Nosov, "Live Hat".

Stories for Children "cucumbers", "Mishkin porridge", "Dreamers," "Live Hat" Nosov Nikolai Nikolaevich known, perhaps, for each child.They are constantly included in the list of books recommended for reading in kindergarten and elementary school.Short, funny, memorable scenes taken from life, is very popular with young readers and listeners.

How to become a writer Nikolay Nosov

«Live Hat" and other works of the writer were born after the birth of a child in his family.Kids, like all kids, we had to tell the tale.But Nikolai Nikolaevich liked more to invent funny stories - so the idea came to try their hand at the writers' field.The first works, including the short story "Living Hat" Nosov wrote in 1938, the same year they were printed in children's publications, mainly in the then popular magazine "Murzilka".Soon they accumulated enough, but the war prevented the exit of the collection.As a result, only the first book appeared in 1945 and immediately attracted the attention of readers.Since then, ov

er several decades, Nikolai Nosov is one of the most famous and most beloved children of younger and middle-aged writers.

Summary story

«Live Hat" Nosov starts quite usual.Two boys sit at a table and calmly draw.Nearby, at the chest, playing kitten.Suddenly, the characters hear something plopped on the floor.It turned out to fall chest hat.Also common, but it suddenly began to move, causing the boys fear.They understood that an inanimate object itself can not move.But the hat for no apparent reason began to move around the room.The boy, who came to visit someone even wanted to get away from the fear of home.But curiosity got the better, and the heroes decided to find out what is still going on.They began to throw his hat in the potatoes and suddenly heard a meow.Artwork Nosov "Live Hat" ends with fun: fear the culprit turned out to be a harmless kitten friends.

Features plot and style

What conquer not one generation of young readers of the book Nicholas?To answer the question, let us consider as an example the story of "Living a hat."Nosov chooses to plot a very real and understandable to each child the situation, but makes it a bit of mystery.The reader, in contrast to the characters from the beginning knows who sits under the bonnet.Because works great compositional device that uses Nosov."Living Hat" - a humorous story, as we have fun watching how completely unfounded fear more overpowered heroes.In addition, the plot in the story is developing rapidly: Vladimir and Vadim immediately react to what is happening, and come up with a plan of action.If at first they try to just run away - a natural human reaction when meeting with a strange and frightening, that then they begin to build a version of what is happening.At some point, the boys begin to defend themselves, even with a stick and ski pole, but always willing to reveal the secret of a hat.The only character who really elicits the sympathy of the reader - it flies fished cat Vaska, who became both the perpetrator and the victim of the incident.

is close to children and vocabulary that is used in the product Nosov."Living Hat" - a story where appropriate to use the expression "something flopped", "shaking with fear", "hurled".They are best to help understand the state of the main characters who have appeared in a comic situation.

Educational value story

Despite the seeming simplicity and smallness of this situation, the work of children can learn a few lessons.Firstly, the main characters - a bold, active boys.Overcoming the fear caused by fantasies, they began to look for a logical explanation for what they see.For example, you decide that someone just pulls a rope hat.It is also important that the boys decided together to get to the truth, and was about to run home Vovk stayed with a friend.Mutual aid, courage, wit to help find a way out of any situation, stresses Nosov.

«Live Hat" - the story and about what a wonderful time to childhood, when you can be honest and direct.

Reviews story

Many adults, was first introduced to the product as a child, read it to their sons, daughters and grandchildren.And the result is almost always predictable: the guys are so addicted that they begin to laugh uncontrollably.For example, what happened with his sons M. Prilezhaeva, all of which could not settle down to learn about the adventures of heroes.Ivanov recalled the first time I heard this story a four-year child.The product is so coveted him that he soon knew it by heart.But the main thing that can be identified in both stories - familiarity with the "Living hat" awakens in young readers the desire to meet other story writer.And this is the introduction to the literature.

Translation and adaptation of

works of Nicholas of interest not only to the Russian kids, but also for children from other countries.In the Belarusian story "Living Hat" appeared already in 1938.Subsequently, his translations were made into Estonian, Polish, German, English, Spanish, French, Finnish, Irish and even the Malagasy language.By the way, according to one of the international magazines, the third place among Russian writers often translated into other languages, it takes Nosov.

«Live Hat" - a story that is ideal for staging.In 1972 his story was made into a movie, which became the coursework A. Surikov.