Paustovsky: stories about nature.

Aesthetic education of children involves many aspects.One of them is the ability of the child to the enjoyment perceive beauty of the surrounding nature.Besides contemplative position, it is also necessary to raise the desire to actively participate in environmental activities, to understand the relationships that exist between objects in the world.It is this attitude to the world teach about the nature of the product Paustovsky.

Critics of creativity Paustovsky

Notice all the mysteries of nature and to describe what he saw, so that does not leave anyone indifferent reader - important than a perfect master Paustovsky.Stories about the nature of proof.

about creativity Konstantin Paustovsky lovingly say his fans.Literary critics have expressed great respect for the masters of artistic description.According to them, what the writer is rarely possible to "humanize" the phenomena of nature, to present them so that all the relationships become apparent.Even the smallest person can understand how fragi

le world in which people live.According to some critics, that nature has made Paustovsky great writer.Himself Paustovsky their creative inspiration, which has repeatedly helped him in his work, always compared with the spring in nature.It is as beautiful and happy.

how to develop your creative gift Paustovsky

stories about nature - is the result of many years of work.Neither writer lived day was removed from his memory.All his life observations, stories, experiences with interesting people and experience accumulated after many travels, Paustovsky is recorded.Most of these memories became the basis of the writer's works.

works of great poets, writers, artists, composers, which celebrates the beauty of a simple Russian nature, always been interested Konstantin Georgievich.Enjoying the work of recognized masters, he wondered how accurately they are able to convey the feeling of his soul, inner thoughts.
Years later he could do it himself Paustovsky.Stories about the nature powerfully attract the reader Captivating accurate succinct descriptions.

Nature in the works Paustovsky

special feature stories is that they are mainly represented by their not rich colors and variety of species nature of central Russia.But this writer done so skillfully that the reader is fascinated and amazed by the beauty of this low-key.

Paustovsky stories about the nature of always writing based on personal observations.It is for this reason that all facts presented Paustovsky in his works are authentic.The writer admitted that working on this or that story, he is constantly discovering something new, but the mystery is not getting smaller.
described in the works of plants, animals, natural phenomena are easily recognized by the reader.The stories are full of sound, visual images.Easily you can feel and smell that filled the air.

value of the landscape in the works of the writer

Paustovsky believed that the reader for a more complete perception of the work must immerse themselves in the environment that surrounds the characters.This can easily be done if the writer uses the techniques of landscape characteristics.
Paustovsky stories about nature, shorter and more voluminous, always contain feature descriptions forests, rivers, fields, gardens or any other natural community.Thoughtful reading these characteristics helps the reader to better understand the meaning of a work or parts of it.

landscape, according to the master is not somehow complement the prose or decoration.He must enter the logical structure of the story and immerse the reader into the world of native wildlife.

Stories Paustovsky children

Careful thoughtful attitude to the outside world must be educated from an early age.A great help in this render artistic works of Russian writers.KG Paustovsky - one of those whose works are included in the curriculum of literary reading.In a list of recommended reading works include a series of stories about nature.The list can be represented by the following names: "hare feet", "cat-thief", "Dinghy", "Badger nose", "Collection of Wonders", "Meshcherskaya side" and many others.Stories told Paustovsky, touch the soul of the child.Heroes of the works stored forever.A writer himself for many young readers becomes a friend, a role model.That's what they say lines from the children's essays, which were written by students after reading stories of Konstantin Paustovsky.