How to Zhilin treated Tatars?

is hardly a person who did not pass the school work of Leo Tolstoy's "Prisoner of the Caucasus".In this narrative before us is this type of courageous Russian officer as Zhilin.A cheerful spirit unbroken at the beginning and after a series of tests which have come to his lot, the hero of the story can not leave indifferent even the most malovpechatlitelnogo reader.

After characterization of Zilina, by and large, is presented not as it usually happens at the beginning of the work, and is given to us in the course of his actions, not allowing for a moment doubt the rack and it certainly cheerful person.

Who is the Zhilin?

Our hero - a Russian military officer who is in the Caucasus, just as the events of those turbulent times.In one of his office everyday he gets a disturbing letter from his mother, to live out his last days.In it she asks her son to come home in order to see for the last time.Zhilin left his outpost with the first wagon train.Otherwise, leave the place of service it was dangerous

, because the terms were enemies - ruthless Tartars, with all my heart that hate Russian soldiers.Ready to break anyone who will meet them on the way, the Mountaineers were considerable danger for those who left the garrison alone.

respect to the protagonist appears in the reader from the first pages, as they author emphasizes friendliness Zilina both in relation to the officers and soldiers to the usual.From the beginning, the hero affects the brightness of his personal traits: Ambitious, highly intelligent and cheerful spirit.And all this combined with his courage and considerable combat experience.The most prominent characteristic of Zilina from the moment when, joining the wagon train, he meets with another officer - Kostylin - the exact opposite of our hero.


prudent Zhilin, sensing something was wrong, fighting off the convoy and sent to the intelligence which finds about thirty enemy horsemen.Unfortunately, he does not have time time to take the necessary measures to defend the convoy, and he attacked.Remain cut off from the rest, the hero of the story is aware of the gravity of the situation, but, nevertheless, without succumbing to panic, and certainly not thinking about the retreat, he directs his horse toward the enemy.Exposing checker Zhilin rides on one of the mountaineers - one who attracted the most attention.But the bullet struck his horse, does not allow him to overtake his goal.Hit his head on the ground deprives the hero of clarity of mind, and it comes to life only when the Tatars, tied his hands, dipped his body into the mare their leader.That is exactly what is Zhilin in captivity.


Upon arrival in their village Tartars throw Zilina in the old barn, where untie his hands.Instead, to his leg nail shoe.To the surprise of the hero (and the reader) Highlanders immediately respond to a request by a prisoner to give him water, clicking the little girl with the pitcher.However, by the evening it becomes clear why such an attitude.After all, in addition, to kill a Russian officer, more use will receive a ransom.And it is very affected on how to Zhilin treated Tatars.Realizing how valuable it is for them, the protagonist has put forward their demands.Namely - good food, condescending treatment and freedom from the pad.However, it was not all fulfilled.

Zhilin Kostylin

What was the surprise of our hero, when the night his company joined Kostylin - the officer who accompanied the convoy with him.Unlike Zilina he did not stand a special courage.And during the attack he tried to flee.For doing this, and it caught the enemy.Especially it is necessary to emphasize that at the time, it was in the hands of Kostylin loaded rifle, which he had not bothered to apply for other purposes.

Prisoner of the Caucasus Zhilin stay in the camp of the enemy was trying to somehow alleviate the plight of his friend and.In addition, he began to develop an escape plan.Not less important part of it was watching.Study enemy depend on many factors.That was the number of people in the village, and the location of the guard, and the amount of time in the guard.An important point was and what customs Tatar watched Zhilin.When they celebrated when praying, etc.All of this was important for the future of the event that has conceived a Russian officer.

How to Zhilin Tatars treated first and how - and then?All changes in the course of the story.After restless protagonist could not unlike Kostylin sit and stare into space.If he is not engaged in preparing to escape, then I looked for something else to do.Not much time has passed, as the Tatars began to bring him various things for repairs, which he easily led to a good appearance.Also, the hero practiced medicine man that has left him without respect from mountaineers.

Zhilin Prisoner of the Caucasus in the first days of captivity finds a friend - Tatar girl Dinah, for which sculpts a clay doll.And she begins to pull him milk, cheese cakes and other things that were not supposed to captured officers.

important point of how to treat Zhilin Tatars, was the attitude of their leader - Abdul Murad.He became a respected Russian officer almost from the first days.How would the commander of the detachment of any Gorsky tried to intimidate the protagonist, he looked him straight in the eye, thereby expressing indifference to his threats.If, after the unsuccessful campaigns of the majority of the Tatars offered to kill Russian prisoners, then Abdul Murad was the one who gave it to do.Whether it was so greedy for money, then there is still affected the impression made on him Zhilin.

As Kostylin, then the only sighed, staring at the ceiling, waiting for a miracle.Namely - the release.

first escape

first escape was unsuccessful for the main characters, as exhausted Kostylin was a real ballast for Zilina, and it did not give them away to leave.On top of that it was necessary to hide behind stones from passing Tatar, who began to scream in pain, which naturally affected the quick capture of the fugitives.It is not necessary for a long time to think how to Zhilin treated Tatars after such escapades.Now, as time went on in the days and at the clock.It was necessary to act.

second escape

This time the main character has not become take Kostylin.Firstly, because it does interfere with the release of not trying to somehow help Zhilin.Secondly, Kostylin was not even able to walk.

And it greatly influenced the success of the second escape our hero.Not much time has passed, how Zhilin was already heading towards the Cossack units, thus saving themselves from captivity and the massacre that is about it expected a prisoner of the Tartars.