Dmitry Yemets, "Methodius Buslaev".

In the 21st century the variety produced literature is not limited to the genre framework.Some recent works have not yet received the recognition of the public, and some have already become best sellers.The latter includes a series of books about Harry Potter character, authored by JK Rowling.

In Russia, one of the most popular science fiction writers is Dmitry Yemets.

Creativity Dmitry Emtsa

Dmitry Yemets was born in Moscow in 1974.For forty years the writer has released more than 20 books.Most is a series of stories about a particular character, such as the cycles "Tanya Grotter", "Methodius Buslaev".All the books in the order of the last of these series will be discussed in today's article.

Dmitry Yemets started with the series "Space Pirate Crocs."After him, there were a few pieces that were united in cycles, but each of them include no more than 2 books (except the first).

Since 2002 Dmitry Yemets began producing a series about Tanya Grotter.The first few books provoked a strong criticism:

not necessarily read the work, just look at the name to understand that the book refers to the "Harry Potter" Rowling.

Indeed, this first series was a sort of parody of the "Harry Potter".However, after the third story of the book of Tanya Grotter it became independent and loved by readers.

wonder how Dmitry Yemets skillfully uses the motives of Russian fairy tales in his work.If Harry Potter meets dwarves or centaurs, flying on a broomstick, then Tanya Grotter floating bass and fights with Russian Serpent-Gorynych.

appears later cycle "Methodius Buslaev".All the books in the order of this series we will examine further.

"Methodius Buslaev".The history

So, the plot works of 12-year-old boy named Methodius suddenly discovers that he is ordained an unusual fate: he had become the ruler of darkness.This is the complication of the book "Methodius Buslaev".By order of the series is 18 pieces.The latter was written in 2015.The 19th book is still in the project.

1st book is called "Midnight Mage."It went on sale in 2004.It tells about the life of Methodius Buslaeva before he learned of his magical abilities.

next book in the series "Methodius Buslaev" order - "Scroll of desire."The book tells about some magical scroll that can fulfill absolutely every wish.However, it hunted.Scroll looking and dark, and light warriors.

third book is called "The Third Horseman of darkness."The team, consisting of Methodius, Duff, Ares and Ulitka finds three people who were born at the same time as Buslaev.Each of them possesses magical powers.

fourth book - "Ticket on Bald Mountain" - published in 2006.Head of Chancery - dwarf named ligule, wants to become a major command and gloom, though rightfully belongs to the post Methodius Buslaev.

fifth book with the mysterious name "Revenge of the Valkyries" comes two months after the previous one.Valkyries in Norse mythology were called goddesses who were taken to the skies during the Battle of the fallen soldiers.

These are the first five books of the series, who wrote Dmitry Yemets.

Methodius Buslaev: continuation of the story

In September 2006, the next book comes out - "Arcane depresnyak."The plot of the book is in search of a mysterious artifact.

Dmitry Yemets writes wonderful stories in a series of books, "Methodius Buslaev".All the books in order to be interesting to read, if you know the approximate content of each.The seventh book "Ice and Flame Tartarus" tells about the inhabitants of Tartarus - a cruel world where people suffer from unbearable heat and cold impossible.

eighth book is called "First eidos", and the ninth book, published in October 2007, is called "Light for the dark wings of the guard."There are at risk not only the main characters, but also the whole of humanity.

10th novel called "Stairway to Eden."Here, readers are introduced to the world as opposed to Tartarus - a paradise.

Methodius Buslaev: The Adventure Continues

What other adventures for the main characters invented Dmitry Yemets ("Methodius Buslaev")?All books of this series in order to tell about it.

11th book, called "Map of Chaos", the heroes have to find a girl who has the most powerful artifact - Chaos card.Friends found it almost as Methodius Buslaev lost his memory.

12th book - "Necklace of the Dryads" - published in 2009.After it says Dmitry Yemets continued - "glass guardian".After that, the book does not come out for almost a year.

Methodius Buslaev: the end of history?

Perhaps after the 12th book readers think that Dmitry Yemets is not going to continue the favorite with all the series of books about Methodius Buslayev.However, in 2011 he published the book "The Sword Dance".

an interesting artifact book says "a gate of fire."If a person is held in the gates, it all turns into a trap of their own fears.Fire gates appear on the earth, and the Office of the Darkness appears cunning plan.

16th novel - "The Book of seven roads" - published in 2013, and the 17th story, called "Rook light", published a few months later.

last book was published in 2015.It is called "Error the griffin."However, according to the product series ends.Readers are waiting for the book "The best the enemy."

This is the series' Methodius Buslaev, "all the books in order.

D. Yemets - one of the contemporary writers whose works are loved by children and adults.