Which author wrote the most books?

What determines a prolific writer, remains a mystery.Why do some people write novels for decades, while others give out books on a monthly basis?The point of inspiration, writing speed, or something else?Anyway, there is the world's authors, who surprised the number of write and publish.Which author wrote the most books, it is impossible to say definitely.Not all the works published immediately after the writing, many have been forgotten or lost.Currently, there is not all that has been created in the literary field.You can only make a rough ranking of writers on the number of books written by them.This list will include not only the prose writers, novelists.

Books foreign writers champions

first place with honor takes Corinne Telyado, wrote four thousand books.It is a Spanish novelist, whose real name is Maria del Socorro Telyado Lopez.After Cervantes it is considered the most widely read Spanish writer.She's going on in the love-romantic genre and released from under his pen under different pseudo

nyms forty erotic novels.In 1994, thanks to its creative fecundity writer got in the "Guinness Book of Records."

If you raise the question of what the writer has written the most books, the second place is safe to give the Lope de Vega.He is also a Spaniard, wrote in his creative life in 1800 plays in the poetic form.Scientists even calculated how many lines he navayal.The result was an impressive figure - 21 316 000.

half Brazilian of Japanese descent Roki Inoue produced a 1100 science fiction novels, thrillers and westerns.Throwing his career surgeon in 1986, he began writing detective, adventure and romance.

Barbara Cartland - British novelist who has published 667 romance novels and 56 books on housekeeping and health.However, it turned out, not all.And in 2000, after her death, there was about a hundred manuscripts, of which no one knew.They were published posthumously.

In fifth place Alexandre Dumas, all so well known for the novel "The Three Musketeers."According to various sources, he wrote 650 to 675 works in different genres.

Pole Jozef Kraszewski ranked sixth in the ranking of the most prolific writers.His literary heritage is impressive - six hundred volumes of short stories, novels, poetry and critical essays, and historical works.

writers working almost without holidays for twelve hours a day and typing their texts at ninety words per minute, quite a bit behind Kraszewski - is Isaac Asimov, published about five hundred books.When an interviewer asked him what he would do if he had only six months left to live, he said that he would soon publish.

Frenchman Georges Simenon wrote more than four novels, most of which - the detectives.The writer, like a boxer before a fight, before writing a new novel ever weighed, and then after work.He said that every book takes him about half a kilogram.

Which writer wrote the most books in Russian?

Andrey Bolotov - the most prolific of the Russian writers.If it began to publish the complete works of the author's work, then we would have 350 volumes.He was a versatile writer.It comes in light not only poems and plays, and philosophical treatises, as well as books for children.Andrew T. lived for 95 years, he has made an enormous contribution to the country's agronomy and experienced for his age of seven kings.

hundred million words and a hundred detective novels

The "Guinness Book of Records" was Charles Hamilton.During his literary career, he wrote a hundred million words.They were mostly stories for boys.The writer lived for 85 years and never been married.

in the "Guinness Book of Records" has been included, and our modern writer - Darya Dontsova.This happened in 2009.For ten years she has released one hundred detective novels, some of which are filmed.Now the number of her works comes to two hundred.

author, but not a writer

If we talk about what the writer has written the most books, this person must not be present in this rating.However, technically it was he deserves to be in first place.This is Philip M. Parker, professor of management and part-time entrepreneur.His books hundreds of thousands.Parker, a childhood experience weakness to directories, started writing them himself.But it is not alone, but with the help of the program, which he helped to make programmers and which he patented.She wrote a book no more than twenty minutes, choosing the right information from different databases on the Internet and placing all template.