while we see and lies Molchalin who begins to flirt with the servant of Lisa.It is clear that with Sophia he had an affair because of the benefits.

But FAMUSOV in this regard is not better, it also secretly courting a maid Lisa.And then, in his dialogue with the guests will say about themselves these words: "Monastic known behavior."Griboyedov specifically assigns the description of this whole situation so much time to reflect more accurately the moral atmosphere of the life of society.

And the most serious opponent was the old man Famusov Chatsky conflict of opposing views on the simple things gradually develops into a social and political one.And more and more difficult to find their common ground.

Chatsky famusovskogo and society.Writing

FAMUSOV - a wealthy landowner, who often do whatever he pleases, and is therefore largely devoid of moral purpose.All he is interested in a man, it is his position and status.Read intelligent books, he does not want to, because he thinks it is a very boring activity, so some statements describe him as a person and the near surface.In his views, he is conservative.

Chatsky, on the contrary - the revolutionary people.He does not accept all those ideals, which says FAMUSOV.On the question of what determines a collision Chatsky conflict with society, this is what could be the answer.After all, the protagonist exposes the most unpleasant features of all famusovskogo society, which includes many people.One of them - Colonel Skalozub - smug careerists and martinet, before which FAMUSOV Crouch, who believes his "bag of gold".

next character - it Molchalin that caters to the meek and obedient behavior and is connecting people with the situation.Sophia and loved him for imaginary humility.Chatsky considers it a complete fool and let the person is, in principle, like all the other guests present.


Chatsky exposes all the left and right, his main criterion by which he evaluates all - it is the mind and spirituality.Therefore, you can imagine what defines a collision Chatsky conflict with society.

cold-blooded revenge stupid secular society not long in coming.Chatsky opposed serfdom and was the bearer of progressive ideas - education and personal freedom.He wanted to update and improvement of society, but that did not happen.And now comes the foreboding Chatsky rupture with society and declare crazy.Humbled and humiliated, he was horrified leaving this cursed house, and Moscow.