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Children's fiction has long taken its place on the shelves of the world literature.And if in this area are mainly represented foreign works, the less domestic set an example.And in vain!One of the fascinating stories became a series of novels "Chasodei."All the books in order to analyze this article.

Happy case

Ukrainian writer Natalia Szczerba was fascinated writing since school years.The institute, which she left in the fourth year, it was written by a small story.It was followed by the new work.Adventures of young Vasilisa would lie for a long time in the desk drawer, but fortunately hit the bookstores under the changed name of the author of "Chasodei."All the books in the order include several separate pieces, each of which acts as a continuation of its predecessor.Their very appearance on the world is full of magic - Natalia Szczerba unexpectedly won the competition "The new children's book," a major trophy which was the publication of the 50,000th edition of "Chasodeev."

Stop being

Teenage fiction - a genre that the writer chose at the beginning of his artistic career.25-year-old Natalia enjoys mystery-fantasy destination.Encouraged by a number of foreign films, designed for the youth audience, he decided to invent his story.Especially in Russia genre of fiction, though there are, but not so popular as opposed to other countries.

What narrate "Chasodei"?Books in order to acquaint readers with Vasilisa Firing.The girl is 12 years old, she lives with her guardian and are not familiar with her parents, leaving her as a child.Suddenly, her father comes and takes her with him.A wealthy man, he settled in a luxurious mansion, daughter, home to his other children.Why it took him a reunion with Vasilisa, she does not understand.After all, neither he nor her half siblings do not take it as a new member of the family, and eventually bullied in every way.One day she notices a strange thing: guests father rotate clock hands, allowing them to pass through the wall.Taking advantage of the moment, inspired by Vasilisa follows them ...

Drama, intrigue, exciting action, pending the reader - are the main components, which are filled with "Chasodei."A series of books of the order starts with the first part, called "All the key."In it the main character will learn new facts about the planets device: Interim Governing spirits and the universe comprises the world chasodeev.These wizards are able to use probability and paradoxes related to time.One of these wizards become Vasilisa - in fact, it is the most powerful representative of the whole family, which now belongs to all of the state's father ...

main thing is still to come!

Finals history ends with Vasilisa takes pride of place among chasovschits wizards, managing before the hour circle moves in time.The first part immediately gives birth weight estimates and criticism.Some speak of a powerful potential, while others complain about the compositional and stylistic errors, which are filled with the first "Chasodei."

All books in order replenished sequel, dubbed the "clock heart."It is, incidentally, happened in the same 2011, like its predecessor.

Vasilisa met with other members of the hour circle.Together, they go to a summer camp, where the guys get into timelessness - a special area where you can find the items needed to perform a magic ritual.With the help of locksmith, volunteered to help, was born on a map where he soon will indicate the position of the Scarlet Flower.Inside the plant staff traitors who try to arrive at the scene first.The main heroine manages them ahead, Vasilisa cuts the cup of a flower, which in turn leads to greater brawl ...

in a review of "The hour heart," noted that Natalia Szczerba, compared with the first book to use the new artistic techniquesthus showing the present author's skill.

"Chasodei" all the books in order: what next?

"Clock Tower" is the third part.Successfully finish the job, go to school Vasilisa Hours where to catch up knowledge.Diana zachasovannaya during the previous bout, is in prison.Her salvation every time it seems impossible, but Vasilisa possible to remove the spell from the fairy using the Black Queen.

long time housekeeper are searching Shattered castle.Its clock tower is deprived of the boom.Vasilisa becomes instead to rewind time and return the castle to its former state.Because of this, the watchmakers proceed to the study of the building.

"Chasodei."List of books in order

Currently sold out all six parts of which Natalia Szczerba.Asked about any plans to follow-up, it does not give an exact answer, as a series of books is a logical conclusion.The author deals with the publication of other works, designed in a fantasy style.

"Chasodei" issued for three years the publishing house "Rosman".A complete list of books is as follows:

  • "All key" (2011);
  • "Hourly Heart" (2011);
  • "Clock Tower" (2012);
  • "hour-name" (2013);
  • "Chasogramma" (2013);
  • "Clock Stand" (2014).