Books "Cats-Warriors" in order (Erin Hunter)

Children's literature includes an interesting series of books written by several authors under the pseudonym Erin Hunter.They tell about pets that have become wild cats.They have to win back their territory and embark on various adventures.Books "Cats-Warriors" (in order) and their characteristics will be the subject of this article.

basic ideas

How pet is a wild, if it's in the genes?The story begins with Sandy, an ordinary kitten.After he ran away from the home, he had to overcome many obstacles before becoming leader of the forest (storm) tribe.Names of cats-warriors, the protagonists of the same name book series include Firestar, has received a nickname for their courage and heroic deeds.Firestar will be a key character in the first cycle.On behalf of the narrator, which sums to the logical continuation.

journey begins

Adventure Ryzhik appeared in bookstores in 2003.Readers, and the first thing an audience of children, took on "hurray" Firestar story, went into the woods.There he met with

four wild tribes, but also demonstrated his excellent leadership qualities.The courage and the ability to stand up for his comrades will be the main principle of the entire cycle of "cats-warriors.""Be wild," the first book in the series, was sold in large quantities.In the final product Firestar met with burned and tangles, and for the first time met with a dangerous opponent named Talon.

Any problems we shoulder

full "Kotov-warriors" consists of six parts.In turn, each of which is subdivided into several independent works, united by a common idea.

Books "Cats-Warriors" in order include "Fire and Ice", the plot of which is built around two tribes war.Because of this equilibrium is disturbed forest.To restore it, the cats need leaders who have left the flock.Firestar and his new friend Graystripe must return them to the tribe.But will the betrayal of sensing the cats again join the team?

As adventure Firestar Graystripe and discover traces of the territory of others that makes us be cautious and extremely careful.The approaching winter promises severe frosts.Unfortunately, her newborn kittens may not survive.The situation is complicated Graystripe fell in love with the representative RiverClan, beauty silverfish ...

relationship between friends is heating up.Firestar takes on leadership, while Graystripe busy personal lives.But like last time, only the joint efforts of friends can come out of all the problems with his head.Courage, honor and courage will be the main features of, lets say, and Firestar Graystripe - cats are true warriors.

"Become wild" introduces a number of secondary characters: their attention will be presented Pallas, Storm, Smoke, Palisade, Gorely, Cinderpaw, Shcherbatov occupying roles in tribal warriors and soldiers, squires, healers.They differ in character, causing the audience interest.

Books first cycle of "Warriors"

"Les secrets".The plot is built around a new danger awaits the spring forest.Firstly, people from the surrounding areas for its plums in a river poisoned fish living in it, but because there is nothing to feed wild cats.Secondly, they are threatened by flooding.RiverClan is under the threat of flooding, and only with Firestar Graystripe has once again come to the rescue.

"raging elements."One of the cats Belyshev steal rivals - two-legged race.The forest catches fire.ThunderClan suffers from damage, they herald Fireheart desperately to save their territory.Exiled before Talon, the main rival tribe returns for revenge with his new squad named Shadow.Names of cats-warriors replenished with new characters, including Belyshev, Flamed-mane, sandstorm, and others.

next book - a new test for wild cats

a continuation of talk about a pack of escaped dogs that are in the forest encounter with the ThunderClan.It has long been known that dogs and cats can not get along, but because all expect a bloody battle.Males seek the help of the ancient spirits that send the prophecy, but no one can interpret it correctly.

"dangerous path" becomes the next book in the series "Cats-Warriors."Blue Star - a new character, which introduces readers.This is a great and incredibly flexible blue-gray cat.Because of the numerous fights her torn ear and a scar wound around his broad shoulders.About memories she left as a wise, just a cat, but which failed to survive their fears.In the fight against urban svara dogs Blue Star dies.

"Battle of the forest" - the final book of this part.Our main hero Firestar becomes a leader ThunderClan.He needs to make the mystery of why he goes to the high cliffs.There he opened a vision, saying the impending ruin.It will affect all cats-warriors.Soon the forest will come a new enemy, a dangerous and deadly, for the victory over which you want to unite all tribes.But how to bring together the warring clans?

Secondary branch

to the Blue Star, who died in the previous section, readers will come back in the prehistory of the first cycle."Prophecy" came out in the work and tells the story of his childhood, growing up and discipleship heroine before she joined in the key characters in the series "Cats-Warriors."Blue Star, nee Sinegrivka, got its nickname climbing in rank matriarch ThunderClan.She was ready to give up everything, believing that the new image it will not affect any other concerns.And in vain!Romance acorns forced to make a choice - either it is your team, or becomes personal happiness.In the latter case it can be lost from the tribe a new enemy, cruel Ostrolapa.Blue Star torn by doubts.Find out what the outcome of the story, readers will be able to continue from the "Prophecies" called "Choice".

Books "Cats-Warriors" in order: what next?

cycle "New Prophecy" consists of six books published in the period 2005-2006.His main line will be the birth of kittens Firestar and Sandstorm.Wood exposed to new dangers - the construction of the road that people are about to open.To find a way out, according to ancient tradition, tribal warriors have gone a long journey, which will find answers to their questions.On the way to the heroes, among which will be the offspring of Firestar, to cope with the sea waves and tolpischey wild rats.Friendship, loyalty and mutual assistance will be the main allies of the young warriors who eventually learn the secret midnight.

Books "Cats-Warriors" in order replenished cycle "The Power of Three", the creation of which the authors took three years.ThunderClan take new territory near the lake.The story will include new characters, each of whom must decide whom to be in the future.Someone expects to thank the brave warrior, and someone will get the gift of foresight.At Firestar born grandchildren.Every year they are growing stronger and more cunning ....Many of them keep their own secrets, and it is not known exactly how they affect the entire tribe ...

Waiting for miracles

issues of interest to fans of books from around the world, is the same: "How long will the authors be able to tell the adventures of wild cats?"Authors are responsible, they have plenty of imagination to create new history for future generations of their favorite characters in the forest.The cycle of books Erin Hunter "Cats-Warriors" is supplemented by extensions called "Star Sign" and "At the dawn of the tribes."

On ThunderClan fall drought.Tribe Shadows, already featured in the story above, challenge them.Shadow Forest is increasingly under the influence of the dark forces.Salvation forest cats is closely linked to the power of the Three Stars and the clan of falling water ... Definitely, a new series of "cats-warriors" are intriguing even more!The heroes have to uncover the secrets and find ways to interact with other tribes, whose existence will tell another legend ...

series "Cats-Warriors" introduces readers to a number of new characters that take the plot rightful place: squirrel, swallows, Hurricane, Blackberry, Rook, Ryzhinkoy, Tigerstar.

last cycle at the moment, "Vision of Shadows" is currently under development.The first book "Mission squire" is planned to enter the market next year.